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  1. mAydAy

    My 850 at the track - 13.89@100.x

    Here's a crappy video of my 850 at the track from July that we never got around to editing and uploading... Its got a ton left in it, that was just a night out to lightly test the setup, ran out of time before school to ever get out there with a real setup on it. Should be a little better next...
  2. mAydAy

    Richmond Dragway August 1

    Anyone care to come and attempt to outrun the white 850 on Friday? I'm going to try and make it out there again and see what it does with a little more jet and some fuel..
  3. mAydAy

    Richmond Dragway May 9th

    Street Night, Friday May 9th, Richmond Dragway Be there. My 850T is going to put on a show of some sort or another. That's all.
  4. mAydAy

    The Ultimate 300-series Volvo build....

    Short summary: http://forums.bimmerforums.com/forum/showthread.php?t=664408 Full thread: http://www.300power.com/forum/index.php?board=17;action=display;threadid=2331;start=0 Ridiculous.
  5. mAydAy

    Mid-Atlantic Megameet 4/1 7-11pm Woodbridge

    Any DC area guys going? I'm headed up with a handful of friends, Ian (growley) is going, not sure who else. Its 7-11pm, entry is free, small donations are requested. http://www.megameet.org/ Previous Megameet pics:
  6. mAydAy

    TerribleOne's dyno sheets (New pics 12/19!)

    Vince wanted his dyno sheets posted so I figured I'd oblige him....Enjoy! First, some pics of the car-- Mom's 944se w/t-25 and my 244tic w/15g
  7. mAydAy

    Suspension Engineering Reading

    Hey Guys - We all know about Corky Bell's masterpiece Maximum Boost and a couple others out there about turbocharging, I was just wondering if there were any out there about suspension and chassis engineering? Looking on Amazon just now I came across a couple interesting books such as Chassis...
  8. mAydAy

    1987 Volvo 240GL Road Race car

    I've been kind of keeping it under wraps here, but a friend of mine convinced me to write something for his board, so I figured I'd better post it up here too. Here is one of my two works in progress, Enjoy! It started life as a 1987 Volvo 240GL, picked it up from a friend. He runs the...
  9. mAydAy

    NASA Mid-Atlantic Autumn DoubleCross 11/20 & 12/4

    http://www.get-fast.net/nasacross/doublecross.html 8 Runs each person on a very large, very technical, high speed professionally designed course. Spectating and ride-alongs are free. To drive, its only $60 for BOTH days (Non-members $70. One day Member: $35, One day Non-Member $40). Thats only...
  10. mAydAy

    Racecar teaser pics

    La la la la.... http://www.pbase.com/stylngle2003/andys_stuff
  11. mAydAy

    June 11/12th, Tampa, FL meet/cookout/hangout

    Well here's the official announcement, some of yall have heard about it already. My brother, now a doctor, is moving into his house in Tampa. I'm going down the 8th to move him in, and I wanted to meet some locals down there, so I figured I'd have some friends over to help us break in the house...
  12. mAydAy

    5"x11" 300# coils on 850 front struts

    In an attempt to get some more 850 ingenuity going on here, I present you with this. General Notes: Since the 850R is up on blocks till I get a subframe I have had time to expirement. I've got a pair of 5x11 300# Hypercoils for the back of a 240 that have been tempting me so I figure'd I'd...
  13. mAydAy

    850 Model Lineup

    The information in this article was collected by Kaizai of SwedeSpeed and is used with his permission. Please post any corrections or additions either as a reply to this thread or in reply to the original thread at SwedeSpeed The 800 series was available in the U.S.A for 5 years. It was...
  14. mAydAy

    Gauges - Autometer Z opinions/experiences..

    Hey guys - I'm looking to get some gauges for my 850R. I don't have tons of money so I'm trying not to go for the most expensive gauges out there, but I still want a high quality set of gauges. I'd prefer them all to match and not look too bad compared to the stock gauges in the 850. I liked the...
  15. mAydAy

    Window problems

    Okay, I got a 1989 745GLE courtesy of my man mikep. Heres the deal: The power windows don't work. I've checked the fuses. First off, the driver switches have been swapped with another set (I'm getting the original set back soon). Its got power windows, this one doesn't if that makes a difference...
  16. mAydAy

    Some crappy 850R pics

    well, I finally uploaded a few I had aorund of my 850R. The pics aren't the best but here they are. The red one is a local 850R, bone stock. Notice how mines lower and allll.... http://pbase.com/mr740ti/maydays_r -Andy
  17. mAydAy


    As many of yall know, and some may well not, I have a 1996 850R, with lotsa' toys on it. I've embarked on my next mod now, the 3" exhaust. At the moment, its running open DP, video of that should be coming soon. I bought the Catco 3" in/out 12" core cat and 3" in/out 6" round Dynomax with 16"...
  18. mAydAy

    850: A retrospective

    In March of 1986, a new revolution for Volvo was shown for the first time to the public at the Geneva Motor Show. It was a little sports coupe, aimed at taking on the Japanese sport compact movement. This car, the 480ES, turned Volvo sideways, literally, by being the first Volvo with a...
  19. mAydAy

    Who says smoking is bad? (Burnout pics)

    This is James's (parkgh34) 1992 244 smoking its Kumho's. -Andy
  20. mAydAy

    Its not so small now is it....

    Well, I been outta town for the past 6 days and I came home to a few more of the parts I'd been waiting for and I managed to picked up some other parts while I was outta town. SO here we go, this is the first mockup of the IHI Turbocoupe turbo on a 90+ manifold. -Andy