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    Rusty Old Muffler cause of "lag" on Turbo car?

    Oh you sweet summer(PNW) child.
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    1993 Volvo 240 AC question

    jealous you need AC right now
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    1984 B23F injectors not firing

    all grounds including the ones on the intake have been cleaned and greased?
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    244 charging question

    You have an ammeter ??
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    Frozen Coolant System

    Shoreline, WA??
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    Frozen Coolant System

    surprised it froze solid in your area, or are you in an even colder area?
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    B230 question, does anyone know the size of this oil feed

    A 135 DEG AN fitting works well to direct it
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    hazards related to no start?? *Cam shaft pin

    spark-I have spark-will recheck all 4 cylinders tomorrow, but i am confident that I have spark how? did you pull a plug? a slipped or broken timing belt is possible cause. check for cam movement during cranking under the 710 cap
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    Laser cut door cards, anybody have a file?

    https://sendcutsend.com/ <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe> Saw this and thought it would be a great thing to...
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    AW71 trans temp monitoring

    no trans cooler in radiator?
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    142 powa how?

    manual swap it
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    Virgo phrenology

    I have a bunch of virgo, some with tires some wo I have a 240 on four jack stands, and a dial indicator on a magnetic base. I can figure out the method of measuring the runout, or deviation of the lateral and radial surfaces. Any ideas of how to separate the good from the bad and the ugly...
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    reversing side of 240 ABS Calipers

    I have a frozen Left ABS caliper, (one hose, one bleeder) Out of stock EVERYWHERE Unlike the complex non ABS calipers, the body appears symmetrical to the contralateral side other than bleeder position. I plan to drill a hole for a bleeder repair kit in the "blank" position. Any problems with...
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    stop an impending Viking funeral for a rustfree 242

    1981 242 bought non running from teenage inexperienced owner worked through K-Jet, fixed problem with FI relay, and twisted up, blocked nylon line in rubber cover from filter to distributor that had killed it. starts easy, runs great. on test runs, brakes were soft, and repeated pumps of pedal...
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    clutch pedal lever wear

    hmm two of my clutch pedals from the hoard. new pins will be used. should I drill out the wallered out hole and add a bushing with ID appropriate for the pin?
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    Do I have Bizzaro world ipd hoses?

    seems like I have mirror image hoses from ipd purchased at dif times...
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    79 M46 synchros

    Anterior most sychro ring was out of place,one of three sedan shaped parts wasfound in the case, another was halfway wedged out of place. Spring metal ring was partly out of place. I don't know how this trans worked other than it drove on and off trailer and around block before disassembly...
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    242 Factory markings?

    found this on a 1980 242DL lower grille? support. Anybody know what it might be?
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    Kjet stranding, starts and immediately dies

    1981 240 kjet ci Starts, dies in 2 seconds Ran great, now I'm stranded. Feels like start injector gets her going, then dies when.key released,and main system doesn't put fuelout Jumpered pumps, no change. Was symptom when I acquired car, found big hose toairvalve off under manifold, ran ok...