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  1. papsimagoo

    Keep killing ignition components-microsquirt, wasted spark, ign4tower, wrapped wires, cps

    Coils mounted to firewall, decent distance away. Cooking my wires and adding resistance, maybe a heat shield?
  2. papsimagoo

    Keep killing ignition components-microsquirt, wasted spark, ign4tower, wrapped wires, cps

    I’ve been fighting spark issues. I’ve killed some seriously heat wrapped ignition wires, multiple coils. Just curious if any others have dealt with similar issues. Proper dyno tune around 425whp, e85 most of the time, 1600cc injectors. Cps wire has been replaced 3 times. Mind you I’m rocking a...
  3. papsimagoo

    Large spark/arc at battery

    Large arc/spark when connecting battery cables. Issue stops when I disconnect power from starter solenoid to alternator +. Previous to this incident the car killed its alternator, but was running/driving. This issue began after alternator was replaced with remanufactured bosch ALX157x. Grounds...
  4. papsimagoo

    MicroSquirt Specialist- Los Angeles

    Anyone know any mega/micro squirt experts in Los Angeles area? Been fighting a spark issue for months and trying to convince myself to keep this car. My last tuner fell off the earth. You can reach me here, or @papsimagoo It?s an 89? 245 with a 500+hp b230 setup. I pay/value people?s time...
  5. papsimagoo

    How do I swap 90 degree fitting on PS Pumps

    <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/vividvideo/29997390398/" title="20180803_160435"><img src="https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1779/29997390398_3e40c53c6b_b.jpg" width="768" height="1024" alt="20180803_160435"></a><script async...
  6. papsimagoo

    Loud valvetrain noise, but tight head.

    89 240 with ~50k on block, head just returned from M&B (did lots of RSI heads) here in Portland, tipped/relashed original valves(valves looked good), guides good, exhaust seals replaced, <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/J5_iMOjzFZo" frameborder="0"...
  7. papsimagoo

    Another Cometic MLS Gasket Thread / Dished Piston Measurement

    Heads off, this is my first cometic replacement. Don't know what thickness originally was used. If they print any ID/PN on them let me know, I didn't see any. Piston to deck measurements- ~ 0mm-.4mm below block deck height on cylinders 1 and 4 averaged out... So I believe it goes .003" for...
  8. papsimagoo

    not really Ben's 89' RSI 245

    Flickr Album in no order: https://flic.kr/s/aHsksF7ygk <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/photos/vividvideo/23734839478/in/album-72157663408656217/" title="1989 Volvo 245"><img src="https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4492/23734839478_9d3e93b5a6_c.jpg" width="800" height="534"...
  9. papsimagoo

    No electronic turbo regulation with twin wastegates

    Engine: 2.5l B230F + T by RSI RSI 86mm Billet Stroker Crank RSI 158mm H-Beam Connecting Rods RSI Waveguide 8v Turbo Pistons Cometic MLS Head Gasket RSI Stage 2+ Cylinder Head Prototype RSI Race Valvetrain Kit RSI Stage 3 Turbo Cam Prototype RSI Square Tooth Adjustable Cam Gear RSI Twin Scrool SS...
  10. papsimagoo

    Largest possible diameter A/C pusher fan on 240 without Fab

    Thanks to90volvo for his measurements looks like 16" fan will be an easy fit. Getting my wagon's A/C up to snuff for a move down to LA. Car is an 89' 240 Wagon, running full 93' A/C system I am overseas and don't have access to a 240 for measuring purposes. Largest PUSHER fan that can fit...
  11. papsimagoo

    Your Favorite Sounding B230 Turbo 3 Inch Exhaust Setup

    Your Favorite Sounding B230'ish (meaning b230ft, b230f+t, B23e..etc) TURBO 3 Inch Exhaust Setup Criteria: Not straight pipe, b230'ish, turbo, 3" all the way. Currently the below wagon is 3" turbo back straight through shooting out behind passenger rear mudflap, and I am looking for experienced...
  12. papsimagoo

    What's the damn paint code?

    EDIT- I tracked down another 86 240 wagon on ebay, messaged them for the paint code. It is Code 200.....Metallic blue. Can anyone else confirm this is code 406 Blue? I pulled that code on Volvotips.com and it was listed as dark blue and a dissimilar blue color.....Reason I ask...been trying to...
  13. papsimagoo

    Internal knocking noise- 98 C70HPT

    Family camping trip is tomorrow, please help me make it happen! 98 C70- Stock block and head, 124,xxx.....bigger better turbo intercooler, exhaust blah blah blah...lots of power...Manual Transmission, rich ARD tune (i mention this because my , going to check plugs in a sec to see if I am firing...
  14. papsimagoo

    Loud pop then no gears M56

    About to hit a hill, I accelerate entering the incline under boost I hear a loud pop/thunk from the front end of the car. Car: 98 C70- M56HK - Original Clutch ~350whp Symptoms: Car can be put into gears but no power sent to axles. But very slight amount of force being sent to front left...
  15. papsimagoo

    Cleaned engine bay with careful power cleaning, now this...

    I'm getting sputtering, and some hesitation when I get on the petal... 88 240, b230f+t lh 2.2 and ezk. Ideas, a short somewhere?
  16. papsimagoo

    Getting clutch chatter/ squeel- flywheel issue

    I believe my flywheel is either scored/surface fracturing or my clutch is that same, mins fracturing....Lots of squeel in the clutch engagement-8.5 flat flywheel- puck disc....advice? I assume a resurface is in order but does the clutch need any stuff taken off to freshen up both mating...
  17. papsimagoo

    Smoking Turbos - EXPLAINED Check Valves, Oil Drains, Crankcase Ventilation

    Original thread here: http://www.srtforums.com/forums/f70/smoking-turbos-explained-check-valves-oil-drains-crankcase-ventilation-431207/ If you have a car that resembles a James Bond tricked out SRT-4, please take the time and check this out. A turbo drains its oil from gravity, nothing more...