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  1. Mesoam

    GoPro Mic Check S60 T5M

    Gopro in car, mic in a couple different spots <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/kCkqGErGY-g" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  2. Mesoam

    S85 + 242

    Repasta? http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/08/volvo-242-bmw-m5-v10-gatebil/#chapter-quintessentially-scandinavian
  3. Mesoam

    Drive Your Hooptie Around A Track For $50

    Tki Motorsport is hosting another event with "hyper drive" SIGN UP BY 10/26 FOR HYPER DRIVE BY EMAILING info@tkimotorsport.com $50 you can drive your brick around NJMP at speed with an instructor see flyer for the rest of the details contact info@tkimotorsport.com with questions
  4. Mesoam

    NE Meet 7/17/2010 Beer Bs BBQ, 5th Annual!!!

    :mods: Please read the whole thread even if you "know" the details... IF YOU ARE UNSURE PLEASE DECIDE YES OR NO ASAP (marked with "EH") Well guys its that time of year again. Last 4 years went so well I think continuing the tradition this year is completely suiting. 5th annual Beer, BS and...
  5. Mesoam

    NE Meet 7/25/09 Beer Bs BBQ, 4th ANNUAL!!!

    Well since I have been getting so much harrasment lately I suppose it is time to start up the thread. Please read the whole thread even if you "know" the details... IF YOU ARE UNSURE PLEASE DECIDE YES OR NO ASAP (marked with "EH") Well guys its that time of year again. Last 3 years went so...
  6. Mesoam

    NE Meet 7/12/08 Beer BS BBQ (3nd annual)

    IF YOU ARE UNSURE PLEASE DECIDE YES OR NO ASAP Well guys its that time of year again. Last 2 years went so well I think continuing the tradition this year is completely suiting. 3rd annual Beer, BS and BBQ. 7/12/08 Newtown CT, 06470 Here are details on the last 2...
  7. Mesoam

    just some updated pics

    as title says...
  8. Mesoam

    ICU location

    Where is the ICU for an 87 740t Searched found attached to washer res, not there...part is so clean its got to be under dash somewhere but can't locate (or just haven't taken enough plastic off) This is the bosch unit
  9. Mesoam

    lets talk about brakes, and braking systems

    so this isn't just volvo related more just in general... what do the engineers use to determine the propper braking system for a vehicle, and what happens when they get this wrong... vehicle weight, master cyl etc... when the braking system is essentially under rated for the vehicle this...
  10. Mesoam

    NE Meet 7/14/07 Beer BS BBQ (2nd annual)

    Well guys its that time of year again. Last years went so well I think having another this year is completely suiting. 2nd annual Beer, BS and BBQ. 7/14/07 Newtown CT, 06470 More details to come later, getting the buzz started Link to last years...
  11. Mesoam

    white 242 DL in CT?

    driving to a site the other day i spotted a white 242 dl with the vintage style badges and antique plates...didn't look modded but also didn't look beat, body looked good e/t/c any one know?
  12. Mesoam

    My Car, Info 1996 850R

    Just some info on the car 1996 854 R http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v641/Mesoam/16tresize.jpg Notes: Replaced the 15g with the 16t mainly because I thought my turbo was worn. Turns out my 15g was still in mint condition but I left the 16t in. The 16t is a bit more efficent in the mid range...
  13. Mesoam

    WWD winterized

    well winter is upon us in the NEC, it was in the 50's today 16' heliums from s70 LE or SE or WE or ME whatever edition its called :grrr: Sprayed them a custom anthrecite color, darker than the OEM volan color My car was filthy yesterday so i washed, waxed and took some pics Put the...
  14. Mesoam

    87 740 turbo, start no start

    so i'm coming back to this again, 87 740 turbo, had a blown motor, swapped in a motor fired right up! but...when it gets warm you go to start and there's no way in hell but cold it'll fire right up water temp sensor replaced coil replaced known good MAF tried harness verfied good (all...
  15. Mesoam

    gasket on exhaust housing???? garrett

    any one verify if there is a gasket that belongs on this i say no but just want to verify before continuing on
  16. Mesoam

    Long Term Car Storage....loooonnnngggg term

    So lets go through a hypotheical LONG term car storage. By long term i'm talking years (5-10+++???) Would love comments from people who have done it, perhaps people who have dug a car out of long term before? Some ideas for preservation came to mind... 1: leave car on jack stands, wheels...
  17. Mesoam

    Put it in the holey hole?

    I was getting tired of draining oil...So I put a stick of dynamite to the block and ended up with this... But serriously...Picked up a 745 a while ago, finally got arround to pulling the motor. This was done by the prev owner. Any guesses? Stock turbo, spins fine too...
  18. Mesoam

    Ne Meet 6/17/06 Bbq - Ct

    I know Carlisle is next weekend and all but this is just to stirr the brain... Planning on a NE meet here Sat June 17 2006 TONS of parking, nice roads for a drive and photo OP BBQ, Beer and BS'in after I'de like to see a nice turn out We'll be doing traditional BBQ stuff (burgers, dogs...
  19. Mesoam

    AN fittings, hose type...general q's

    Does anyone know if you have to use braided hose with the typical AN fittings? Or would using typical fuel safe hose be fine (fuel injection hose)... Does the braid add some sort of grasp in the fitting regular hose would not? Local hydraulic place wants a sample of the hose (braided) to see...
  20. Mesoam

    NE dyno day (graph, pics)

    Not many (any??) tbrickers...thought a few where coming but i guess not...Anyway, had a dyno day in CT...weather was awful, of course now its not raining/snowing/sleeting :roll: Chris's new best freind 3 in a row another john me/mark volvogrr's wheel a spinnnnnin WILL THE XC...