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  1. Gussie

    240 Sound of failing driveshaft carrier bearing?

    Hi all, After a couple of years with a slightly noisy exhaust, I just had the exhaust system replaced on my '93 245 and --- even though I'm a bit hard of hearing --- I hear a nasty new sound. It's directly proportional to vehicle speed, sounds a bit like a turbine, is louder on deceleration...
  2. Gussie

    240 (1993) Charging Problem

    Hi all, A few months ago the Battery Charging Indicator light started glowing very faintly (can't see it in daylight) when running. The light glows full-bright with the key on and engine not running. I figured the faint glow was something I could ignore for a while, because the battery (about...
  3. Gussie

    1993 240: Solution to Failed CA Evap Smog Test

    My bone stock (~250,000 miles) 1993 245 recently failed the Evap part of the CA smog test. The Tech mentioned that the fuel filler neck on many Volvos is aluminum and becomes oval with use, so their 'test cap' won't seat right and the car will fail the Evap test. Mine was certainly oval, but...
  4. Gussie

    '93 245/auto: OD working oddly

    Hi all, I drive the car 4000 rather easy freeway miles per month. A year ago it got a new transmission. 2000 miles ago it started shifting (e.g., park-drive; park-reverse, 2nd-3rd) somewhat oddly sometimes. I flushed the transmission fluid using IPD's system. With about 35000 miles on it...
  5. Gussie

    1993 245: Timing Belt Install

    Hello all, The belt broke and I'm preparing to install another. First time on a Volvo but have done this on other cars. By searching here and reading my Bentley Manual, I have a good idea of what marks to align. My only concern is that I have not found reference (here or in the manual) to a...
  6. Gussie

    1986 244: Replacement Heater Control Valve?

    Hello all, The heater control valve in my '86 244 seems to have failed in a partially-open position. IPD doesn't sell replacements and recommended I get a junkyard one or adapt one. I later saw that Scan Tech sells a kit for about $62. To those of you who have recently replaced the heater...
  7. Gussie

    Rebuilt M46 OD Gives Better Shifts

    Hello all, Rookie observation... After having a shop rebuild only the OD of my 244's M46, the transmission shifts (1st-4th) as though the clutch is substantially grippier. For me this was an unexpected benefit, because the OD wouldn't work (for more than a few minutes first thing in the...
  8. Gussie

    '86 244 bucks/surges

    Hello all, About two weeks ago my previously-good-performing 300,000-mile stick-shift 244 backfired (for the first and only time) when cold. Since then has had a very nasty buck/surge beginning at very slight throttle in 1st and 2nd gears. The buck/surge is so nasty it'll chirp the tires and...