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  1. BoxDriver2

    Converting BBS RS 16" to 17 or 18"

    Hi all, Has anyone looked at converting their RS wheels to the 17" or 18" from factory/stock RS 16"? I see it is popular with the VW crowd. I am going to look into it more - I have a found a few places offering lips / halves to suit. I'd probably do it and convert them to a better fitment...
  2. BoxDriver2

    Any other information on the Unitek 531 head that floated around here?

    A few years ago I picked up the 531 from a member here. Wisturbo It was called a stage II or Uniflo II I think. Turbo specific. stock 44mm intake, and a larger 37mm exhaust. It has a fair amount of port and chamber smoothing and mild enlarging. All exhaust studs have been removed, and the...
  3. BoxDriver2

    Machining a Ferrari Hub Adapter

    So I still have my 745. On the last set of wheels I had a local shop who I trust machine the Ferrari wheel hub opening to fit a Volvo As we know, the hub is different between the Ferrari and the brick - Ferrari has a large flange that will not allow the Volvo hub to completely seat inside the...
  4. BoxDriver2

    NC & TN - Hot Rod Power Tour 2013

    Anyone headed out to this? Always a few random Volvos the last couple of years... http://www.hotrod.com/2013/powertour/
  5. BoxDriver2

    Looking for a new cam for a Unitek 531 I have...or just keep the Unitek Phase 1 ?

    Looking for a new cam for this Unitek head. Might change out the springs. I tried to find the Unitek catalog for more specs on this head, but that hasn't been all that successful. Qwkswedes / Kens old head I ended up with from another member [wisturbo] From their threads on it: It was...
  6. BoxDriver2

    Anyone swap from LH2.2 to LH2.4?

    I am considering a swap to LH2.4 to make my life a little easier and use a chipped 2.4 ecu instead of my chipped 2.2 ecu among other reasons. I have not really looked at the complexity of the swap. Having a 2.4 car previously I am aware of the flywheel and sensor mount (no issue) and the ann...
  7. BoxDriver2

    Anyone have any information on these wheels? Widened...

    Upon purchase [quite] a few years ago, I was told these originated from someone at iPD... Anyone have any information on these wheels? Widened steelies, set of 4.
  8. BoxDriver2

    Hot Rod Power Tour 2009 anyone?

    http://www.hotrod.com/2009powertour/index.html A while back, some Swedes from Bilsport did it in a 120 wagon... WHERE: 7 Locations 7 Cities (Begins in Madison, WI and ends in Bristol, TN) WHEN: June 6 ....... Madison, WI June 7 ....... Racine, WI June 8 ....... South Bend, IN June 9...
  9. BoxDriver2

    Photoshop Request..

    I have just picked up Photoshop, just have not had time to get to know it well [and get the vista sorted...]... So, if someone can change the color of the wheel centers to gold [or something interesting - any color is welcome] please do...looking for ideas. I'll be dropping the front and rear...
  10. BoxDriver2

    Does anyone on here own this 142? Spotted on my drive home...BAJA 142...

    Anyone? Spotted it on my way home.. Unfortunately, the blue hood looks like it was on a certain 142 i had my eye on.. Also spotted this earlier that day
  11. BoxDriver2

    Splitters vs. Airflow Up Front

    So, I have a set of splitters [not for sale :-P] kicking around, and still have the stock front airdam from my 88 745T sitting in the shed. Currently, I have the airflow kit on the car. I am *thinking* of changing over just to mix it up a bit sometime this summer, either way both pieces need...
  12. BoxDriver2

    A Time For Change - Suggestions?

    Well, as I sit here recovering from a serious case of the flu....I've noticed that spring is not too far away. I am going to change the car around...probably the engine bay...but more so the exterior. V90 front end? Not really sure. I already have V90 handles [not installed] and the V90...
  13. BoxDriver2

    Holiday Mod

    Christmas tree = reduction of Cd. Merry Christmas :lol: EDIT: Can't forget the snow spoiler!
  14. BoxDriver2

    VCOA MI Chapter Meet/Picnic - September 23

    Copy/paste from an email September 23, 2008 Club picnic and drive 1:00 till 5:00 pm We are holding this picnic at the Allegan County Park on Gun Lake in which is RIGHT on the edge of Allegan and Barry County, almost halfway between Battle Creek, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids. This is our...
  15. BoxDriver2


    After a few years [3-4 years, moving maybe 50 miles in that time with old parts...mechanically...some changes as well], I decided to make it into a decent driver. Small details left to finish up, but it runs and drives fine. Will be in storage over winter...I have a plethora of parts sitting...
  16. BoxDriver2

    Browntop install. Need a single 330ohm resistor..

    Anyone have a good source for a single 330 ohm 1 watt resistor needed for browntops? Figured i would make things less complicated with a single resistor instead of using 3. Maybe sell me one? No store here has one.
  17. BoxDriver2

    Teaser pics. After a few years...

    After a good "friend" pretty much screwed me over last year and after a few years of really doing nothing with the 745 [including driving it..~50 miles in 3 or 4 years iirc, built an new intercooler in 2005 which most of the mileage was testing in november/december of 05], i decided to finally...
  18. BoxDriver2

    Poll: Polish Lips VS. Machined Finish

    Wheel shop put 2 small gouges in the lip on one of my BBS RS wheels. Do I....stay with machined or go full polish on the lips? Motorstadt pics with polished lip...
  19. BoxDriver2

    Wheels worth more than the car...no disappointments v2

    Only the rear was fitted. I need ot have the hub machined on the wheel due to a slight ridge. But after having a miserable day when working on the car in general, i expected something to go wrong with the wheels :lol: Sorry for the bad pics...was low on light. 16x8 205/55/16...will probably...
  20. BoxDriver2

    Best Deal - Koni 700/900?

    Looking to get a set of Konis. I noticed Shox.com wants almost $600....I'm not lookingto spend 600 for shocks/struts... Anyone have a good source?