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  1. dl242gt

    Are all new clutch cables kind of garbage now?

    They are all the same design as the IPD one now. Even the Volvo version. Metal sheathed cable isn't made anymore.
  2. dl242gt

    Are all new clutch cables kind of garbage now?

    I believe people have made the Volvo version work ok. I haven't tried one yet but I have one. The other new style ones I've tried were not very smooth in operation or long lasting.
  3. dl242gt

    1990 Volvo 240DL No-start...now less violent!

    After you use the test light to check for power at the coil. Then put the test light on terminal 1 and see if you have switching when cranking. If not then you need to check the input signal to the power stage on pin five. No switching there means either the EZK is bad, wiring issues, or the...
  4. dl242gt

    Volvo 744 B230E K-Jetronic Problem

    Kjet is a fuel pressure based system. I would want to see what the fuel system pressure is, the control pressure, and rest pressure. Even if they are fine you have eliminated possible issues. A problem like this can also be the intank transfer pump. If the main fuel pump has to pull fuel through...
  5. dl242gt

    what IPD bar is this

    That looks like the classic IPD rear bar for either 140 or 122. The bushings go on the axle and the ends of the bar go into links that have holes in the floor. Good to put a reinforcement plate on the holes for the links.
  6. dl242gt

    8v trubo stock bottom end

    Just to play it safer. I wouldn't go over about 12 psi with the stock turbo and engine setup. Run premium gas and it'll be decent and fun while still being a daily volvo.
  7. dl242gt

    Is it even possible to swap prefacelift US headlights on facelift EU Volvo 760 ‘88?

    Looks pretty good in your bathroom. Don't forget to add relays for brighter headlights.
  8. dl242gt

    Stock 1993 940T = 16mpg. combined highway/street driving with a light foot .OMG Don't stop I'm almost there!

    I wonder how much alcohol is really in your fuel supply. No one really regulates that so you could be getting 20% ethonal or more.
  9. dl242gt

    Vibration at idle in gear

    I asked that with reference to how smooth the engine was idling. A drop of 100 rpm should be compensated for by the idle circuit. If it's not doing it and the motor and wiring checks out. Maybe another ECU just to try. Another thought is that if the throttle plate is closed all the way in the...
  10. dl242gt

    Vibration at idle in gear

    750 rpm is the base idle. It should hold that idle when idling in drive and if you move to park or neutral. How is the valve lash?
  11. dl242gt

    Sachs struts and spacers

    Those are meant to be used with the spacers in place.
  12. dl242gt

    New and advice on 940

    Unless you buy the BC coilovers. BNE dynamics sells coilovers made from the stock strut tubes. Maybe that's how the Classic Swede ones are? The GAZ shocks will work in there or you can get shocks from BNE Dynamics.
  13. dl242gt

    240 front leather seat covers redoing in leatherique??

    Long ago in the 80s when I was restoring my Beetle. I bought Naugahyde door panels. Lots of colors were available from Bug Pack if I recall correctly,
  14. dl242gt

    Stock 1993 940T = 16mpg. combined highway/street driving with a light foot .OMG Don't stop I'm almost there!

    Cheeps are calibrated for better mileage at cruise. Hope it works well for you. That's even worse than a kjet turbo.
  15. dl242gt

    Rare Volvo parts that you have!

    Don't use it. Just keep it safe in the box. Long ago I bought a new blue one to replace the old cracked blue one on my car. Volvo still sold them and I installed it. Looked great for a few years then cracked around the screws just like the old one. So it's gonna crack if you use it. Shame...
  16. dl242gt

    New and advice on 940

    Just get a rebuild kit off ebay for the turbo. I've use the ebay venders for drilled and slotted rotors with success. They usually sell their rotors with pads included. My favorite and longest lasting rotors were the ATE Premium One rotors which I had cryo treated. Classic Swede sells GAZ shocks...
  17. dl242gt

    Please educate me on early Girling rear calipers, fittings and brake line diameters

    If you are in the US. Just get a set of ATE rear calipers and they will fit right on and be easy to make the metric line work because that is what 90percent of 240s have as rear brakes on US models. If you are overseas then I would try to get correct 240 calipers unless you want to modify what...
  18. dl242gt

    No power to passenger taillight

    Get a test light and download the Volvo wiring diagram if it's on OZVolvo.org. The bulb out relay is easy to check. it's just a lot of wires and seems confusing. But it's a simple signal in and signal out relay. So you connect to the terminal for the right brake light input and see if there is...
  19. dl242gt

    Can We Get an Ultimate Parts Thread?

    I've used some of the PPS stuff with success. When they were Scan Tech they sold you the timing belt cover with no timing mark on it. :lol: When they changed to PPS they added the timing mark for the belt cover. But you definitely have to check their stuff.
  20. dl242gt

    Volvo 240 A/C Question

    Yeah, my factory 134 system in my 93 worked great for about three years and then it was time to charge it again. That's all it would need. Every few years for 18 years of ownership. :lol: