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  1. gsellstr

    Official Davis 2023 Thread

    I'm crashing at a friends place, not up for the MotelDix shenanigans.
  2. gsellstr

    Can anyone identify which model this is for?

    Looks like the one I have in my 740.
  3. gsellstr

    1031 rear end rebuild specs

    Added that spec sheet to my TruTrac install article as well.
  4. gsellstr

    B20 D vs R camshaft

    Yeah, don't feel like tearing it apart though. lol
  5. gsellstr

    B20 D vs R camshaft

    Jimmy...if you get a few minutes, run over to Parrish Automotive up near Niello, talk to Mike. He has a cam guy on tap down in socal that can do custom crap for whatever you need, decent price and turnaround as well. We got to talking about options for the Dodge a while back. Might be a way to...
  6. gsellstr

    *edit: Quatro de Mayo 2023 : another virtual meet! 6pm East coast US

    Sorry guys, headed to Reno when the GF gets off work so I won't be around.
  7. gsellstr

    CA SMOG FAIL: High HC @ Idle Only

    Sounds like the hoses being wrong should have fixed it. If you had the valve hooked up to the vent instead of the solenoid outlet, it would see vacuum most of the time. I'd send a pic from mine but I got a 'replacement' sticker from someone that seems to be missing the EGR system on it. lol
  8. gsellstr

    Official Davis 2023 Thread

    What, you mean the date for the show, the weekend, etc? It's all up on the website...ggvcoa.com.
  9. gsellstr

    Official Davis 2023 Thread

    Fixed the title for ya'll.
  10. gsellstr

    New board, new host, new year

    That cam spec chart was awesome!
  11. gsellstr

    1974 142 Panhard Bar /Track Rod 140 Series

    Intriguing since I only cut about 2" out when I made it adjustable. I did compare the two side by side and they were the same, prior to cutting though.
  12. gsellstr

    CA SMOG FAIL: High HC @ Idle Only

    I've had the excessive flow code before, came from an open wire on the sensor. The vacuum to/from the solenoid on the strut tower may be an issue if not plumbed right. Been ages since I saw it, seems like there's an in/out/vent setup. Getting those swapped around can cause some issues, should...
  13. gsellstr

    CA SMOG FAIL: High HC @ Idle Only

    I would check the EGR first, but you can also unhook the sensor, see what the resistance is on it. Seen a few that had the wiring break on them or the sensor fail, when the valve was fine. Just beware, if it's the sensor, there's 2 different sensors, resistance is opposite directions...NTC or PTC.
  14. gsellstr

    B230 question, does anyone know the size of this oil feed

    99% sure I have 1/4NPT on there on mine.
  15. gsellstr

    1974 142 Panhard Bar /Track Rod 140 Series

    I can confirm the panhard itself is swappable at least, have one from a 264 in the 140. Don't recall seeing that bracket bolted on though so yeah, probably a weld-in replacement is in your future.
  16. gsellstr

    Verdict on crank and cam seals nowadays?

    I gave up on aftermarket seals a while back to be honest. Did SKF on the Toyota RMS given availability, regretted that when it started leaking within a month, and not just a random drip. Had it replaced when the trans was rebuilt, that seal was JUNK, not from installation, just from materials...
  17. gsellstr

    CA SMOG FAIL: High HC @ Idle Only

    Hey, the 4700 thing got me to thinking...have you ohm'd out the coil primary and secondary side yet? I had a coil go out, caused some really wacky stuff. Swapped in an Accel, ran even worse by a big margin, think that thing was bunk. Swapped in a fresh-yard coil, fixed a bunch of stuff. The old...
  18. gsellstr

    CA SMOG FAIL: High HC @ Idle Only

    Called it on the dead cat from day one... Volume test on the fuel system once you have the pressure tester. That will help. Also tape the fuel pressure gauge to the windshield, go for a drive, see if it rises in boost. A dead in-tank usually will prevent pressure from doing what it should. Also...
  19. gsellstr

    CA SMOG FAIL: High HC @ Idle Only

    Readings from the smog point right at a cat to be honest, as Erik mentioned as well. You said you installed Bosch but didn't say what? On the O2? Eh, it'll work, life is a lot better, mileage and performance improved on the NGK/NTK O2, which I could find easily at Orielly and a few other chains...
  20. gsellstr

    2023 EAST vs WEST Drag Timeslip Thread

    GAH, wish I still had the slip...I know I sent the numbers for last year.