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    Hacked III: Third Time's The Charm (M90 940 Edition) (prev. Hacked II)

    I wonder if an OBD reader could have identified the MAF sensor fault?
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    Dipstick lines

    What could be the reason for that? All the cars I have owned (a lot) require ~10 minutes after shutdown (for the oil to drain down) to get an accurate reading of the oil level. What is different about your M cars?
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    Bad Decision Works Volvo's

    Well done! Curious about the lighting in your shop.
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    PSA I learned the hard way

    What caused the overheat condition?
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    1986 760ti Front Brakes

    You also get the 1-piece hubs when you convert to Jumbo brakes. https://www.brickboard.com/FAQ/700-900/Brakes.htm#UpgradingOlder7XXBrakestoLater9XXJumboBrakes I found a donor 93 940 and swapped the entire strut/hub/brakes assemblies intact. The hardest part was finding which brake lines to use...
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    Daily driving a 93 240?

    Nobody yet has mentioned the insurance aspect of DDing an older Volvo. There's so much distracted, inept, inconsiderate driving going on these days that there is a good probability of suffering collision damage from other (often uninsured) drivers. Insurance companies will be quick to total...
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    Transporting a wagon headliner

    Yes, good method, it worked for me. From the JY 50 minutes away. Fold down the rear seats and arrange the supporting boxes throughout the flat rear area. Bring an assortment of various sizes so you can build up a uniform stable support area. You might have to lower the driver's seat as the...
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    Hacked III: Third Time's The Charm (M90 940 Edition) (prev. Hacked II)

    Crazy! Maybe your foot could have accidentally kicked it? Is that possible?
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    DET17's "Project cheap thrills wagon" - '90 745

    That wire's condition looks mighty suspiciously like the '80s Volvo Bosch biodegradable wiring issue. Theoretically your '90 should be outside of that range but maybe they had a bin of earlier harnesses they wanted to use up on the assembly line? Were you able to inspect it (and repair it) all...
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    DET17's "Project cheap thrills wagon" - '90 745

    Center support brg allow a lot of movement but is not damaged. I have heard that a too-stiff CSB can cause vibration problems.
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    DET17's "Project cheap thrills wagon" - '90 745

    Thanks for that! I'll use your great idea next time I need to R/R the fronts! Had you been noticing any symptoms? I've been trying to track down an elusive longstanding clutch engagement judder problem. Replaced the motor mounts, trans mount, clutch, PP, clutch cable, large rear axle bushings...
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    Hot Tank: B18 Head

    Try turning it in the tightening direction first.
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    1991 744 Turbo. Smokes the front brakes.

    When I suspect a nonop caliper I do some braking then aim a IR thermometer at the suspected rotor to see if it got hot. Actually I'll shoot all of them quickly, to see if they are in the same temp. range.
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    Leaking rack, worse when not driven. Try an additive?

    Not really an indicator of quality/longevity/etc. New CAM/TRW is going to be a big improvement to what you have now (sloppy/leaky Cam).
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    Steering Wheel Size Opinions

    Different size steering wheel may obscure your vision of some dash panel gauges.
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    Hacked III: Third Time's The Charm (M90 940 Edition) (prev. Hacked II)

    Wow, I didn;t know that. Are you sure? Doesn't make any sense to me. NBD, I would probably used crimp barrel to fix that anyway. Congrats on your successful repair!
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    1994 945 Turbo Ultimate DD Build

    Let us know of any perceived improvements.
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    How to identify ipd strut rod offset 7/9?

    Slotted mounting holes? Post some photos.
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    Starting a D24 that's been sitting an unknown amount of time

    When you were hand cranking it did you notice if the rear camshaft sprocket was rotating the injection pump via its belt? That would be a good sign that the front timing belt is intact and the camshaft has not broken (due to it being an interference fit engine). Test the GPs individually with...
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    Classic wagon vs Hundai Elantra

    Good resource to have!