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  1. 2turbotoys

    Bolt Size for the Center Armrest for the 240?

    Some of them use this bolt on the center console also. Where do the legs of your armrest end up? That will tell you. Also you don't already have seatbelt bolts?
  2. 2turbotoys

    Fuse blows when I shift into reverse

    88 definitely had the biodegradable wiring. I had one, cleaned the engine bay and all of a sudden a ton of bare wires all touching each other.
  3. 2turbotoys

    Fuse blows when I shift into reverse

    Did you fix the wires on the transmission yet?
  4. 2turbotoys

    Newbie Factory Wheel Guide...OMG its huge SORRY! nf56k!!!!!!

    Never saw this one before
  5. 2turbotoys

    B230ft swapped 83 242, no lights, blinkers, wipers or horn and have to pull fuse to kill car.

    The back part of your ignition switch might be a problem. Just a guess
  6. 2turbotoys

    Chips + 012 MAF = Hesitation

    You gotta fix the leaks, you can't assume they aren't affecting performance.
  7. 2turbotoys

    New phone, who dis? (alternatively, 5 cylinder turbo awd content)

    Lol, it's not. they still douche up the roads
  8. 2turbotoys

    New phone, who dis? (alternatively, 5 cylinder turbo awd content)

    Just don't do the white rim sunglasses and sideways baseball hat
  9. 2turbotoys

    New phone, who dis? (alternatively, 5 cylinder turbo awd content)

    Very cool, I would love to take that for a spin on my 76 mile round trip commute.
  10. 2turbotoys

    show your wheels!

    Enkie "minilites" on my '78 242
  11. 2turbotoys

    b230f+t what to do with vacuum lines

    The bypass is mounted on the turbo, and yes you need to hook it up. It has nothing to do with the wastegate. And you should just leave the charcoal canister alone. You obviously haven't completed your research on a +T. Not trying to be mean, but you need to dig deeper and come back in a few...
  12. 2turbotoys

    show your wheels!

    960 wheels on an 88 240 I used to have, and V50 T5 wheels on my 79 242. That was before the R brakes one the 79, just needed good rubber for a bit.
  13. 2turbotoys

    b230f+t what to do with vacuum lines

    To clarify that, leave all the lines where they are. T into one of the small ones for a boost gauge, +1 on the check valve. Also you will need to T into into one for the bypass valve on the turbo. The check valve below will work...
  14. 2turbotoys

    Lh 2.2 3" maf and injector size

    I used #46 injectors with a 3" MAF, no chips and my AFR was usually pretty good. But I also had a T3/T04E 50 trim turbo. Get a wideband, really should have that if you want to start plating with fuel and boost. Chips would have helped a lot, it would shoot huge flames out the exhaust when...
  15. 2turbotoys

    whats good?

  16. 2turbotoys

    Late night spam bots

    Don't forget "big tweaker wheels". That's what he called my 17" wheels on my 79 242 when I was selling it lol. It had R brakes, maybe he wanted me to put tiny brakes on again. We always had to agree to disagree on mods. Pretty sure he didn't like my 5.3L engine either.
  17. 2turbotoys

    New club 300+ hp - see if you apply!

    For you threewagons:
  18. 2turbotoys

    My '78 242 L33 turbo build

    Been slacking on updates, lots of stuff has happened since the last one, I can't believe its been over a year. Not like it runs or anything yet. Been doing what I am best at, acquiring more parts. Highlights on that front are an NOS dash, and a repop GT airdam that is actually the correct shape...
  19. 2turbotoys

    BNE Dynamics BA Brembo brake kit wheel woes, what wheels fit!!

    The issue is the barrel not fitting over the caliper. I'm not real comfortable putting that much torque through wheel pacers though, the downside of using FWD wheels. I decided to switch to a 5x114.3 pattern for a large selection of near 0 offset wheels. Bens redrilled hubs, and will just...
  20. 2turbotoys

    Carlisle Import & Performance Show May 12-14 2023

    Dam, very cool