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  1. Stiggy Pop

    New 8V cast iron top mount T3 manifold

    it's not overthinking, but anecdotally I've run a stainless tube header (old school RSI) un-braced with both a really heavy HX35 and a slightly less heavy EFR turbo with no problems. I had built a brace for it when I had the HX35 but it sheared off...
  2. Stiggy Pop

    New 8V cast iron top mount T3 manifold

    I’ll echo the Facebook chatter and say the 2-bolt wastegate flange is a fumble
  3. Stiggy Pop

    940 LS/6 Speed Question

    my Dad put a GTO T-56 in a v90 12 years ago, he made all the mounts and it looked factory.
  4. Stiggy Pop

    T5 not wanting to shift

    I'd look at clutch adjustment first, sounds like it might not be fully disengaging. When I had a heavy pressure plate and a cable clutch I had to adjust it constantly or it be a fight in first and reverse as the cable slowly stretched. Now that it's dialed in with hydraulics it's no problem...
  5. Stiggy Pop

    apostrophes appearing as question marks

    I've been seeing the rogue question marks all over since the great migration
  6. Stiggy Pop

    LS coil on plug setups, is it really necessary?

    I have yet to kill a coil and my turbo is way up high, big and has a big downpipe coming off it. Plug wires on the other hand... yeah, that's a challenge. But stock wires wouldn't really be any better.
  7. Stiggy Pop

    do88 Intercooler upgrade and Dyno video

    Didn't realize they were that expensive. That's more than I paid for a giant garrett core + cost to build end tanks. Drop in is certainly nice though.
  8. Stiggy Pop

    Mike K's '79 242 Barn Car Revival

    ohh EIGHTY FIVE. I dyslexia-d the engine numbers in my head. idk for some reason it feels like the BMW swap equivalent of spending $10k on 8v heads instead of just plunking the straight 6 in with a big jurbo
  9. Stiggy Pop

    Mike K's '79 242 Barn Car Revival

    everything seems to be coming up short... literally. And I kind of understand why when looking at other heads compared to my situation. I'll pick away at it, I'm mostly focused on expediting Erland right now. And yes, there are absolutely guys out there wrapping M4's around trees and that would...
  10. Stiggy Pop

    Mike K's '79 242 Barn Car Revival

    yeah trust me the thought keeps looming larger these days. Realistically though I need to build out my garage so I can hang the car up on my own lift for 6 months instead of my Dad's :ROFLMAO:. I have considered trying to find a parts car or a drivetrain and at least start bleeding out the cost...
  11. Stiggy Pop

    Mike K's '79 242 Barn Car Revival

    I forgot to come back here and check this thread, I'll send you a PM later. Boots on the ground in Sweden might be part of my answer. I did reach out to Enem and they have a supplier for more expensive 38's but there was no stock. They offered 37.1's which might just do it but there was also no...
  12. Stiggy Pop

    ZF steering rack and pinion

    Try Roy for a core. The best rebuild service is Sellholm in Sweden.
  13. Stiggy Pop

    Koni or Bilstein? 740 track car.

    "Make the suspension adjustable and they will adjust it wrong" Sir Colin Chapman
  14. Stiggy Pop

    Are performance seals and gaskets necessary

    I do prefer the Volvo oil pan gasket to aftermarket, it's one piece and much more soft and flexible than the "puzzle piece" aftermarket ones.
  15. Stiggy Pop

    MaxxECU Questions and Support/Purchase: Post them here

    I'm pretty confident making nice wires at this point, the rest I've become content to hire out to more talented guys like yourself. :D
  16. Stiggy Pop

    What is your 0-60 time?

    I like the new trend of measuring 5-60mph "rollout" acceleration since it relies less on the brutal launch. 40-120 is the sweet spot in my car though.
  17. Stiggy Pop

    MaxxECU Questions and Support/Purchase: Post them here

    Thanks. I'd like to get one good season of actually driving my car (touch wood) and then I think I'm going to go after the ECU. E-throttle's are like black magic to me at the moment but it kind of feels de rigueur at this point.
  18. Stiggy Pop

    MaxxECU Questions and Support/Purchase: Post them here

    what throttle body are you guys using?
  19. Stiggy Pop

    Pig: '79 242 16vT

    it's 2 more thing than I've done on my car.