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    940 1994 945 - fan runs constantly, CEL, flash code says coolant temp sensor ...

    ... But I have replaced the sensor twice. The last sensor measured 2.23k ohms across the terminals at room temperature. How can I test the wiring? I?m assuming test for continuity from connector to the ecu, but I don?t know what pins on the ecu, and to be honest I?ve never looked for the ecu...
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    Vacuum actuated vent problems - a possible workaround

    My vacuum controlled Vents were functioning at a level that they would only blow from the dash vents whenever I didn’t have the throttle more than 1/8th of the way down. I of course hate having to choose between AC and accelerating, And I also hate the idea of removing the entire dash from my...
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    940 fan runs constantly

    1994 NA 940 Recently replaced head gasket. Fan runs constantly while engine is running, CEL is on. Replaced both temp sensors on the side of the head, both are currently connected. What else could it be?
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    Turbo cam in NA b230f?

    Would I get a noticeable benefit from putting a 91 740 turbo cam in my 1994 NA 940? Slotted cams are few and far between in the junkyard.
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    940 drawn out HG swap, and I don?t remember where things go.

    1994 940 I have a head gasket swap that went from a weekend to many weeks due to other stuff. Now I can?t figure out a couple things, so I am here to ask for help. #1. There is a large black hose I can?t figure out. I thought it attached to a ?black can? on the side of the block, but that...
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    940 Cylinder head bolt torque specs

    I?m replacing the head gasket on a B230. The torque specs I found online are as follows: 14 ft/lbs 43 ft/lbs 90 degrees more Are those correct?
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    940 Cylinder head sensors

    1994 n/a 940 Bosch ignition. I?m an idiot on this one. Which two sensors are in the side of the head, under the intake? TIA.
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    940 Fuel pump relay not where its supposed to be???

    1994 945 I have been having trouble with random stalling while driving. I'll just be heading down the road and the car will just completely die. sometimes it won't start for a minute, sometimes it won't start for an hour. After a little bit of googling, I was encouraged to check the fuel pump...
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    940 Brake lights dead, fixed good, no warning lamp.

    This is on a 1994 940. Any ideas? Edit: I haven’t had a chance to look. Where is the brake light switch on these things?
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    940 Vacuum vent controls wonky, need quick and dirty fix

    So the vents on my 940 only work right under maximum vacuum. I need to fix them properly, but I was hoping someone had a temporary, non-destructive way to jam the flapper dash vents open. Any ideas?
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    940 Other cars with the same injectors?

    Hey everyone! 1994 940 n/a Tomorrow I?m going to have to find some injectors at the boneyard. Does anyone know what cars other than the 740/940 use the same injectors?
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    940 Help please! 945 sputtering

    My 1994 945 NA has been intermittently sputtering recently, seemingly regardless of being at idle, no throttle, part throttle, or full throttle. The only exception is never at high RPM, at least not that I can tell. when it is running right its 100% fine. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as...
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    940 Help me please! 3.5 amp draw with everything off

    1994 945 n/a My battery was dead one morning, so I charged it. I drove around the next day without trouble, but the following morning it was dead again. I replaced the battery with a brand new one, and there was a fair amount of arcing when I connected the battery just for running the clock, but...
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    Seats for on Korean cars

    A little while back someone posted on here that they had installed the front seats from some Korean car into their 7xx/9xx. I lost track of the thread, and have no idea exactly which car they were talking about as the donor. Does anyone know?
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    240 strut cartridge in 940

    1994 940 here - I'm planning to re-do all the suspension this fall. I think I want to use 240 strut cartridges in my 940, with shorter than stock springs, and a spacer in the bottom of the 940's strut housing. I have a few questions I couldn't find answers to. 1. Do the 240 cartridges fit in...
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    940 Jacking and jack stands

    1994 940 - At the risk of sounding like a total moron, what are some good jacking points on my car, keeping in mind my desire to use jack stands? I've only had it a few months, and I haven't needed to get under it yet.
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    Some probably basic water pump questions

    I have a few different things on the web about installing a new water pump, but there are a few details I am still unclear on. 1. Do I try to put the bolts in before or after pushing the pump up? 2. Speaking of the bolts, I should use sealant on the threads of the ones that go into the block...
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    940 Automatic - foam on shifter handle deteriorating. Options?

    Like the title says. It's pretty far gone at this point. Instead of dropping ~$90 on a new one, are there any practical alternatives? For example, is the handle from a 740 a drop in replacement? How about a generic alternative that will actually fit the square shaft? I could probably move the OD...
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    Replacing my water pump, ran into timing belt cover issues.

    Hey everyone! 1994 940, n/a. I have started replacing the water pump, and I have run into a few head scratchers. #1. When I removed the upper timing belt cover, the rear cover started crumbling to pieces. Is this normal? #2. I don't absolutely need to put the timing cover back on, do I...
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    Lower chassis brace options

    As I understand it, the two common options are IPD and some sort of factory brace. Which is better? What cars can I find the factory brace on? Are there any other options?