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    Comp Cams DLC lifters in a B20

    Had a very bad time with Comp/ Cam parts years ago [4 bad cams/ lifters]. Cost me 4,500$. Hope they got their act together today.
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    Help: Volvo 240 Clock Gauge Resistor

    I have a good one that works.
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    245 wagon windshield trim

    What year ? You can carefully install the right clips for the trim if the old ones are broken.
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    Need input from body / paint experts

    Even with the paint code for the car that is how many years old? odds are slim on getting a good match. Metallic's, best of luck there. On my '87 wagon, color "Sand" it took a few spray outs to get a really good match, it is a solid color, that helps. Had to fix some rust around the windshield...
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    Volvo 240 Fuel Gauge Weirdness

    The float could be filling with gasoline and sitting lower in the fuel giving you the wrong reading
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    Best way to remove the glove box "face".

    Vinyl spray the new one.
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    244 charging question

    Ammeter measures current flow + or -, voltage gage tells you how many volts that you have.
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    gear ratio to rpm calc for rear end swaps and trans swaps

    Wheel Diameter[measure from axle center X2] X 1000 __________________________________________________________ 336 X axle ratio = MPH per 1000 RPM.
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    New to me B230FK, zero valve lash

    Invest in a cam/shim tool. Start from square one. IT could have been a bad valve job, or seat recession. Any way you will have to start over,
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    Cosbysweater's Lifted Om606 Wagon Build

    I have an '87 wagon. 3" lift from BDW [deluxe kit], AT8 rims, Yokohama Geolander A/T 30" tires, fender flares, roof mounted spare and a roof rack. Took out the back seat extended the floor to the back of the front seats. Foam 4" mattress tri/fold, to get to the storage areas. 5 gallon water tank...
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    Hmmm 8.8 or 9"???

    My first diff in the V8 Wagon was a 1030/3.90 gears, you would break the tires loose first. I now have a 1031/3.31 gears still not a problem. The first motor made 375+ HP wore it out after 200K hard abuse miles, no problem with the diff. With the Powerglide[2 speed] trans it would break the...
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    04 V70 - symptoms of bad brake master cylinder?

    My '78 wagon M/C lasted for 40 years, driving home one day it failed , I coasted home, no issue {was within sight of my house}. When you get a new M/C , bench bleed it. plug the holes to keep fluid in. Remove old M/C and plug the lines to the brakes. Install the new M/C. Install the brake lines...
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    How much axle gear lash is normal?

    Pull the cover, check back lash at the ring gear holding the pinion, normal lash .005 to .008 inches.
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    04 V70 - symptoms of bad brake master cylinder?

    Bad master cylinder, if you lightly push on the pedal with your hand and it goes to the floor bad master cylinder
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    What is your 0-60 time?

    Does a V8 count? The first motor that I built for my wagon, [350 Chevy] with a 2 speed Powerglide, and 3.90 differential. It would shift out if low @ 64MPH in under 4 sec, 12.8@105MPH 1/4 mile.
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    4.11 gear set and LSD

    I have an '87 245, lifted 3", 30" tires 3.70 gears, need more gear.
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    Tap/Turn Signal flashers

    Can you get the new tap/turn flasher units for our older Volvo's
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    Steering Rack Fail

    Took the V8 car out Wednesday all it wanted to do was turn left. T/day,etc will look at it on Monday, I do have a spare rack.
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    Volvo will be the Feature Mark this year, see you there
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    Carlisle (may 14?15 2021)

    Any body going? I will have my 2nd Covid shot next week, hope to go. Missed 2019, knee surgery, 2020 Covid. See you there ?