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  1. t8fanning

    240 Firewall Panel Sealing Tape

    Has anyone found an exact or good copy of the foam tape used to seal the 240 firewall panel and shown below?
  2. t8fanning

    Converting 240 from 1982 to 1988+ dash

    I'm converting my dash from the stock bolster-less one to a nicer dash with knee bolster from a 1993ish 240. I think I've got all the parts to support the knee bolster, but the car I got them from was partially disassembled. Could anyone share some detail pictures of the driver's footwell? I'm...
  3. t8fanning

    Oil pump intake location relative to pan

    I'm trying to make some oil baffles with hinged doors for a typical b230 pan. However, I'm concerned about interference with the oil pump. Does anyone know where the oil pump inlet is located relative to the oil drain hole? Or does someone have an engine on a stand that could check? I've seen...
  4. t8fanning

    Mustang Brake Master Cylinder

    I'm upgrading my brakes, and ordered a CENTRIC 13061062 Master Cylinder for a 1994 Mustang GT from Rockauto. I also ordered a new cheap 240 master cylinder reservoir from IPD. I've seen people say that you should use an oring to space the Volvo reservoir because the nipples are longer, but...
  5. t8fanning

    Differences between 83-85 fenders and 80-82 fenders

    I'm changing my commando bumpers to a set of 83-85 bumpers. I've read as many threads as I could find about it, but mostly they talk about trim. I have a full set of 83-85 turbo trim I will use, but I want to make sure my bumpers are aligned properly before drilling for trim clips. I'm not...
  6. t8fanning

    Available Heater Core Brands

    I've pulled the heater box on my 240 to fix the recirculation door actuator and blower motor and figure I might as well replace my heater core while it's all out. I've read/heard bad things about pretty much every brand except OEM. What is my best course of action? Keep using the OEM one with an...
  7. t8fanning

    Boost blending using flex

    I am using MS3Pro and have two blend curves based on my flex. One is the basic blend curve, and the second is a boost blend curve that goes between two target tables. At 60% flex, my boost blend curve is at 100% table 2, so my boost setting should be commanded only by table 2. However, when I...
  8. t8fanning

    ARP Studs in the Main Caps

    I installed some ARP studs to hold down the main caps. However, one nut interferes with the oil pump hard line even when fully torqued, as seen here: What have other people done to get around this? I know I'm not the only one who's installed ARP studs in the main caps. I got a M12x1.75 80...
  9. t8fanning

    Source for new main cap bolts?

    Is there anywhere that sells new main cap bolts? IPD doesn't.
  10. t8fanning

    Engine Bay Painting

    I'm not really good at painting and figured I'd ask before I try again. My engine is out, and I got two spray cans of color matched single stage paint. I'm not really interested in going max effort and getting a air compressor and gun. I just want to touch up my engine bay and make it look nicer...
  11. t8fanning

    Steering Wheel Shake with Larger Front Tires

    I have a vibration in the front end that is stumping me so far. It starts around 50 mph and seems to vary in intensity. Here's a video of it happening on the freeway: <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/bcypk5aAMkk" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> My...
  12. t8fanning

    Coolant Temp Rise in 1/4 mile

    When I do a 1/4 mile drag race at the track, my coolant temperature increases to around 200? F, which is pretty close to 75% of the stock temperature gauge output, and makes me uncomfortable. After the run, the temperature goes back to normal (180-185? F) in a few minutes due to the fan. I don't...
  13. t8fanning

    Big Socal Euro 2017

    Who's planning on going? https://www.facebook.com/SoCalEuro/
  14. t8fanning

    Hat Shelf Reconditioning

    My hat shelf is pretty crusty and creased. I've seen some great looking shelves, but how are people reconditioning them? Do they use the stock shelf and reinforce it and cover it with material or do they cut new material out of wood or mold something from fiberglass?
  15. t8fanning

    240 Front ABS Sensor Pictures

    Could some of you post pictures of your 240's front ABS sensor installed on the car? I can't really find what I'm looking for online and there aren't any 240s in any yard near me. I'd love to see it both from the front and back. I'm most interested in sensor orientation and distance from the...
  16. t8fanning

    MS3Pro no power during cranking

    I just finished installing my MS3Pro and am running into a problem. When the key is turned on, but not cranking, the fuel pump primes as expected. I've tied the 12V power for the DSM CAS, the fuel injectors, the ignition coils and pretty much everything else to this same circuit. The circuit is...
  17. t8fanning

    Replacement Recaro Seat Foam

    Does anyone know where to get replacement Recaro LSB seat foam? There's a set in pretty poor shape that I'm considering buying and redoing, but want to make sure I can get the foam. Looks like really only one side of the backrest foam needs replacement. I know about capital seating, but I'm...
  18. t8fanning

    LM Wheel Fitment

    I know this has been discussed many times, but I know next to nothing about wheels. So sorry for asking again. Car is a 242. There is a set of BBS LMs for sale locally that I'm thinking of picking up. They're 17x8 and 17x9; both ET 35. I'd probably run 235-245 wide tires all around. My rear...
  19. t8fanning

    DSM CAS, pull ups and MS3Pro

    The MS3Pro manual says the following in regards to crank and cam sensors: If the output voltage stays at zero the whole time, you'll need a pull up resistor... If it is at zero volts in one stat and bounces up to at least 5 volts in the other state, it doesn't need a pull up resistor. I just...
  20. t8fanning

    RacePak/ Aftermarket Digital Dash

    I will be rewiring my car soon for MS3Pro. Eventually I want to use a RacePak IQ3S Dashboard, so I want to make my car ready for this when I rewire it in the next couple weeks. The dash will communicate to the RacePak through CAN, which is no big deal. However, according to page 34 of the...