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  1. MikeJr.

    2023 SE Brick Boil! March 24-26 2023

    You can rent a Polestar EV from Enterprise
  2. MikeJr.

    MikeJr's 1971 1800e Project

    Yeah these wheels win
  3. MikeJr.

    MikeJr's 1971 1800e Project

    Agreed. I just don't think its the right look for this car. If it was an Amazon I'd do it in a heart beat.
  4. MikeJr.

    MikeJr's 1971 1800e Project

    Yeah me too. I think the works might be to extreme for an 1800 plus I can (hopefully) sell them and use that money to fund other parts for the car.
  5. MikeJr.

    MikeJr's 1971 1800e Project

    It's really hard to decide because I am really digging this look too
  6. MikeJr.

    2023 SE Brick Boil! March 24-26 2023

    I still haven't wrapped my brain around the new format having looked at the old version for 20 years. Stuff doesn't pop out to me the way it used to. Maybe people are having the same problem I am
  7. MikeJr.

    2023 SE Brick Boil! March 24-26 2023

    I'm down
  8. MikeJr.

    MikeJr's 1971 1800e Project

    Some of you have already seen this, but I thought I'd update the thread now that I'm actually considering putting these on the car. A few weeks ago I tried fitting my Work Equip 05's that I was going to use for the 164. The specs are 3 piece 16x9 ET18, and 16x10.5 ET 12 As you can see the...
  9. MikeJr.

    MikeJr's 1971 1800e Project

    Last weekend I bought a green 1971 1800e. Andrew Nance sent me the link on FB. The car was listed for $5k. At first I though it was a scam, but took a chance and messaged the owner. They responded and said it was still available but they had several people lined up to look at it. I told them I'd...
  10. MikeJr.

    Rear Bilstein HDs for a 122 Amazon wagon?

    Does anyone know if there is a Bilstein HD option for the rear on a Amazon/220 wagon?
  11. MikeJr.

    Mike Jr's Sick A$$ 164 project

    Now I'll start by saying that I'll probably scrap this project a quarter of the way through like the last 5 projects I've started so don't get your hopes up (trying to use reverse psychology on myself) Starting with a Green 1972 164 E, manual tranny. I looks pretty good, but is a bit of a turd...
  12. MikeJr.

    164 Upper control arm bushing options

    I went through this old thread but didn't really get much info. http://forums.turbobricks.com/showthread.php?t=229250 Is there any other options for these crazy expensive upper control arm bushings for 164s? VP and others sells them for $180 each and I need 4
  13. MikeJr.

    VCOA Tail of the dragon meet October 23rd

    This info is coming 2nd hand from a fellow Volvo enthusiast named Dave West. There is going to be a meet up of several VCOA groups at the Tail of the Dragon on Saturday October 23rd around noon. After words they plan to meet up at Dave West's Volvo shop/showroom near Murphy NC. Dave's show room...
  14. MikeJr.

    Junkyard Whiteblock engine-What to look for?

    I am in need of a 2.3L Turbo whiteblock engine for a 96 850R. My local Pull-A-Part has several, but I don't know tell tale signs to look for on these engines to know if they're good or bad. I know what engine I need, I just need to know if there are certain things to look for on that particular...
  15. MikeJr.

    B230 Accessory bracket on a B21?

    Will a B230 accessory bracket for a/c or power steering fit on a B21?
  16. MikeJr.

    Mike Jr. 81 245 Project

    I got rid of this. It was more work than I wanted mess with So I got my hands on a car that I’ve admired from a far for a long time. It’s a 1981 245 that originally belonged to another TB member ( Jason aka Rogue Status). He had done a bunch of really cool sh*t to the car. Here is a link to his...
  17. MikeJr.

    What?s the best 24v whiteblock engine?

    What is the best 24v engine to use for performance? What?s the best car, and year range to get one out of? How can I avoid VVT? Can you mix and match non-VVT head with later better engine? I?m sure I?ll have more questions as I think of them Thanks Mike
  18. MikeJr.

    1800 Front vented rotors?

    Did late model 1800E/ES with 5x108 come with vented rotors, or were all of them solid?
  19. MikeJr.

    What is this?

    What is this? I know it's on a 240/B20 set up, but I'm not sure what it is. I thought it was a powersteering pump, but my Dad thinks it might be a smog pump.
  20. MikeJr.

    What color should I paint my 122?

    I am going to paint it sooner or later, but I can't decide on a color. The original color is Golden Yellow #84 , which actually looks more beige than yellow. It also has a brown interior. I don't hate the color combo, but I'm not in love with it either. Here is a list of choices. These would...