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  1. trevorcrowell

    Nashville Get Together??

    I have met very few TB people in the Nashville area, but I know you are out there!! We need to have a meet sometime in the near future. I am open to suggestions on times and locations. Sound like a good idea??
  2. trevorcrowell

    Simple Electrical Question

    I have a '91 944T. I see there are some relays behind the fuses in the fuse box, but I cannot seem to be able to find out what they are. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. trevorcrowell


    OK, so today I was driving down the road (90* or so outside) doing about 65-70 MPH. I looked down and the temp gage was pegged past hot. I immediately pulled over and switched on the heat. I opened the hood and the coolant was just gone (it was full when I checked it this morning before setting...