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  1. ANTHUG740

    the gl and chicks

  2. ANTHUG740

    Out & About With the GL

    Through some of the lanes of the UK
  3. ANTHUG740

    Whining Noise?

    Not always but sometimes after hard acceleration there is a quiet but noticable whining noise coming from the engine bay, could this be a leak from the coolant hose?
  4. ANTHUG740

    Volvo 740 Crash Test Vid

  5. ANTHUG740

    GL No.2 Pics

    decided to clean our old volvo today, it's been sitting on my nan's drive for well over a year, charged the battery and still all is working fine.
  6. ANTHUG740

    740 GL Photoshoot

  7. ANTHUG740

    Fastest Car In The World

  8. ANTHUG740

    240 Parking Video

  9. ANTHUG740

    Interchangable cams?

    I just need reassuring about this subject. This has been discussed many times, I've looked into the subject about wether being able to change the cam from a b230k heron head to another is possible. Some posts from people that I've seen in different threads they have said it's a useless engine...
  10. ANTHUG740

    740 burn fest

  11. ANTHUG740

    bosch super 4 spark plugs

    anyone know where the best place is to find these spark plugs?
  12. ANTHUG740

    electric fan

    has anybody got any images of an electric fan set up that you have, thanks
  13. ANTHUG740

    Couple of pics of my volvo

  14. ANTHUG740


    Are the 940 seat belt fittings the same as on the 740?
  15. ANTHUG740

    Heated seats

    Who's heated seats have packed up, the heated seats in the previous volvo only lasted as long as about 6 months from when we had it 3 years ago, that was a 1989, and the other volvo that we have recently bought which is a 1987 dont work at all. What about yours?
  16. ANTHUG740


    I was wondering if anyone knew what could be wrong with my rear fog lights, i've check the electrics and everything but they just dont seem to want to work. I've noticed that the inside of the lense is damp, so could it be anything to do with that?:???:
  17. ANTHUG740

    Post pics of your Volvo.

    Post pics of your Volvo I havn't got a pic of mine at the moment but I will do soon.
  18. ANTHUG740

    What are your performance specifications?

    inculde- 0-60, bhp, top speed.:volvo: