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  1. FunkyStankyChicken

    240 LH 2.4 Crank no start

    91 244 Auto Crank no start, No spark or injector signal. Checked CPS visually, frayed and missing white stripe. Simple enough right? Replaced with a new bougicord CPS and no change. Still no injector or spark. After much trading around of known good parts I broke out the Vantage and...
  2. FunkyStankyChicken

    89 244 Leans out when hot (LH 2.4)

    It pains me to admit this but this thing is giving me fits and I'm fresh out of ideas. Symptom: After coming up to temp and then stopping briefly, (think running into bank or pausing for construction, engine on or off) it begins to starve for fuel. Misfiring and exhaust backfires. Barely able...
  3. FunkyStankyChicken

    RSI Headstud Problem

    531, RSI head studs, torqued but never ran, 2 studs will not come out. I have tried: 32 oz mallet on number 4 runner of exhaust manifold. Air hammer on under side of collector lifting head with engine crane while in car (lifted front wheels) All sorts of crap. When i pulled the studs out...
  4. FunkyStankyChicken

    940 '95 diff speed sensor ohms

    Troubleshooting an inop. speedo/odo, abs light and 311 vss code in a 95 940 volvo. Verified that the sensor is putting out a nice wave form (up to 7 volts). Same at sensor as it is at the plug for the cluster. Also checked for resistance between the cluster contacs and the related solder...
  5. FunkyStankyChicken

    LH 3.1 high idle

    Working on a 92 240. Idles high and hunts a bit at temperature. No tach but to the ear it sounds like 1100-1300 RPM. It makes no difference with the IAC unplugged. With the TP sensor unplugged (a potentiometer, not a switch like 2.4) the idle goes down to around 600 and gets a bit rough. I...
  6. FunkyStankyChicken

    Dont do that

    Heard about a hg job that went bad, loud knocking after assembly. Being that it was out of a 93 240 i figured i should take a look see. Grimy old motor Dont know the mileage but all the cylender walls look OK Looking at the head i saw a new valve cover stud installed just over the...
  7. FunkyStankyChicken

    8v 242

    Background, Car was purchased from south carolina some while back. Had it sitting around and never really did anything with it. I was thinking of a 5.0 since i had a low mile 88 lincoln but we wound up flipping it over and lighting it on fire at a 4th of july party. Scrapped that...
  8. FunkyStankyChicken

    ARP 8v headstud torque

    What is the spec? I tried googling and didnt come up with anything solid and RSI is not answering the phone.
  9. FunkyStankyChicken

    531 Porting

    Here I have an automotive 531 that i got from TB member Ruben. So far i have cleaned and decked it, repaired some broken studs and machined the exhaust seats for 38mm valves (thanks Knox). Now I decided to try my hand at some light porting. Before [/IMG] And after This is my first try at...
  10. FunkyStankyChicken

    This and that

    Just a few projects that i have been working on here at school. 13mm rods and new .012 over turbo pistons 94 squirter block BMW M20 I pistons and E rods go go on an E crank to make a 2.7 I motor Block Assembled Neither are done atm but i will post more progress as it happens.
  11. FunkyStankyChicken

    79 GT wont work under throttle

    It idles good but when i lay into it it sutters and bogs down. Fresh gas + dry gas timed correct. I dont know **** about K jet so please hold my hand.
  12. FunkyStankyChicken

    Help me chose a holset

    What i am looking for is a turbo suitable for 300+ at the wheels with a flat tq curve, I know that there a ton of options out there but having a little low end would be nice. This will be on 93 pump gas. Engine specs: 94 squirter block .12 over turbo pistons new 13mm rods new bearings all...
  13. FunkyStankyChicken

    Rod Bolts

    Cant find any sources stock or otherwise, this is really the last thing i have left to get at this point. Does anyone have an ARP number?
  14. FunkyStankyChicken

    Engine build

    Just got back to school and starting on the engine unit, sourced a low mileage B230F from a wrecked 940 spent today getting it torn down for a rebuild. The new motor will replace my dogged out 87 B230F in my 86 wagon. I would like to use this thread to share my experiences and also to ask any...
  15. FunkyStankyChicken

    240 Bumper trim advice

    The trim above the bumpers front and rear, never stays where its supposed to. Who has mastered this art and what advice would you offer?
  16. FunkyStankyChicken

    Parting 79 GT: Things to grab?

    What GT specific things am i forgetting? Interior Sways Louvers Airdam Upper plates Upper braces Badges
  17. FunkyStankyChicken

    Porting a .63

    So today I got my T3 all the way disassembled for a rebuild, I sent the turbine housing over to the welding tech lab at my college to see if they could take care of 2 cracks around the wastgate hole. My question is, since the .63's are notorious for cracking would it be a bad idea to remove...
  18. FunkyStankyChicken

    240 Seized Intermediate shaft

    So where to begin? At school 2 weeks ago i began a t belt service and seals because it looked like the crank seal was leaking. In the process of removal the keyway in the crank gear sheared off so i quit right there, seals still intact. Today i get back at it since i got a new gear. Decided...
  19. FunkyStankyChicken

    B230 M47 clutch recomendations

    The drivetrain is an '87 lh2.2 b230 with an m47. I am currently running 13 pounds of boost and the stock clutch is no longer cutting it. I see there are a few offerings from spec and clutchnet but would like some real life feedback from people with similar set ups. Planning on going the T5...
  20. FunkyStankyChicken

    Quick question

    Does anyone know the outside diameter on the outlet of a stock (as in came on volvo redblocks) garret T3? I need to order a silicone reducer tonight and forgot to measure it when i left work.