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  1. volvero

    Volvo Andes meeting Chile / Argentina

    We had yesterday our anual meeting in Hotel Portillo in the Andes mountains in Chile with the very special guest Claes Rydholm, Senior Manager of Volvo Cars Heritage Goteborg. I offered him to drive my 123GT and he instantly said yes. He is a very skilled driver.... Some pictures: The...
  2. volvero

    My 740T from Chile

    Hello Tbrickers: I've been a member since 2003 but I am not good at posting pictures of my beloved 740, so this is my thread about the car and its mods and to keep track of them. But before the pics I have to thank 745T+ and Evan Sargent because withoud the aid of these amazing friends this...
  3. volvero

    Water injection damaging the TPS??

    Recently installed a Coolingmist stage 1 W/I system and I am very pleased with the resulyts. But I am a bit concerned about damaging the TPS or the IAC with the water mist. I installed a 180 cc/min nozzle before the TB and is activated at 7 psi. Have any of you experienced problems with the TPS...
  4. volvero

    Trace of oil in turbo?

    Question for the experts: My car has been smoking after like 3-5 minutes of idling lately. So I pulled the T3 to install a 15G and found a white trace in the exhaust side (see picture) Could that be a sign of oil leaking from the turbo that could explain the smoke? Thanks.
  5. volvero

    Power estimate, opinions required

    I would like to gather opinions about the power this setup would yield in my 740T ?87. So far it has the following mods: Engine base bhp: 160 NA squirter block: +6 (4% increase per point of static compression) Airbox mod: +2 3 in. downpipe and 2.5 in. cat back: +5 IPD Turbo cam: +15 Boost 14...
  6. volvero

    Rich AFRs, pinging at light load

    Ok so I replaced my M46 with a Getrag 265, and the engine is a 9:8:1 CR squirter block. I cranked up the boost to 13 psi but the AFRs are still at 10:1 @ WOT. (it goes to 10:1 from 7 psi on, stock fuel system LH 2.2) Though I can hear some little pinging during the transition from vacuum to...
  7. volvero

    Another Getrag swap in a 740

    I finally installed the getrag 265 gerabox in my 740T, with the aid of 745T+ who supplied the gearbox, shifter linkage, Clutchnet clutch and the RSI adapter kit. The shifter linkage came from an '82 528E and needed no lenghtening, just a pair of supports from the lower 2 bolts of the cage to the...
  8. volvero

    Blue smoke after 5 min. of idling

    This is the third time my 740 starts smoking blue after 5 minutes of idling. It starts smoking for a minute and then smoke dissapears completely. It does it when it sits for a overnight. If you drive it and then turn it off and restart after let's say half an hour it does not smoke, so I don't...
  9. volvero

    Volvo Panamericana 2011

    A group of Dutch Classic Volvo car owners already departed from Antwerpen to South America for the Volvo Panamericana adventure for Dec 2011 - Jan 2012. There are 95 Volvos from Europe plus 20 from Argentina and 20 from Chile. The trip include teams from The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium...
  10. volvero

    New leather seats

    What do you think of the new leather seats for my 740T?
  11. volvero

    Help me ID this T3 upgrade

    When I decided to send my Garrett T3 turbocharger to Turbodal to be overhauled, the shop manager said to me that the stock compressor wheel looked TINY and he persuaded me to install a bigger compressor wheel. The fact is that he never told me what the new spec was but the new compressor wheel...
  12. volvero

    Squirter block in my 740T

    Thanks to 745T+ my '87 skinny rod block was replaced with a very nice '93 N/A squirter block. The old block was running fine, even 138 psi compression across the board, but was the limiting factor in my search for more power. The previous setup was mostly stock with the exception of a V cam...
  13. volvero

    HP estimate of my setup

    Hi guys: I don't have easy access to a dynamometer to measure the rwhp of my 744T, so please give me your estimates about the crank HP of my setup. The car is an '87 744 Turbo but now has a nice squirter block and other goodies thanks to the TB member 745T+. So the specs are: -Full stage 0...
  14. volvero

    Brake imbalance after Jumbo upgrade

    I'm having a weird problem with my brakes after the jumbo upgrade. It pulls to the left when braking. I didn't noticed it since the rear right wheel compensates this a bit. The thing is that I plugged the rearmost port at the MC and the outlet at the junction block according to your pictures. So...
  15. volvero

    V cam

    Has anyone of you tried a V cam in a turbo B230? How it compares to an A cam in a turbo motor?
  16. volvero

    B230F block in my 740T

    I have a fresh spare b230f block '86, that I want to upgrade with the 13mm. rods to replace my current b230ft block. My question is how deeper are the turbo pistons compared to the n/a pistons and what is the CR of a b230f? thanks
  17. volvero

    RRFPR or 5th injector?

    I have a b230 intake manifold with a CSI injector and fuel rail for free. My idea is to run 12-13 psi on the weak '87 block. Would it be a good idea to use this 5th injector or is better to use a RRFPR? What is the best way to control this injector, pressure switch or the TPS? Thanks.
  18. volvero

    Ebay CBV

    Have anyone of you tried the ebay no name CBV or diverter valve? It is made out of aluminum and is a copy of the Forge replacement diverter valve for the Bosch OEM (Saab). It features an aluminum piston instead of a diaphragm. Thanks in advance for your comments.
  19. volvero

    940 turbo speed warning

    Hi guys, A friend of mine has just bought a nice '92 940 turbo. He enjoyed the power for a whole week during city driving. Last weekend he drove at the highway and discovered a very annoying audible speed alarm that came in at about 120 kph. I think that device is not in US spec cars. Anyone...
  20. volvero

    Noisy cam?

    Hi all. I've just set the valve clearances in my 740t to 0.014-0.016 in. (cold) trying to quiet down the new cam, but it's still noisy compared to the stock T cam. It's a cam very similar to v15 cam. Have anyone of you guys experienced a valve/tappet noise with the V15 cam?