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  1. Jack leg

    Rims for 94’ 940 wagon

    Check out my for sale thread. I had Tarmacs on my 940 wagon (they're for sale), got them to fit pretty flush and they are 17s. I had to run spacer adapters on mine because of the offset but they looked pretty good. Pictures show how they fit.
  2. Jack leg

    1994 945 Turbo Ultimate DD Build

    Damn, i have spent a ton of time and money on my 940 and it still doesn't rise to the level of this. Great work! The exterior color is phenomonal! I am hoping to have a similar experience when mine is completed.
  3. Jack leg

    The red 1986 745 build

    Dang, that sucks that the exhaust is cheaper to buy than build yourself. It's a beautiful car though! I'm gonna keep following.
  4. Jack leg

    The red 1986 745 build

    Correct, and you can dial in where you like it the best. STS Machining still has their adjustable cam gears for sale. I'm not an STS employee nor am I getting paid to say this haha. Everything I've bought of theirs has been excellent. I also had the JT system a few years ago. It was awesome for...
  5. Jack leg

    The red 1986 745 build

    I had a V cam in my old 9 wagon. I had the same experience as you. I ended up advancing the cam 4 degrees and it made an even better improvement. I had a similar setup as you.
  6. Jack leg

    Deb the 940

  7. Jack leg

    B230ft piston options

    Won't they handle 450ish with great tune, per Kenny.
  8. Jack leg

    IAC woes, will removal be worse?

    And I've been really considering going to microsquirt because of my build being just ever so close to the edge of what lh2.4 can handle.
  9. Jack leg

    IAC woes, will removal be worse?

    I'm having the same issue, and I believe I didn't know the throttle plate is supposed to be open. Guess once I get finished rebuilding my engine I'll have to double check setting up the idle.
  10. Jack leg

    Oil Pump Mods - Max Effort

    What time so I can make sure I get one?
  11. Jack leg

    ID1050x or Deatchwerks EV14 1200cc injectors?

    Awful at low PW, as in awful when run with LH2.4 at idle or cruising? I have a set of 55lbs DW injectors and wondering if I should get something different?
  12. Jack leg

    530/531 Head Oil Gallery Plug Sizes

    I've searched multiple threads for about 2 hours and I can't find what the sizes are for the front and rear oil galley plugs on a 530/531 head. I have 2 heads, a 530 and a 531. The 531 came with no plugs and the 530 head has them but when I tried removing the front plug the allen head stripped...