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  1. dbarton

    Wiring Harness Question: Bridge Loop Connector on LH 2.2, 2.4

    That may help. Thank you for that. The below thing is what started me wondering and peaked my curiosity. Recently I began some work on a 1994 960 harness. That Motronic ECU also has a bridge-loop connector at pins 38 and 54. I don't have access to a physical harness, but the greenbook shows...
  2. dbarton

    Wiring Harness Question: Bridge Loop Connector on LH 2.2, 2.4

    On LH 2.2 engine harnesses and on LH 2.4 engine harnesses, a bridge-loop connector is present near the ECU connector. LH 2.2 has ONE. LH 2.4 has TWO of them. They are always linked to a crimp ground ring on the engine (intake manifold ground). On the LH 2.2 ECU pin 11 is grounded. The...
  3. dbarton

    '83 headlights upgrade

    If I can assume you want to leave the original headlight look alone and stay with your 4 x 6 lights, then the most common method will be to buy the e-code replacements. If you do this I recommend Hella or Cibie brand. You would buy two outer 4 x 6 headlights which would use an H4 bulb for...
  4. dbarton

    New 8V cast iron top mount T3 manifold

    Ok. You're probably right.
  5. dbarton

    Oil feed thread pitch

    M14x1.5 is correct. I have a compilation of those in my page: https://www.240turbo.com/oilcooler.html#oilports
  6. dbarton

    New 8V cast iron top mount T3 manifold

    So does that angle look like the turbo will fit without going into the strut tower? I'd feel better if they actually mocked it up in a 240. The 240 photo they show is not using that manifold at all. Dave B
  7. dbarton

    242 2.3L Ecoboost 6spd Swap **Picture Heavy**

    Time to build a skid plate.
  8. dbarton

    240 Sedan Power Antenna Wiring

    I have that info. Thanks. It doesn't show any wire color order detail for the antenna connectors. I have a partially cut up and molested '84 242T body harness I'm studying, which was clearly pre-wired for the antenna. My own '84 242T also was clearly prewired, but since my connector is not...
  9. dbarton

    240 Sedan Power Antenna Wiring

    If anyone out there has what they think could be an original power antenna or original connectors and can get a photo of the connectors from the body harness to the antenna, I'd appreciate it. Your car year too please. My 1984 looks like this below and obviously mine is not correct as new. I'm...
  10. dbarton

    heating and air conditioning control panel cluster light bulb -1985 240

    Some LEDs can be too bright out of the box. Brightness can easily be tuned or reduced by putting a resistor in the power wire. I have an assortment of resistors I bought for cheap online and getting just the right brightness is not hard with a little experimentation. Also I have some info...
  11. dbarton

    How much axle gear lash is normal?

    If you actually pull the cover and check with a dial indicator, my guess is you find out it's within the normal range or very close. I've never seen a Volvo rear without that kind of play at the yoke. Dave
  12. dbarton

    Oil Filter Stud

    When I plumbed my remote oil filter I removed the long B21FT nipple and I needed a shorter one. The shock short ones is 1 5/8 inches. I had one that was 1 inch long and it was too short. I ordered the only one I could find, 1.25 inches, and it worked fine with 5 turns of thread engagement. Dave B
  13. dbarton

    Recharging 1986 240 A/C. How much R134a into an R12 system?

    Please elaborate on how the system will be destroyed. Envirosafe, Duracool or other replacements are compatible with R134. So I don't think minute traces will do much harm. If you're referring to oil, R12 systems normally used Ester oil. R134 systems normally use PAG oil. Both are synthetic oils...
  14. dbarton

    Any benefit to the 740 style accessory drive?

    I have on a couple occasions. Redundancy is good. One time when the bolt holding the tensioner bracket broken off in the block. One of the belts was destroyed more than 100 miles from home and I made it home on the one remaining belt after wedging the alternator tight with a pry bar. I don't...
  15. dbarton

    Turbobricks to move hosts by end of year

    Looks like that's now been fixed. Thank you.
  16. dbarton

    Any benefit to the 740 style accessory drive?

    More belt wrap yes, but 50% of the belts. Not sure what's better for belt grip. If it could be two belts on the 740 side, THAT will be the move. But yeah, less heat over there and easier to replace a regulator.
  17. dbarton

    Turbobricks to move hosts by end of year

    New development. It appears that if I remove 'forums' from the URL the above link works: https://turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=349573
  18. dbarton

    Turbobricks to move hosts by end of year

    It appears text searching old threads is still possible, but old links are not working. I thought this might happen. I have a number of links to old thread content in my web pages that no longer work. This one for example: https://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=349573 Result: Server...
  19. dbarton

    Offset Dowel Pins - Volvo Bell Housing

    I searched and couldn't find this discussed. For those of you who've adapted non-Volvo transmissions onto VOLVO engines, did anyone do any dial indicator measurements for bell housing alignment? Did anyone find a need to install OFFSET dowel pins? If so, how was this done? Did anyone drill...