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  1. Kjets On a Plane

    Earliest year for 601 red 700 series

    Basically, moms low mile 1993 244 has a worn driver door hinge, guess the color. I have spares & the door itself is fine, despite the body tooling & hardness of the metal being pretty worn out by the time they got around to whacking out the very very last of them in 1993… I prefer the harder...
  2. Kjets On a Plane

    Early B230 Piston Knurling / Ceramic coatings

    Got this hooptie '87 B230F in the beater wagon. Very minimal oil use & leak down/no oil anywhere outside or volume of blowby coming out the oil separator box it w/strong compression w/thin headgasket & T-cam, but it's got the inevitable piston slap setup 2-run conservatively on 85-87 octane...
  3. Kjets On a Plane

    Stock Replacement strut inserts for 2 series that actually last/work

    Soo... ...in this instance Im actually installing new struts instead of recently replaced used ones, which has been pretty lasting in the past, but Ive exhausted/depleted my supply of minty examples of those for now, and this car broke the sway bar end link because one strut doesn't work at all...
  4. Kjets On a Plane

    240 scatter plot of 2.4 codes and intermittent poor running/stalling, fuel consumption

    So, this would be my mothers 93 244 auto. I don't see it all that often but a little history: It has about 127k on it. It started oozing a little oil externally from the headgasket ~#1. Head wasn't warped, motor is tight and runs fine, leaks down minimally, head got basic disassemble, lap the...
  5. Kjets On a Plane

    S/V/C WWD guys, 02 S80 2.9, no power, no instrument cluster

    So, have this '02 S80 that was said to have low compression. Turns out, it has dead even ~180psi or so on all 6, so it can't be *that* terribly terrible. Spark plugs look fairly normal/tan. Starts right up and purrs at idle. Has a sort of whistle/moan from the engine bay that increases with...
  6. Kjets On a Plane

    240 Part # for rubber feet for accessory gauges

    Someone know it by chance?
  7. Kjets On a Plane

    87 245 start, run and stall puzzle

    Ok, so when I first saw the car it would start and run briefly and stall and not restart always. Probe around and find power but very little current passing through to the fuel pump relay. Check the main fuse and it is all crusty and nasty. Install a waterproof fuse holder, marine heat shrink...
  8. Kjets On a Plane

    Most durable metal coatings?

    Obviously it depends I the application... Does it flex? What is it exposed to? How does it need to look? How easy is it to touch up and look passable and still protect the metal? Will plating or chroming weaken or undesirably alter the steel? I happen to think the baked on electrostatic sikkens...
  9. Kjets On a Plane

    Most durable vacuum/boost hoses?

    So, I've replaced every oring and seal with viton and sealed every electronical connection and fitted them all carefully to be corrosion free. But vacuum hose? I use a German silicone/synthetic flexy orange stuff on n/a cars for the crankcase vent oily small hose, I use oem for the idle motor...
  10. Kjets On a Plane

    User name change request?

    Old: 945ti New: FridgeWagon What happened to the old thread?
  11. Kjets On a Plane

    Picture request: 260 coil and ballast

    260/760 coil, ballast resistor and ballast resistor OHM value. Friend doesn't believe me that 260s got a blue coil and ballast resistor like other 4cylinder cars, but with stronger coil for the 6-hole motor. Someone got a k-jets dead or alive 260 or 760 series up to 86-87 model year handy...
  12. Kjets On a Plane

    940 940SE electrical disaster/ignition switch/charging and starting problems

    Where do I even begin? This car, intermittently, would not always light all the warning lights when you would turn the key on. Further, it would sometimes stall once in a great while, and refuse to crank once in a great while and has an intermittent battery drain. For once, I've actually...
  13. Kjets On a Plane

    940 1991 945se instrument panel...issues

    This is a strange one. Ok, so the speedometer never worked right. I doubt it's the diff sensor or wiring because the cruise control always works flawlessly, no matter what the speedometer says, if you set the cruise and watch your Garmin gps, it maintains the set speed real well. Usually...
  14. Kjets On a Plane

    740 Lh2.4 ecu compatibility (1990 740t m46)...and various Volvo/euro car electrical bs

    So, let me just begin by saying that I don't even know if I have diagnosed this correctly. Symptoms/history: Car always ran and drove well. Then it sat and I'd drive it at most once a week. Months go by with this very low mile sporadic driving. It runs well until about 3 weeks and maybe 6...
  15. Kjets On a Plane

    84 240 lh2.0/Chrysler running issues

    1984 240 automatic won't run quite smooth at idle, runs lean across the board, very prone to pinging. Barely skimmed resurfaced head, all valves seal well, .030 cometic hg and adjustable timing gear to line the m or t cam straight up again. ~215-220llbs of compression on all 4. Valves...
  16. Kjets On a Plane

    S/V/C 98 v70 no start

    I think this is easy and I'm missing something obvious. Synptoms: No fuel or spark. No power to fuel pump or fuse to it. No "check engine" light illumination when turning the key to "on". No voltage at coil + at any time iirc. Voltage to engine bay fuse box and cowl fuse box for the most...
  17. Kjets On a Plane

    240 Odo drive motor board

    Anyone know what actually fails on the 240 ODO board? I have spares for parts, but want to do a better repair and conserve parts, as well as fully understand how this system works electrically? Gear is fine and tested, motor won't step on the "broken" board. I never punch out the miles and...
  18. Kjets On a Plane

    850 850 Cylinder head compatibility and rebuild

    Sister has what was a very clean pleasant 1997 855 T5. Said car very recently has a burnt exh valve on one hole. Runs on 4. Which heads fit what? I know the intake manifold and ports are different on the N/A ones. GLT (with light pressure turbo) head be fine on a T5? Looks like a match...
  19. Kjets On a Plane

    240 Power steering/general steering diagnosis 1986 244DL

    Ok, this is a bit of a strange one. The steering wheel binds up smoothly but pretty forcefully about every 90ish degrees or 1/4-1/2 turn of the steering wheel. It happens while parked, in motion, front wheels in the air, engine running, engine off, fluid drained from the rack, rain or shine...
  20. Kjets On a Plane

    240 K-jet hot start