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  1. BoostIt

    VCOA NC meet Oct. 27, 2012 - Volvo of Cary

    Hey everyone, here's a copy of the flyer I got from a local VCOA member. The event is this coming Saturday. I'll be there in my 244tic and my dad will be there in our 242dl. It would be nice to see some local bricks there and maybe some of the VA guys that were going through the area on their...
  2. BoostIt

    Show me 240's with 850 front bumper skins

    I'd like to see more pics of 850 front bumper skins mounted on 240's. Not the '93 air dam, but the whole cover. I'm seriously considering doing it to a spare stripped front skinny bumper I have to make a removable front bumper upgrade for my car. I'd like to see some head on, side, 3/4...
  3. BoostIt

    240 240 sunroof help!!!

    Ok so I just tried to clean my sunroof drains by feeding some weed eater nylon wire into the drain hole. I fed quite a bit into it and when I tried to pull it out, only a few inches came out and then it stopped. It's stuck somehow inside and I don't know where the drain is outside of the car...
  4. BoostIt

    BoostIt's project DD - 1982 244tic

    Well I got rid of the boring story and cut this thing down some. I've had this car for almost 2 years and don't plan on getting rid of it anytime soon. Basically this is my daily driver that I've modified somewhat to make it fun and more enjoyable every day. I'll post pics as I do things to...
  5. BoostIt

    Volvo 240 front springs VS. Nissan 240sx front springs

    Anybody know the stock size (ID, OD, length top to bottom) of 240 front springs? I have the old school ipd TME lowering springs on my 244 now and my friend has a few sets of Nissan 240sx S13 front springs he said I can have to use with experimenting cutting coils and they look pretty big like my...
  6. BoostIt

    Finally got some vids of my brick

    So here's my pride and joy! I know she looks rough but she starts right up every time and puts a smile on my face :) Mod list so far: -T3 .48 hotside/.52 coldside machined out for a Buick Grand National compressor wheel (trim somewhere between .60 trim T3 and .40 trim T4) -full 3" turbo-back...
  7. BoostIt

    Bigger Coldside?

    Backstory: the car is an '82 244tic, bone stock as far as engine upgrades goes. I have a BOV installed but not set yet, Sunpro boost gauge, and an MBC -- all the makings for a good time, planning on running 15-18psi once the car is back on the road after some wiring fixes. I recently purchased...
  8. BoostIt

    PS request: Eagle Alloys 168 on a 240

    They're a 5 spoke 17x9 rim, 5x108, +23mm offset Thanks!
  9. BoostIt

    240 m46 clutch cable being a BITCH

    So I'm trying to remove the cable from the fork. this is the cable type with the all white plastic adjusting parts and no release spring. I've adjusted the plastic locknut both ways and didn't get ANY slack in the cable. I am on my way away from the engine with the adjusting when it stops...
  10. BoostIt

    Our new 1982 Volvo 242dl

    So here's what my parents were up to this past weekend... My dad won this car on ebay and they flew down to texas to pick it up. It is a one-owner 1982 Volvo 242dl. The little old lady's son drove it on and off after she was unable to drive, then his son drove it for a little while. The odo...
  11. BoostIt

    240 Help, car ran fine then a second later runs like ISH

    Driving through my neighborhood to go pick up dinner, car is running fine, then all of a sudden it goes BOG BOG BOG, missing while driving, park it, idling like ****, engine shaking like it did when i mixed up the plug wires once. lots of misses coming from downpipe (open dp, rest of it broke...
  12. BoostIt

    NC Meet 11-23-10

    Ok guys, here we go again. The plan so far is to meet at Sports Page, then eat, and do whatever other shens until 11pm rolls around if anyone wants to stay out that late, and Dana (boostdemon) mentioned having everyone chill at his place when he gets off work at 11:30 or possibly going to a pub...
  13. BoostIt

    Speedo has a mind of its own...

    So on my way to class the other day, I'm cruising along fine, speedo/odo working perfectly. I look down 10 minutes later and the speedo needle is bouncing between 0 and 40mph and I'm doing at least 55mph. Since then, it's gotten worse - bouncing between 0 and 20mph. Today it stopped working...
  14. BoostIt

    Help!! 240 Louver content

    Hey guys, just got a set of louvers. I was told they came off an '80 or '81 240 and at first look, I have no idea how they're supposed to attach to my '82 244... Overall from the back: <a href="http://s797.photobucket.com/albums/yy254/B20_122S/?action=view&current=IMAG0152.jpg"...
  15. BoostIt

    What psi is safe? 244tic

    I've got a stock '82 244t+ic. The engine has 200k+ (odo stopped a while ago). Runs strong once warmed up. What would be the highest/safest psi to set my boost at with all stock internals, no engine mods, to get the most performance out of my machine without causing problems like a blown HG...
  16. BoostIt

    Educate me - Getrag transmission swap into 240 series

    I'm wondering how practical, time and money wise, it is to swap a Getrag from either a BMW 318i or 635csi into my '82 244tic. Any info is helpful and pics say a lot. Other than the adapter plate, what else is needed? Custom driveshafts or do the BMW driveshafts work? Shifter hole relocation...
  17. BoostIt

    ID my turbo pretty please?

    http://i467.photobucket.com/albums/rr34/redhotjose9/100MEDIA95IMAG0013.jpg The car is an '82 244ti, a few mods, but nothing huge that I know of, just bought it yesterday. Garrett maybe? It's oil and water cooled...
  18. BoostIt

    Matt's '65 122S Restoration - PIC HEAVY

    Alright, it?s been a 3 year long project, so I figure it?s time to start a thread on my baby. First, some backstory. My dad bought this car when we moved down to North Carolina from Pennsylvania 16 years ago and it sat and sat and sat in our driveway until one day, 3 years ago, I decided it...
  19. BoostIt

    Vintage 122 rear axle installation HELP!!!

    Has anyone completely removed a rear axle from a 122 and then reinstalled it? I have it jacked up, springs in place, and trailing arms bolted to the car, but now I can't get the torque rods on. Any ideas, how-to's, or pics? Thanks
  20. BoostIt

    '88 B230FT in a '92 245

    Possibly getting a B230FT to swap into my 245 from an '88 744 parts car. All computers and wiring (LH2.2) might be included with the engine, but my N/A B230F is LH3.1. What all do I need to do the swap clean and clear and down the road? Here's what I can think of so far: engine head...