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  1. Chuck W

    New board, new host, new year

    Thanks, Dana!
  2. Chuck W

    MS Internal Serial to USB adapter

    I've got an old MS1 with Extra code (V2.2) running one of my projects. I've been running an old external Serial to USB adapter for years with no problems. Recently I've been having dropped connection issues while tuning and was thinking of installing an internal adapter. DIY Autotune sells...
  3. Chuck W

    Inadvertently ran MS unit with main connector loose, now won't start.

    This is on my Thunderbird, but I figure there are plenty of knowledgeable folks here who might have some insight. The MS unit in question is an old V2.2 MSnSE set-up I built for my TBird probably 15 years ago. I recently had the car off the road for a while doing a bunch of work. I recently got...
  4. Chuck W

    Whiteblock into a 240 - Engine Management?

    As I've committed to swapping a whiteblock 5-cyl into my 240, I'm left with trying to decide what ECU to use for the project. The shortlist of possibles are: -MS3 -MaxxECU -Flashable M4.4 Motronic I'm intending to do COP and utilize the ExVVT set-up on the engine I have. I've messed with older...
  5. Chuck W

    Chuck's '78 264GLE - "The Black One" (Or, Delores's older sister)

    Well, you may recall that I mentioned in my build thread for the 80 264GLE that I had been looking for a rot-free replacement for Delores. Well, meet her older sister. Like Delores, she was stuffed into a barn in the early '90's. However, unlike Delores, she did not suffer from a bad...
  6. Chuck W

    240 ZF (Type 3) PWR Steering Rack Rebuild/Diagram Help

    So, a couple of years ago, I swapped a used ZF (type 3) rack (from KJets on a Plane) into the '80 264, to replace the dead CAM rack that was in it. Everything was groovy until over the past month or so. It's developed a rattle on the pass side going over bumps. Not so much when everything is...
  7. Chuck W

    850 Whiteblock main bearing and oil pump questions

    Hey all. I'm going through a '96 turbo whiteblock, looking to refresh it for the ailing engine in the wife's '97. I just was able to decrypt the main bearing codes today, but I pulled the trigger on some "STD" main bearings a couple days ago. The codes stamped on my block are "ABBBBB" and on...
  8. Chuck W

    Source for Bosch LH2.2 distributor hall effect connector pins?

    Hey, all. I'm my seemingly endless pursuit the past 2-3 weeks to get a working hall effect sensor in the 240 LH2.2 dist, I've just decided to refit both my dead dists with new sensors. I can find sensors easily. What I can't seem to find and ID are the pins used in the connector ON the dist...
  9. Chuck W

    No start issue after re-installing WBO2

    OK, so these things are probably NOT connected, but that is really all I have done to the car, and now it won't start. It's the B21FT with MS1V3.0 w/ Extra. LH2.2 dist. Ford "e"coil (Like what you would find in an 80's 2.3T Ford). Has been running that way for 2-3 years now. Anyway, the car...
  10. Chuck W

    240 240 Redblock PS pump/bracket options?

    A few months back, after hunting down a good ZF rack for the '80, I reinstalled the PS set-up and used the no-A/C brackets. I noticed today that the front bushing is kind of walking itself out of the bracket, which isn't making me too happy.:grrr: (The pic just shows the original...
  11. Chuck W

    240 Non-AC bracketry and pump confusion.

    EDIT - Power steering bracketry and pump OK, I thought that this was going to be an easy deal, but evidently something is off. I'm working with an '83 B21FT motor, which has either '83 or '85 accessories on it (The car was an '85, but a PO had swapped in an '83 motor). I have one of these...
  12. Chuck W

    14point7 SLC Free stopped working. Bench testing tips?

    I installed an SLC Free B WBO2 into the 264 a while back and have had no issues with it. A couple months ago, I hopped in the car and fired it up. It usually wouldn't take too long for the display to show the sensor temp and lamda reading go active, however this time, they stayed at the default...
  13. Chuck W

    850 Spring differences between a 96 850 GLT/Turbo/R?

    I've been searching around, but haven't been able to come up with an real answers. I know the 96 and 97 R models (and I guess by association the 93-95 T5 versions) have slightly lower and stiffer springs than my 96 GLT would, but what about the non-R Turbo cars? Trying to see if grabbing some...
  14. Chuck W

    850 96 850 NA exhaust leak

    Been motoring around in the 850 a bit the past few weeks (Got the AC working, and it's summer, so why not?). Just before we left on a 1,000-mile road trip a couple weeks ago, I noticed that I would get what sounded like an exhaust leak on harder accelerations once it got up over 4K rpm or so...
  15. Chuck W

    850 '96 850 Immobilizer Hood switch bypass?

    After fixing the fuel issue on the '96, one other tedium that I have been dealing with since I got the car is a buggy hood switch on the immobilizer. About every 10th time I go to start the car, I'll get nothing on the turn of the key. Once I pop the hood latch, the car starts fine. Digging up...
  16. Chuck W

    Are orange-tops and orange injectors the "same"?

    Quick question. In terms of flow, impedance, etc are the orange-top injectors (with the black body) and the all orange (EV-6) technically the same? Just looking to see if I can swap one type for the other with no issues. Thanks!
  17. Chuck W

    850 P0172 Code and FPR

    I recently picked up a '96 850 GLT and have been dealing with the P0172 code trouble-shooting. Paired with this, I also have a hard start issue. After the car sits for any longer than an hour or so, it'll take at least 2-3 tries to get it to fire. It'll crank fine, but just not fire. First...
  18. Chuck W

    New driver (Warning: WWD content)

    So, now that the '80 264 is coming along, I've decided that I didn't want to put it through another crappy winter's worth of nastiness. I looked at a couple cars, but settled on this because it was a manual. '96 850 GLT Cosmetically it needs a little attention, but it runs well, there's...
  19. Chuck W

    240 Need some help with a wiring diagram ('80 240)

    I'm looking to see if anyone has any better wiring diagrams than the Greenbook one I've got access to. I'm working on the '80 264 GLE (now a B21FT/MS car) and I'm trying to get the oil pressure gauge hooked up. The engine is from the '85 244GLT I had. In the process of prepping the engine for...
  20. Chuck W

    More troubleshooting. Now no spark.

    Well, I think if the weather would let up for a bit, I might actually be able to get this thing sorted out. (MS1V3.0 w/ Extra running LH2.2 dist and direct coil control) Been chasing around the cold start problems (mainly cranking PW stuff) and now this morning, while trying to get the car...