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  1. Jack

    244 headliner replacement question

    Can you get the headliner into a 244 without removing the back window and not taco it ? I imagine front seats might have to come out but maybe not I will remove the window if I have to
  2. Jack

    Crusty turbo hot side turbine ?- how to clean ?

    Doing a turbo rebuild Looking for suggestions on what to use on the hot side turbine. I used brass bristle dermal before it was ok Any chemical that will loosen that crud up?
  3. Jack

    What sunshade fits the amazon

    The one that I got from amazon does not fit my amazon windshield Know any that do ?
  4. Jack

    220 amazon aka wagon rear suspension poly bushings ?

    anyone know the source ? I can only find "stock" rubber replacements
  5. Jack

    220 rear suspension on 122s?

    since it's raining I cant crawl under my cars to check does the 220 suspension bolt up the the 122s? I know the axle mounts are different but how are the body mounts/brackets ? Jack
  6. Jack

    850 headlight range adjustment system - need info

    got myself one of the 850 headlight range adjustment switches The USA spec headlights dont have the motors for these but does anyone know what parts are necessary for this system ? parts diagram, part numbers, etc would be helpful. I wouldn't be surprised if the 850 wasn't wired already for...
  7. Jack

    122 dash pad adhesive ?

    What?s good to use ? Seems like even liquid nails would do the trick
  8. Jack

    850 Really good speakers for sc916 and under seat amp

    Ok I?m looking to upgrade the speakers I have with something a lot better Setup 850 sc916 with the 55w per channel amp that?s located under the seat I?m not going to upgrade the amp or the stereo Looking for reasonably priced with nicely paired rms Thanks
  9. Jack

    B234 camshaft specs

    Cant find it anymore but there use to be a thread on Auto and marine 16v cams that had timing and cam specs. I can?t find it anymore Anyone
  10. Jack

    50mm readily available side drafts ?

    Going to need a massive amount air going into a 16v head Looking for any recommendations for 50mm side draft carbs that you can get ?cheap? I know harleys have some big carbs but that?s as fas as my knowledge goes Will make a custom intake etc Thanks
  11. Jack

    16v head plus WHAT 1mm larger valves ?

    starting to do some porting work on 16v head and looks like 1mm larger valves should go in without a problem what are you guys using for valves? before I go read threads that go nowhere... I vaguely remember someone talking about e30 m3 engine valves
  12. Jack

    b23 + side webers, what cam to use ?

    got a high compression B23 bottom end 530 ported turbo head pair of 45s webers what cam should I be using what I has at home but would get something else if needed - ipd turbo cam - M:oogle: cam - T - B
  13. Jack

    122 heater box rebuild

    I took apart a few of them all at once and I dont remember where all the parts go ... before I dive into taking another one apart does any one have any pictures ? inside etc also what do I use to wrap the heater core in ? I threw out the asbestos stuff Thanks Jack
  14. Jack

    ipd photo contest 2020

    hey WTF it's way overdue https://www.ipdusa.com/blogs/517/2020-ipd-photo-contest - IPD please in no way feel like you should disqualify me for asking PS I promise to order some filters one of these days
  15. Jack

    122/220 accessories

    ones that I know of.. will update with pictures. Post what you know of tach rear mudflap that goes all the way across the rear rear window fan clock hazard lights switch
  16. Jack

    122 sedan rear door removal

    need to remove rear door(s) on my 122 sedan for painting and general rebuild. The rear doors are always a pain to take off.... (on my parts cars I just cut them off with the B pillar) any recommendations/tips Jack
  17. Jack

    850 dashboard reinforcement - better than fiberglass?

    Believe it or not but I actually found a perfect 850 dashboard. Now I want to reinforce it inside with something that will bond to the plastic better than fiberglass. I reinforced my almost perfect dash (currently installed) about 8 years ago with fiberglass cloth and resin. 3m stuff While the...
  18. Jack

    1800 122 aftermarket coil installation

    other than making one anyone know of these being sold in the states ? https://www.ebay.com/itm/VOLVO-AMAZON-P1800-INSTALLATION-KIT-FOR-AFTER-MARKET-COIL-2-HOLE-VERSION/231203367404?hash=item35d4cb69ec:g:geUAAOSw271dPyQP
  19. Jack

    122 front suspension reinforcement - what to do

    Rebuilding the front suspension in 122. Besides reinforcing the upper shock mounts what else can be done, is recommend etc On crossmember, control arms or anything else Pictures please Thanks Jack
  20. Jack

    where do I get VADIS ?

    I haz the hardware but no software