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    Air/fuel gauge- o2 hook up

    Hey im going to be installing my air/fuel gauge when i get home friday. I was wondering how to test for witch one of the O2 sensor wires gets hooked to the air/fuel gauge. 82 240 turbo thanks in advanced
  2. D

    Wheel Adapter results.

    Well just thought i would post up some results from my expirience with wheel adapter i got off of ebay. Well i recently got a set of C70 wheels 5 spoke 17x7 or 7.5 not sure with Kuhmo 712's for $300 {205/45/17's}. And in my search for wheel adapters my friend pionted me to a guy he got a set...
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    B230 intake with B21 TB

    I printed out all the info on the b230 intake manifold swap and plan on doing it this weekend. But i know a couple of you guys are using the b21ft TB with the b230 intake. I was wondering if thier was a write up on what i would need and how to do this using the B21 TB...
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    740 T downpipe

    I was wondering if i could use a 740 downpipe on a 240 to eliminate the cat on the 240 downpipe?
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    17" C70 wheels

    Hey guys, well i got a great deal on thesse wheels with tires from a board member. I was talking with another board member last night and was told i could get away with just using 1/4" spacers. But only problem is i can only find 1/4" spaces in a 6 bolt or larger pattern, any clue where i could...
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    Fly wheel swap?

    Hey guys i toasted the clutch on my 245GLT. Id like to upgrade to the clutch set up for the factory intercooled version and wanted to know if i have to swap anything besides the flywheel? 2nd id like to know if the fly wheel from the B23FTi or b230FTi will work with my B21ft. Thanks in advance
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    Is there a difference?

    Is there a difference between a m46 in an 82 245 turbo and one from an 83 242 dl? thanks guys
  8. D

    MSD fuel pump voltage booster?

    Has anyone delt with this product or a similar one. I was wondering what improvments could i get out of a voltage booster in my turbo K-jet set up. It says that its adjustable up to 22 volts at 15 psi. Just some concerns on what the inline pump could handle and if its somthing thats even...
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    Upgrade on a clutch kit?

    Well i think my clutch mabey on its way out and was wondering if thier was a better option then the OEM clutch kit? thanks
  10. D

    Somthing's slipping.

    Ok was out for a ride in the wagon today and everytime i would reach 3500 to 4000 at about 12-13 psi, in 3rd and 4rth gear it was like the trans let go and the motor would just rev out. But i could run 1rst and 2nd out to 6 grand everytime with no problems. Ive never known a clutch to be...
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    Surface rust.

    Hey guys i got some surface rust on the front of my hood and some just starting on the back quarter panel i wana take care of befor it becomes more then surface. Anyone wana offer some proceedures or tips for taking care of this. Also any product recomendations would be help full. Thanks alot.
  12. D

    K-jet on newer heads?

    Hey guys i wana swap a ported and polished head from my turboed B23 on to my B21ft. And i wana know if i can drill/tap the head to except the K-jet injector lines. And will this effect the lower compression level of my B21ft.
  13. D

    Painting wheels, Prep question

    Hey guys i have a great set of the 240 turbo wheels i wana give a new coat of paint. I went to the dealer and got right paint brought it to a friend of mine and he did a color match, and now i have a gallon of wheel paint. Time to break out the paint gun and compressor. :twisted: I LOVE TOYS...
  14. D

    Seems To fast?

    LOL I know this is going to sound stupid but, My car seems to fast. I just recently bought a 82 245 turbo, witch from what i understand only has a 6-7 psi fuel cut off switch. Now ive installed an itercooler a 2 1/2 inch down pipe with a 3 inch exuast and a ford 60/63 turbo. NOW OMG WHAT A...
  15. D

    performance suggestion.

    I was looking for some suggestions on some reading for getting the most out of the b21 and b23 turbo motors. Books, websites. My search engine doesnt seem to pull much up.
  16. D

    Replacing the turbo oil return line

    Well after swapping in a 60/63 ford turbo into my 82 245 GLT i noticed the oil return line wasnt the same. Yea i should have figured that. So i cut the line in the middle and clamped some hose on for now. But what i want to know is could i thread the block inlet and the turbo outlet and put a...
  17. D

    B21ft intercooler install

    I just bought a 82 245 Glt turbo non intercooled. I installed an intercooler today using some of the info in the mod section. And just worked the rest out with what i had. Now my question is thier seem to be a couple parts that may be important that i didnt have. I was hoping for some info...
  18. D

    Blow off valve Breakdown?

    Does anyone have any pics of an exploded view of any of the different types of blow off valves?
  19. D

    type of spring to use in MBC

    hey guys i picked up almost everything i need to make an MBC but i am a lil stumped on what type of spring i should be using? Any info would be helpfull, t hanks in advance.
  20. D

    B21ft questions.

    Hey guys i just went and picked up a 82 245 GLT Turbo. My first dealing with the B21FT. I have a b23ft exuast manifold with a larger turbo that i wana swap over. Now as far as i know it should just swap over , i just wanted to know if thier is a better gasket i should be looking for. 2nd...