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    Does Volvo PS always suck?

    Well, does it? My 240s turn okay at best. My 90 744 takes quite a bit of force compared to most cars, but I'm guessing it's just due to age and the fact that the fluid was black. Extracted what I could and topped off with ATF. Will do again after I log some mileage. Maybe I'm just used to the...
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    7/9 Battery tray rust

    We've all seen it. Some surface rust has started on my '90 744 and it absolutely needs to be fixed asap. This happens to be one of the most rust free rwd volvos I've ever seen and I need it to hold it's value. I will get pics soon. POR15 straight on the surface rust? Sand and paint? I have...
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    740 cluster issues

    1990 744 NA with the Yazaki cluster. The problems I'm having are that the temp gauge and fuel gauge both like to stick empty or cold, until I give the dashboard a nice tap with my palm. After that they work fine. Am I dealing with a capacitor issue or cracked solder joints? Also, the odomter...
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    Regina sucks

    It?s great when it works It sucks when it doesn?t Help This 91 Regina +t runs really well when it runs. Sometimes though it has a dead misfire on one cylinder (I think cylinder 2 or 3?) Then after turning it off and trying to start it again, it?s a crank no start. If I disconnect the coil...
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    AW71 trans cooler thread pitch

    Does anyone know the thread pitch of the trans cooler lines from the AW series automatics? The hardlines do not fit my current setup so I am moving to a barbed fitting and using rubber hose. Thanks
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    +T Oil Return Tragedy

    This started off as a very simple engine reseal plus a +T conversion. I initially was going to return to the pan like I always do, but figured since the engine was already out, I'd get a cleaner look returning to the oil return boss. Fast forward to yesterday, I center punched the boss, then I...
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    G80 swap question

    Yup, another G80 thread. I have a 1993 945T with a g80, should be 3.73s I believe. I also have a 93 245 M47 car with 3.31s (open). If I want the G80 in my 245, I cannot get away with just swapping the guts because the ring and pinion would be different due to the different ratios. Do I need...
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    Pulling/Installing Redblock+Auto trans at the same time

    Just a quick question. Every time I?ve pulled either the engine or trans, I?ve done so separately (never needed to pull or install both at the same time for any reason). Now, I?m working with a Regina automatic equipped 745 and recently pulled the aw70 with the engine still in place. Then I...
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    740: Corteco Hydraulic Mounts

    1990 744 N/A aw70 Have any of you used these? I know we always opt for Volvo tuber with the 240 mounts, but was curious of the quality of these corteco mounts. They are roughly HALF the cost of OE, but have rather good reviews. My car has a bit of a shudder/vibration when put in gear and...
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    AW70-Very delayed 2-3 shift

    1990 744 n/a lh2.4 I have never done a fluid flush or change, but the previous owners have all the records and I?m sure it has been done before. 150k+ miles on car now. Odometer is broken. I am dealing with delayed shifts, but the worst is by far the shift from 2nd to 3rd. I can be going down...
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    740: increased light output

    1990 744. My 740 has the typical yellowed headlight lenses. Light output is very poor, and I just had the windows tinted so I don?t want it to be even harder to see at night. What has everyone done to increase light output? I have new lenses to install, but even with those the light output is...
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    (AW70) Automatic Trans R&R

    A friend of mine has a 1991 745 Regina and he likes to break things, so now he needs a new trans. Having never worked with auto transmissions before, I had a few questions about removal before I drive to the junkyard and pull one. So I need an AW70 trans for a 740. Can this also come from a...
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    Aisin fan clutch differences

    In regards to 2/7/9 cars with the plastic fan blades, I'm wondering what the differences are between the FCV-001, FCV-002, FCV-003, FCV-004, FCV-005 and FCV-006. Seems that the 006 is for the D24 engine. Perhaps someone with a tropical clutch laying around can cross reference part numbers...
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    LH2.2 engine in LH2.4/3.1 car

    I?m going to be swapping an ~88 lh2.2 b230f into a 92 240 with lh3.1. I know it?s not ideal but it?s the motor in hand. Had a few questions before I dive in as to not run into any major unexpected inconveniences. 1) I assume this is the same case as b21>2.4/3.1 motor where I must drill and tap...
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    Valvetrain Noise

    Was trying to hold off on making a thread but here we are. 93 244+t. blah blah specs TL;DR: iPd turbo cam been installed and great. Reshimmed to exact spec and now it makes noises. Is it the shims fault, or maybe a normal noise for a more 'aggressive' cam? Had a few different cams in this car...
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    Cluster not working

    93 244 Recently I started having this issue where my entire cluster would intermittently not work at all. No warning lights in KP2, no tach, speedo, fuel gauge, temp gauge. The only things that work are the cluster bulbs up top that light up the cluster, the blinker arrows and the brights icon...
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    Need submersible fuel line

    Folks I need some 5/16"ID 'submersible' fuel line. I put submersible in single quotes because it only needs to last maybe a year or 2. This is an ultra low budget thing that is stopping the vehicle from being scrapped. I need about a 3 or 4 foot section of it. Any leads as to what I could...
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    Post your air ducting setups

    Wondering if anyone has done any modifications to their cars (240) in order to help increase airflow through the cores at higher speeds. It is important to have the stock belly plan in place as we all know, as well as a good condition cooling system. Yes, ours is good with a new rad. Having...
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    Car stays on if marker lights are on

    Alright folks here?s a weird one. Vehicle is my buddies 89 245 fresh +t m47 with lh2.4. He leaves the headlights on constantly, which is fine because they go off automatically. I?m not sure if this issue was present before the turbo conversion because he had an ecu that did not prime the pumps...
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    '89 240 AC woes

    1989 245. Has an r134 low side fitting inline above the exhaust manifold. Not sure if that line is stock or not. The 2 green compressor/drier wires were wrapped around the steering column and snapped. Need to check those for 12v. Anyway, charged the system to about 85psi (85F outside) and...