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  1. slow240


    Looks like Im the first to have time to post pictures of this years event (thanks night shift sleep schedule :roll:) I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked, but I was busy spending time with old friends and making a few new ones. Honestly, one of my favorite events every year...
  2. slow240

    2" aint much, but I make it count.

    I recently bought a 90 244 on cragslist for $300 with a blown transmission, traded a few parts for a new/used trans, gave her a quick polish, and added her to the fleet. unfortunately the shocks/struts were totally blown, so I ordered some new units. wait, whats that big aluminum bugger...
  3. slow240

    Carlisle 2014

    Finally got around to touching up all the photos I took over the weekend, and figured y'all wanted to see. I had a blast hanging out with all you guys, and I cant wait for the next meet, maybe I'll finally bring a car :lol: First, lets take a look at the cars of carlisle (sorry my coverage is...
  4. slow240

    DC/MD/VA to Carlisle caravan?

    I see a few guys rolling up from this area, I'm guessing friday. I know We're probably the most south, so who in the DC/MD area is caravaning up decently early friday? its WAAAAYYYY more fun in groups
  5. slow240

    She STILL thinks I have a problem.

    well, with the wreck, my 244 took a turn for the project forum.... Good 'ol G3rald is getting a new quarter panel and a paint job. Before: http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=256221 This is the original thread showing the slow updating of the car, but now I have a $2k budget to...
  6. slow240

    a few shots of the DD

    A wild 245 appears! 245 belongs to Owen of #passedoutwithadoritoonmyshoulder fame.... I didnt get many good ones of his car as it doesnt have a "good side" and my white balance was waaaay off when I initially took pictures of his.
  7. slow240

    Knox Motorsports meet. Jan. 4 2014

    As I'm sure most of you are aware, Lawrence Knox (of Knox Motorsports) has fallen on some tough times, both physically, and financially. Having met Lawrence on several occasions I can personally attest to his character, helpfulness, and influence on the volvo community. So, if you can help...
  8. slow240

    601 superiority complex

    I picked this car up about a month ago and finally got around to posting a thread on it. I had been daily driving my 242 for a year or so and it just isn't set up for DD status, so something else was in order.... conveniently this popped up on CL about 45 minutes (and $40 worth of tolls) away on...
  9. slow240

    LH2.4 swap issue

    I have mostly finished my lh2.4 swap on my 81 242t. so far I have 12v at both the ecu and ezk, 12v at fuel pump relay, and the fuel system functions properly. relay fires in KPII, and injectors fire while cranking. so afaik, fuel is on point. spark is where the issue is.... when I put the key...
  10. slow240

    601 ftw

    Went out for a quick photoshoot with my buddy Josh and his 98 v70T5, and my wife's 92 244. proof positive, 601 red is the best Volvo color ever. the Lighting and weather didnt really cooperate, so a fair amount of post editing went into this, and im not too swift with the software, so it is...
  11. slow240

    240 242 +T lh2.2/ezk running poorly

    Ok, I've been beating my head against this all weekend and I cant figure it out. My 81 242t has a 95 b230fd swapped in with lh2.2/ezk swap, 3"turboback exhaust, 90+, .52AR t3, etc. it was running great thursday, but it had a few suspension clunks, i took it into the garage to fix the clunks...
  12. slow240

    Taste of Memphis Meet. June 15th

    I know its a little short notice, but I'm going to host another Taste of Memphis meet in portsmouth VA Saturday the 15th of June. Last TOM meet was lots of fun, we got rained out, but that didnt stop the fun (actually helped in the burnout department.) So, lets see if we cant get a little more...
  13. slow240

    manual rack rebuild kit????

    the bushings in my manual rack are all busted up and its pretty wretched.... ive been surfing all over looking for a rebuild kit but i cant find anything except a rebuilt unit for like $250 which is WAYYY outta my price range right now... anyone have suggestions???
  14. slow240

    taste of memphis meet

    trying to set up another meet over at Taste of Memphis. Will ran into some hard times and had to close down for a few months but he's back and better than ever with some new menu items!!! he even has pulled BEEF BBQ! :omg: its amazing, trust me. anyways, february 16th is the date, it will be...
  15. slow240

    hard miss under load.

    my 242 is lh2.2/EZK117 swapped, been running great for a few months until recently. if I hit the gas more than about 1/3 throttle itll miss really hard once (more like briefly cut out) and then once it gets through that itll pull, but i can feel it bogging. the current setup is b230F, 90+...
  16. slow240

    manual steering questions

    my 81 242ti came with power steering, but its a BECAUSERACECAR so i took it out and sourced a manual rack from another member. not sure what year the rack came from, not sure it makes a difference... but its a little sketchy and i have some questions. does anyone know what the difference is...
  17. slow240

    T5 swap questions.

    ok, im gearing up to do my t5 swap here in the next few months. i knwo optimally i would find a fox body 5.0 gearbox, but as expected none of the junkyards seem to have one. i know i can grab a v6 box and swap in the input shaft, but those transmissions dont handle as much torque, so i dont...
  18. slow240

    ba da dum dum dum

    another one bites the dust... :cries: my car was parked next to my moms house (she was driving it till i could get around to fixing her 244) and a drunk driver came around the corner and nailed it. my car flew forward (see the leaf pile where is was parked) and hit my dads car (not...
  19. slow240

    Tail of the Dragon Feeler

    im thinking the last saturday in october (the 27th) gives you 2 weeks to get time off of work. the leaves will be changing, the weather will be GREAT for boost :cool: I know Todd and I will be making this trip before December (he leaves for TX) and i figured if some other people would like to...
  20. slow240

    Tasty Meat Meet

    from the Taste of Memphis meet this afternoon in Portsmouth. had a great time, i wish more people could have made it out.