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  1. DD Ranch

    Post pics of your Volvo.

    The 84 244GL at our Spring meet last year.
  2. DD Ranch

    '85 and down front seats: what to do

    Thanks for updating this. I'm hoping the covers work out for you as I want to re-cover the seats in my 84 too.
  3. DD Ranch

    90 245 stereo install - amp bypass - leftover wires?

    Thanks. I did figure it out. Crutchfield supplied the Metra 70-1119 so I used that for the main functions and front speakers as you said. Then I connected to the square gray male plug for the rear speakers. Sounds like the 70-1120 may have been a cleaner install. No hacking, just unused wires...
  4. DD Ranch

    90 245 stereo install - amp bypass - leftover wires?

    Installing a new stereo in the silver machine and I have the Crutchfield instructions and so far so good Except there's no mention of what happens with these wires here: <a href=""> Do they just hang loose until if I ever get around to taking the amp out?
  5. DD Ranch

    Recalcitrant font passenger window

    No advice to add. I just love that you used the word "recalcitrant"!
  6. DD Ranch

    New Oil Leak — 91 240

    I agree with dl2424gt. I just did this on my 90 245 by removing cam cap 5. Except I serviced the PCV system first! How is your PCV?
  7. DD Ranch

    1983 GLT refresh…this one wasn’t ready for the crusher

    Looking good. Also, do you have a spare Siruis wheel or maybe even two you would sell? I bent one and it's too bad to completely straighten.
  8. DD Ranch

    Volvo 140 as first car

    Congrats. Great pic too.
  9. DD Ranch

    240 Swedish car parts front struts review

    I started to order them today and found a set of four shocks, front and rear for $99.00 on eBay. Then this listing on their website for $49.00 each. for front inserts. Are these the same strut inserts? Where did you order yours from? eBay or their website? Thanks again.
  10. DD Ranch

    240 Swedish car parts front struts review

    Would you care to do an update on these? I need new front struts on the '90 silver 245. I have the 15a plates on and 1.5 cut coils at the front. Do these inserts take well to slightly lowered suspension? Thanks.
  11. DD Ranch

    FL Spring Meet - De Leon Springs

    From FL VCOA: "We are excited to return to the location that nearly 30 years ago our chapter officially signed up its first 4 members. Needless to say, Dave Montgomery served as our chapter president for nearly that entire time, along with the help of many others. We welcome Jose Laboy...
  12. DD Ranch

    240 HVAC tubing source?

    The vacuum tube from the manifold back through the firewall to the heater box that controls the vents, has somehow shrunk on my 91 240. So I think it best I replace the whole length. Local Hose and Hydraulics don't have tubing that small. Anyone know of a source or even the actual internal...
  13. DD Ranch

    Track Day Prep - 240 - Battery Tie Down

    For those who have done this kind of thing before ... To get through Safety for an SCCA Track Day, the car has to have a battery tie-down and battery terminal covers. What have people done for the battery tie down for a 240? Nothing I've seen is going to work without some modification to it...
  14. DD Ranch

    Florida Fall Meet and Track Day

    From FL VCOA ... If you have ever wanted to drive your car on a racetrack, this is the perfect opportunity. Our Fall Meet and Track Day is at the Sebring International Raceway, Sebring, FL on Saturday, October 15th. Whether you want to drive the track or are a Volvo enthusiast wanting to...
  15. DD Ranch

    Florida Spring Meet - Fort DeSoto

    Spring is here! And our next meet, hosted by Central Florida VSA, is just a month away. We are returning to Fort DeSoto Park by popular demand. The Florida Volvo Community, FL VCOA and all Volvo enthusiasts are invited. When: Saturday, April 9th, 2022 Where: Fort DeSoto Park ? Shelter #5...
  16. DD Ranch

    FLVCOA Fall Meet - Mt Dora

    Artwork by Chris G. Smith. Florida Chapter Fall Meet Florida Chapter VCOA will be returning to the popular and centrally located Trimble Park for our Fall Meet this year. When: Saturday October 23rd, 2021. Noon till 3:00. Where: Pavillion #1. Trimble Park, Mount Dora. FL. Bring Chairs...
  17. DD Ranch

    Florida Spring Meet

    When: Saturday, April 17th, 2021 Where: Fort DeSoto Park ? Shelter #5 3500 Pinellas Bayway S. Tierra Verde, FL 33715 Time: 11 am ? 3 pm You are welcome to arrive early and stay later. Fort DeSoto is located on the Gulf of Mexico on the southern tip of...