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    940 G80 repair

    Noticed that 940 locker does not engage sometimes, opened diff cover and saw that one little axle is missing one spline (that upper one: https://www.240turbo.com/G80MLocker-g80lo.jpg ). How hard is that to replace, do I need to get whole carrier out or is there way to get those parts out...
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    940 Bilstein B8 nut partnumber/size

    My 940 front shock nut stripped it's threads, does anyone have any idea what's correct (bilstein) partnumber for that? OEM does not fit because of that upside-down design. Or if someone has or can take some measurements of that nut so I can get correct one. "Local" bilstein repairshop has those...
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    6-pin JPT male connector

    Does those things exist? Would be easy way to do MAF extension but is the only way to butcher old MAF only for connector?
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    940 940 B230FK hesitating on medium load

    Volvo 945 B230FK + AW71L 1995: Problem is that with more cargo/people onboard, car starts to hesitate on about 2000-3000rpm if trying to accelerate with medium throttle, with kickdown and higher RPM engine works fine. Sometimes it doesn't work, but if you park the car and shut the engine, wait...
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    940 B230FK humping idle after cam change to A

    I just changed cam T -> A in mine 940 '95 B230FK and it started to idle little rough, checked car for vacuum leaks but everything is fine. Any ideas? Idles just like this one: Youtube Sometimes idles fine and sometimes bad.
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    940 940 compressor leak.

    Mine 940 with seiko seiki SS-121DS5 leaks from belt pulley / magnetic switch, so probably it leaks from shaft? Is it possible to fix, or is new compressor only option? Damn those things are expensive. 945 B230FK / AW71L
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    940 Guard alarm II, won't unlock doors

    So, I installed on my 940 1995 original guard alarm II, everything works fine, alarm works, signal and everything works, but it won't unlock any door!
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    940 945 can't pump all fuel

    945 '95 B230FK / AW71L With single pump system. Small problem with my 940, it has 75l (~20 gallon) tank, and I was driving up on small hill and I was "out" of fuel, even I had ~30l (~8 gallon) gas in tank. When I got my car on flat surface, it started again. I replaced fuel pump about nine...
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    B230FK(FT) lack of power and won't rev normally

    My 940 '95 does this thing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yE6JMZXdOWE Sometimes it will work normally, but tonight it started to do that thing again. Some times it backfires to intake manifold. No DTC codes. I've changed: -Plugs -Plug cords (only distributor to plugs) -Engine...
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    Right license plates in right car?

    Someone had some luck with license plates here: http://sekokupu.pp.fi/torky/olenseiska.jpg
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    940 diagnostic socket B7

    Does anyone know what diagnostic codes comes from socket B-7? I get 1-2-2 error, but I havent never found what code it is? Car is 945 1995 with B230FK + AW71L
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    B19FT: fuelcut with big gear

    So, I have B19FT with LH-2.2, and if you drive with big gear (5), and drive with minimum throttle, engine will start randomly to do like fuel cut. This is very annoying when you drive long distances. Everything else works fine, you can accelerate with full throttle and 15 psi of boost to the rev...
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    Story of: babyblue 244 GL and 245DL (56k warning)

    First, my old ('82) 244 GL, with uber B19A and M45 combination. Without almost any accessories, not even powersteering :oops: So, biggest problem was rust, as you can see: when I bought it (2004): interior: Then some goodies. (driving computer, electric lock, windows, mirrors...
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    B19FT with direct oil injection in exhaust.

    This is weird and it started suddenly. Propably turbo blows lots of oil in exhaust pipe? It's raw and nonburned oil. It looked like this when I putted my finger in exhaust tip: WTF causes this?