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    93 240 can't put gas in

    My friend has a 93 240 sedan, & he can't put gas in in the tank from the pump. The pump handle just keeps shutting off. If he pours gas in the filler neck from his lawnmower gas can, it will go in. Problem with venting in the cars filler neck?
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    Best way to order parts from klracing.se ? Having trouble getting a good full page english translation. Need cam lash caps. Thanks
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    94 940 ecodes adjusters

    I put a set of Euro headlights & having trouble adjusting the beams. These are TYC brand made in Taiwan sold by Swedish Car Parts. There are 3 adjusters on each (high beam, low beam,& fogs) but they don't seem to do much. the adjusters move but don't change the height. Anyone else run into this?
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    Mahle B230-B230ft pistons

    Are the Mahle B230f pistons and the B230 ft pistons all made of the same material? Are they all cast? Do all the red blocks all come from Volvo with Mahle pistons? Which would be a better pick for a street turbo motor rebuild if I ever get that far?
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    940 ecodes

    I got a set of 940 Euro headlights for Christmas for my 94 Turbo with fog lights. I tried to install them today & realized there are no backing plates/ headlight buckets. The "kit" came from Swedish car parts but the parts say Depo all over them (hope quality isn't too bad). The conversion kit...
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    aftermarket 240 lower control arms

    A friend has a 93 240 & the front lower control arms are rusting out. Any feedback out there on the aftermarket control arms on the market? Are they a good choice, or is it better to find a pair of OE rust free ones?
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    door chimer dings with brakes applied

    84 242 turbo, with the headlights on, every time I step on the brakes the door chimer dings? Probably easiest approach is unplug the chimer but wonder what is causing this?
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    LH 2.4 swap idle issue

    Just finished conversion, having trouble with idle after a speedy drive. Decided to bypass the idle motor. The lh 2.2 throttle body I picked up doesn't have the bypass hole drilled to use the black knob to adjust idle. Anyone know how big a hole to drill?
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    Lh 2.4 conversion down to last wires

    down to the last few wires on my LH 2.4 conversion on a 1984 240 Turbo. This car had been already converted to 2.2. I got my lh harness & some components from a 1992 240, it has an 11 pin connector. Just got help from dbarton & sbabbs on a couple of harness questions but still have more...
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    lh 2.4 conversion questions

    I have questions regarding the LH 2.4 conversion I am doing on a 1984 242 turbo. I can't find an 84 diagram that shows which fuses are connected to each other to tell where to connect my constant power (red wire), thick red/yellow (fused switched power?), blue wire (switched power to 15R on...
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    V50 daily driver?

    Would an 05 or 06 V50 make a good daily driver? Are there some upgrades for the T5? Suspension upgrades? Only downside I've heard is they are small, both inside & out? What year wheels fit them?
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    92 240 EGR 2.4 wiring harness

    Is an engine wiring harness from a 1992 240 auto. with EGR worth pulling from a local yard? Anything about that make it not usable for a plus turbo?
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    93 240 horn inop. or intermittent

    my 93 240 horn works occasionally, sometimes not at all. 93 horns suck (only come with one horn), so I wired in a second one. When they work they sound fine. Problem seems to be inside, I took airbag off & worked the metal contacts manually & they are flaky working from there. Tried filing the...
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    1993 240 wiring diagrams

    Specifically looking for wiring through dash switches to rear defrost, heated mirrors, & a/c. When I tried to google these, the diagrams I found don't match up to the colors of the 93 240 wires? Don't know where to look.
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    240 wagon C pillar trim install

    I'm going to replace the C pillar trim on my 93 240 wagon. These are the pieces that go behind the rear doors and to the rear quarter windows. The old ones are broken to shreds, & the ones I'm putting in are nice used ones (but probably brittle from age). I'm nervous about breaking them on...
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    92 240 ft door speakers

    Looking for close to drop in replacement speakers for my 92 240 front doors. They are an odd size, around 5 in. Years ago there were some Boston Acoustic ones that fit, but I don't think those are available any more.
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    92 240 power steering lines fit a 1983 242

    Bought a 83 242 turbo that the PO had removed the Power steering pump & lines, 2 plastic covers in the rack fittings. The engine in it is a 1985 B230, so the 1992 power steering pump I have access to should bolt on the engine, but will the lines bolt on to the rack? Were there more than 1 choice...
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    93 240 disable shift interlock

    I looked at several threads talking about shift interlocks on 93 240 automatics, but none that actually showed how to disable it for good. I have the rug & shift cover off right now & would like to deal with it. seems like the solenoid is working intermittently & just want it out if possible.
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    identifying salvage yard torbos?

    tried to find a thread on this, but didn't. Went to a yard today that had 4 turbo volvos. a 98 S70, a 98 V70, a 99 XC , and a 94 850 wagon. None of them said T5 or R on the back, and all but 1 had a heat shield over the turbo. That one was the 99 XC & it had an angled flange. Is there an easy...
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    93 240 classic wagon- T+ or not

    Does a 93 240 Classic wagon have enough value in stock form not to + Turbo one? I have a chance to buy one, 143k mi, not rusty, but needs work. The tan interior is a mess, the hood needs replacing & it just needs a good basic going through. I would put a 15g turbo & related parts, & change the...