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    745T chipped,3" etc.etc. where to now St. Peter?

    My 92 Volvo 745 230FT is at another crossroad . The car is a Beast as is .here's what I've got Cap,Rotor,H/D wires new 16T turbo 3"S.S. downpipe -2.5" ex TLAO ECU, and I believe the 117 K box, fuel ? Chippies Isuzu diesel intercooler MBC AEM Wideband Sealed Cold air intake Green " Top...
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    3"Ex. over axle angle question 740t

    Howdy, I'm going to build my over axle section for my 3" exhaust .I'm curios if ayone has info on the mandrell bend pieces{ angles } I may need to take it from ,just before axle to over the hump,I will be eliminating the silencer/muffler ? at rear and going straight out the rear. Also does...
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    3" over axle pipe 740/940

    Does anyone know of anyone that fabricates the over axle exhaust section in 3 " , or does anyone have a good used one. or can anyone tell me which mandrel bend angle pieces to use to make one ? Thanxz Ben
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    turbo upgrade Questions ?share Ur Knowledge

    So I have a new TD04H-13c ? stainless downpipe , and I'm going to do the 15G or 16T turbo upgrade , from the research I have read there are 3 hotside options as far as purchase of hotside pieces , 1.] the conical style from early 850's ,which would make my swap easy and match my existing...
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    Transmission questions

    I have a 94 volvo 940 8 valve automatic transmission car AW71? I believe is what I blew up , Okay trans blew up , I removed it and replaced it with an AW72 I believe from a 90 or 91 16 valve car ...I know not a wise move , I needed the car to move .Anyway now the car really wants to rev before...
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    Failed Booster Locks F.Brakes ?

    I had a stuck caliper on my 1991 740 w/ABS .I have never seen a piston so locked up ! I changed the caliper , but lo n behold , it was still locked up while the engine was running making vacuum.I turned the engine off and came back ,and the front brakes loosened . Next thing I did was remove...
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    Aw transmission tourque conv. question

    I fried the AW 03 -71 L trans. in my 94 940 n/a 8 valve wagon , I had a 90 16v parts car w/ the AW 03- 72 L trans ... I have 2 dilemmas and some questions ...I made the swap , but...and I know better , I failed to replace the front shaft seal ! well duhh yep a 30 mile test run and...
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    essential turbo mods

    I am looking to do some engine modification to my 91 940 turbo car, at this point I am just looking to do minimal to slightly more involved mods to enhance the performance ,I'm pretty handy with wrenches so I can do the work no problem ...just need to know how to get the most bang for the...