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    940 Trunk Spoiler Removal?

    Pic below of the spoiler clips. There are 2 on each side.
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    940 Trunk Spoiler Removal?

    If the spoiler is installed the proper way and not a bodge job, it will be held on by clips at each end of the spoiler and double sided tape at all the contact points with the trunk lid. Open the lid and remove the screws that hold the clips to the spoiler. Then you need to fight the double...
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    740 dead odometer/trip meter

    The odometer and trip meter (VDO speedometer) in my 90 740GL quit recently and I found the small 26 tooth gear was broken. I replaced both plastic gears and it worked for about 300 metres and quit again. Pulled it apart and found what looked like a couple of dodgy solder joints on the small...
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    740 740 broken odometer gear

    Odometer & trip meter stopped working on my folks' 740 when the trip meter was reset :grrr:. Worked up the courage to take it apart and found this: I believe it's normally the small gear (just visible on the bottom left of this large plastic pod) that normally breaks. Haven't seen this...
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    Is this diff stuffed?

    Pics below. I took the cover off this diff from a 1990 940GLE. I was thinking of selling it but thought I should look inside first. Note the rust marks on the teeth. Does this mean the outer hardening has been worn off? There was almost no oil in the diff and what was in there was pretty...
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    940 spoiler wiring

    Just got me a factory spoiler for my 940 sedan. But it didn't come with the wiring for the brake light. Does anyone here know where the wiring runs to? I've heard it comes from the 3rd brake light at the back windscreen. I've got plenty of wiring I can use from a 940 parts car so making up...
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    Australian Volvo Rally

    Hello to all, Just thought I'd write a quick note to let you know that photos from the 2008 Australian National Volvo Rally are available to view on the Volvo Club of Queensland website here: http://www.volvoclubqld.org.au/index.php?option=com_ponygallery&Itemid=51&func=viewcategory&catid=29...