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  1. 89Turbo

    Changing Caliper and bleeding brakes 240

    Im changing my rear passenger side caliper tomorrow on my 245...and of course bleeding my brakes...any tips from people that have done this before? I know its pretty straight forward but I know theres always things i could miss. :) cheers guys
  2. 89Turbo

    Battery light/Brake Light Flickering

    My battery light and brake warning lights are flickering on and off? What causes this? I had my alternator replaced a short time ago. It seems to happen when i accelerate and wind the windows or use the electric accessories. wierdness. what causes this? wiring maybe?
  3. 89Turbo

    alternator is dying already

    my alternator looks like its on the way out after i got it fixed a few months back. the hell?!?! prob got a ****ty one installed
  4. 89Turbo

    240 help! :(

    Last night when i was driving the brake failure lights and the check engine flickered on and off on the dash. Didnt think anything of it. This morning she was idling rough, I noticed after i had driven it awhile the temp gauge didnt move. I just went out to run an errand and it didnt start...
  5. 89Turbo

    Yikes. help. Rear brake caliper bolt broke

    So i did my brakes today.... when i was on the last damn caliper the bottom bolt sheered right off. ****. How the heck do i get it out? Its sheered off flush. :roll: do i drill a hole in it or something?
  6. 89Turbo

    Help! need to convince gf to buy a volvo.

    lol. sssSo my girlfriends saturn wagon crapped out. shes looking for another wagon at the dealers nearby.....either a saturn, a subaru or a volvo....... I want it to be a volvo. She needs to take out a lease. What should I shoot for............i have some say in this. A newer s70 or 850? thanks...
  7. 89Turbo

    240 Radio/Headunit/speakers install ideas. Anyone?

    I need a new radio in my 240! Has anyone done an install at some point. Any advice? Thanks!
  8. 89Turbo

    Where can you get a mesh grille for a 240

    Where can I buy a mesh grille for my 245? i want to give her a lil facelift :-P thanks
  9. 89Turbo

    Picked up the 245! Pics :)

    Heres my new toy a 245 with 211k on it. I never thought id buy a wagon. i love it! heres some crappy cell pics bleh[/URL] Uploaded with ImageS Uploaded with ImageShack.us[/IMG]hack.us[/URL][/IMG] Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. 89Turbo

    Picked up a 89 244 wagon :)!

    Picked up a 89 245 wagon :)! http://nh.craigslist.org/cto/1809669953.html Heres the link to craigslist till i get some pics up. I snatched her up for 750 :) :cool:
  11. 89Turbo

    Just Bought a 89 240 Wagon :)!

    Just added a 240 Wagon to the Stable. Never thought i would buy a wagon! I kinda love it lol Its silver, has 215k miles with those cool 5 spoke alloys
  12. 89Turbo

    HELP! hood release broke! :/

    So my hood release is not working/broken. what the hell. it is fuctional in the inside.... Is there any way i can open it from the front?
  13. 89Turbo

    poor gas milage oil around filler cap

    my 740 has recentley developed really poor gas milage. Also there is oil around the filler cap. I check all the hoses. There seems to be quite a bit of oil all round the hose near the turbo. does the turbo have some sort of gasket that can leak? many thanks!
  14. 89Turbo

    HELP engine running rough :(

    My whole car (89 740) is shuddering at idle, I cant go above 20mph (plus it sounds terrible). I put some fuel injector cleaner in the tank yesterday.......this morning it wont even start? it was running great before I put it in. help please....im lost
  15. 89Turbo

    Strong smell of gas? Black soot in Exhaust

    I have a 89 740t ..... There is always a strong smell of gas when the car is running. I mostley notice it when I park up and get out. There is black soot coming out of the exhaust..... My thermostat gauge goes all over the place.....when i accelerate it flicks to warm..... I noticed a leak in...
  16. 89Turbo

    Startup...then stalls out

    i have a 89 740 turbo, when i start it up it runs then stalls out. I disconnected the plug to the MAF sensor and it doesnt stall? I plug it back in and it putters out. Ideas? Thanks!
  17. 89Turbo

    740 Stalling after startup and other problems

    My 740 stalls after i start it... also when i put it into gear. If i give it some gas for about a minute the engine warms up and its fine. Its just incredibly annoying! Also when i use the turbo the engine seems to hesitate....not smooth at all! I also discovered i have a big coolant leak...
  18. 89Turbo

    740 rust.......repair methods?

    So yea on my 740 i have a nice rust hole on the lower drivers side front panel. How should I go about repairing it? How hard are these panels to replace? I was poking around and found it. Everything else on the car is in great condition. ideas? thanks!
  19. 89Turbo

    Picking up my 89 740ti!

    Hello all, new to this forum here. I'm picking up my 89 740ti tomm. cant wait! this is my third volvo thus far. =) I live in Henniker, NH. Tom 1989 Volvo 740 Turbo (145k miles) 1991 Volvo 940 Turbo (265,000 miles) SOLD 1993 Volvo 940 (212,000 miles) SOLD wish I had kept it