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  1. VB242

    In tank pump flow capability when high capacity frame mounted pump used?

    I have a DW300 in tank pump and switched to 3/8" hardline and 3/8 " hose from the 12mm hose forward on my 242.
  2. VB242

    In tank pump flow capability when high capacity frame mounted pump used?

    Best to have more than less when it comes to fuel.
  3. VB242

    New 8V cast iron top mount T3 manifold

    It looks far enough forward that it will miss the tower to me. Almost straight out from #1.
  4. VB242

    Recalcitrant font passenger window

    Window goes down with both driver and passenger switches, but shorts out the fuse when going up when the driver switch is used. But until yesterday it would go up with the passenger switch then it didn't. I jumped the wires where the switch connects and got it to go up a little then I put the...
  5. VB242

    Boost problems on a 97' 945

    Possibly not enough fuel to support 1.2 bar
  6. VB242

    Is it possible to run a speeduino/microsquirt with no crank sensor?

    I just logged 7442rpm with an lh2.2 distributor signal and a microsquirt the other day, not sure how many more revs you need but it looks like the limit in tuner studio for this setup is 7700. I think the max advance I'm running is about 35°. I think my offset is 53°.
  7. VB242

    gear ratio to rpm calc for rear end swaps and trans swaps

    The TR-3650 and 4.10 rearI have with .62 OD has me at 6446rpm at 200mph
  8. VB242

    B230Fk swap, no power.

    Did you change the timing belt? Might be off a tooth somwhere
  9. VB242

    Volvo 240 weird no start issue

    I was having the same problem with my 91, I just hold the gas pedal down about 1/3 while cranking and it hasn't been a problem since
  10. VB242

    Ditch the K24 for which turbo?

    Exactly, don't take advantage of any advanced blade or housing design, metallurgy or blade count.
  11. VB242

    Ditch the K24 for which turbo?

    I just ordered one of these, it's supposed to be here Thursday.
  12. VB242

    AW71 trans temp monitoring

    Why not just install an oil cooler? They're fairly cheap and easy to install.
  13. VB242

    Volvo 242 2,3l B23E

    I meant B23ET sorry, that's what's in my B23F block.
  14. VB242

    Volvo 242 2,3l B23E

    You can reduce the compression ratio by using B23E turbo pistons if you can find them or custom pistons with a dish on the top
  15. VB242

    What is your 0-60 time?

    The ZX-11 does it in 2.7 or so, it does 74mph in 1st gear. N/A with ram air.
  16. VB242

    New board, new host, new year

    I have won some awards already!!
  17. VB242

    26 psi goo?

    I think I'm getting a bit of oil leakage from the distributor plug on the back of my 530 head. I'm boosting up to 26psi so there's a bit pressure in the engine even with 2 pcv points. I also have a home made distributor plug retainer bolted on. What can I use to get a good seal on the plug...
  18. VB242

    PCV issues

    I recently replaced my catch cans with 2 Chinese knockoff Pro-vent 200's in series like this... I I also changed the oil and went from 15w40 to 10w30. I'm still getting enough blow by to clog up my ssqv blow off valve. I have the drains from the catch cans tee'd into the turbo drain so they...