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  1. photoman327

    Bought a NOS cruise control kit...but...

    It cant me made to fit a 93 240!
  2. photoman327

    speedometers k39200 vs k40168

    what is the differences between the k40168 from my 93 244 and the k39200. the little plastic tab for the spring has broken on every on of the k40168.
  3. photoman327

    is this too big

    on my 84 242 turbo, i"m getting ready to fix the exhaust along with some oil leaks and start driving my car. going to pull the engine to address oil leaks. the B21FT has 142,00 and in good shape. my question is turbo size. i have a new Garret T3 that is oil cooled only with the compressor...
  4. photoman327

    Ring groves on B23 VS B230

    Are the ring groves the same size on a b230 and B23 stock pistons? Picked up a set of Deves rings for a B23 cheap but have not tore the b23 down to compare.
  5. photoman327

    Filter Magnets

    Anyone use a filter magnet 🧲? Looking for feedback and experience first hand. I remember having fine black powder on the inside of the filter when I cut them open. Don?t know why I stopped but looking at going to 10,000 mile service V?s 5,000. Got two different types coming
  6. photoman327

    240 fault 1 2 3

    Finally read the codes on my 93 240 that has been on for about 3-4 months. Code is 1 2 3 which is coolant temperature sensor. Never had this in all my years is why I asking. Low mileage car about 128,000 but car sat for almost 5 years. Wiring looks okay and not loose. Any other things I...
  7. photoman327

    940 turbo oil filter adapter

    Will the 940 turbo oil filter adapter fit the 240 turbo with the shorter down pipe?
  8. photoman327

    ecode corners

    i built a 12 ga headlight harness for my 93 244 and it took 3 times longer than it should and i have a problem with the right daylight running not working. they are aftermarket since the Volvo ones were falling appart. left one works as it should but the right does not had the same issue...
  9. photoman327

    V70 roof rack

    Got a 05 V70 smooth top and pulled the euro rack off a 06 Sunday. Is ther a different trim piece just ahead of the rack? On my car the trim is in one piece from the back of the car to the front. So happy to see a v70, I missed that and i?m 100 miles away.
  10. photoman327

    Lower yoshifab brace Vs IPD

    Want someone else opinions on the IPD flat lower brace that is tied together with a third piece vs the yoshifab round brace the go from front to rear. I have tried the IPD one and the difference is huge. Decided which one goes on on a 242, 244 or 245. Thanks
  11. photoman327

    Trunk will not looking lock

    Have not look at a book yet but my 84 242 trunk will not lock after I change glove boxes. Polarity should not matter but I do like the button release. Any tips? Thanks
  12. photoman327


    Been all up in PA and now in VA about 80 miles from from Duram NC at a loves truck stop. Filled up with gas the leaving 93 244 died. Check the fuel pump relay and it’s working. Any check or help welcomed. Running low ke a champ before this.
  13. photoman327

    M-46 service

    Need to service the M-46 in my 84 242 and the book call for Type F or Type G. Call the dealer in Huntsville and they said Type G goes in the M-47 as well. Is the type G the mineral oil that you don't replace? Also where do you get a pan gasket or do I make my own? Car now has 144,000.
  14. photoman327

    Shot throw m47 shifter in m46

    Leaned this evening that the short thrown shifter for the m47 does now work the same in a m46. What the skinny on that. I would hate to do put it in only to take it right back out. Any first hand experience on this?
  15. photoman327

    Mello muffler help

    Since I'm in th planning stage of exhaust and don't know what flow well and no a tin can sound on a b21FT 1984. Options are going 3" from turbo back or going with the off road Vovlo down pip that does not have a cat. Since we have no testing in Alabama, no even considering a cat. Any thought...
  16. photoman327

    LED bulbs

    Any one running Philips extreme plus Ultinon LED bulbs in H4? Are they all that and a bag of chips?
  17. photoman327

    1984 power steering

    The red 1984 242 has the the power steering deleted and a hose lopped. What did the power steering pump look like on a 82 242 turbo car. Was it like my 87 with the tank on the fender? Going to back to power steering.
  18. photoman327

    Photoman 1984 Red 242 Turbo

    Hauled another Volvo home last Sunday. Just could not resist this one. The color I like and black interior as well as being a coupe. The direction is a cheap daily driver to replace my 87 244 but that could change. Interior is a hot mess but leather so that will really cost. Good oil...
  19. photoman327

    Another compression note

    Still getting ready for a road trip on the black 93 244 that I'm going to sell after I fix baby girl's Honda. Been driving it for a couple months and great engine and transmission. Finally ran a compression test just to know and the number are 1-187, 2-188, 3-187, 4-186. Mileage is about...
  20. photoman327

    Bullet main fuel pump connectors

    Anyone got a source for new ones. Mine are falling apart and need to get a few and change them as I do filter changes. Thanks