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  1. J

    Can you send a pic of the best, no wicked scuffs, lettering good (14 inch with black Volvo...

    Can you send a pic of the best, no wicked scuffs, lettering good (14 inch with black Volvo lettering, 15/16 slots on outer wheel cover). Email is: jfs740530@gmail. com
  2. J

    S/V/C Bought a filthy XC70. What to clean it with?

    Dawn cuts grease/grime/dirt/oil the best. There are videos on YT of guys using Dawn cut with water to make engine bays look new.
  3. J

    Hey, got the jack/tools yesterday, thanks!

    Hey, got the jack/tools yesterday, thanks!
  4. J


  5. J

    What fasteners? 240 wagon rear vent

    I am looking at a 240 wagon, with a few suspect issues. I notice the rear vent has torx screws (see pic), and I remember my 245 as having phillips screws. Is this correct for a 92 wagon? Guy also says no paint work, and I see tape lines on the rear tail light seal.
  6. J

    Best way to remove the glove box "face".

    They are simply held on by adhesive, 240, 740, probably 940 also.
  7. J

    740 front rotors?

    Changing pads and rotors on an '88 740 non-ABS. Got rotors from O'Reilly Auto which listed them as 262mm which is the 10.25 inch ones that came off car. New inner hub of rotor seems too small to fit? What rotors have you had success with? Would like to buy these locally, but will order from...
  8. J

    Volvo OEM Radio Repair

    Doctor Don's Audio Services can restore and repair OEM stereos to factory fresh performance. My 1994 530i AM/FM cassette player crapped out (factory Alpine unit), he rebuilt to factory specs and now it is good for another 20 years. This shop is well know in the Corvette community, for repairing...
  9. J

    Virgo Repair?

    Anyone had a Virgo that is slightly out of round repaired by a wheel shop? What was the cost and were results worth it? Thanks!
  10. J

    940 Decor Panel

    I found a 940 rear decor panel, OEM Volvo part today at salvage yard. Anyone ever restore one to a nice red finish, this one is uncracked, but the finish is pretty well weathered.
  11. J

    Thule Roof Rack?

    Anyone know if these will work with a 740, mine does have drip rails. Do they look like Thule's?? Anything else missing? Seller does not seem to know.
  12. J

    Most expensive Volvo Trays Ever

    Add $1000 value to your brick today :rofl...
  13. J

    Volvo 940 front lip on E34

    Took the lower lip from a 940 and modded to the E34. Got the front lip at salvage yard for $13.00, trim the ends, perfect fit. [/IMG]
  14. J

    Dayton, Ohio LKQ Auto Salvage

    Dayton, LKQ Auto salvage has two (2) 940's in the yard this week. Both wagons 1994, both burgundy color, one tan interior, one gray or black. https://www.lkqpickyourpart.com/locations/LKQ_Pick_Your_Part_-_Dayton-257/recents/
  15. J

    Portland Salvage Yards?

    I will be visiting Portland sometime this summer, just curious as to what if any, are good Volvo salvage yards. Will also be visiting Bend...thanks...
  16. J

    740 rear spring nut size?

    Anyone know the nut size, part #20 on the diagram? [/IMG]
  17. J

    740 spring sizes?

    Can someone tell me if the 740 wagon and 740 sedan rear coil springs are the same size in length? In other words are they interchangeable? Thanks...
  18. J

    Tail lights?

    Are the six panel 240 tail lights the same as 740 six panel tail lights, they look identical. Thanks..
  19. J

    Volvo yard Ravenna OH?

    Anyone know if this place still exists, used to have their number and remember something about them closing down last year?
  20. J

    The only one

    The only Volvo at local Cars and Coffee. https://imgur.com/a/rZfvI4b