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  1. Maximum Turtles

    240 Failed HC twice

    1992 240 B230F NA, automatic It's smog time again, and this time things aren't going as smooth as usual. I took it in for the check and I failed for high HC @ 15mph, and passed but barely @ 25mph. NO and CO are both good, so I suspected ignition. I replaced cap, rotor, Volvo OE plugs and wires...
  2. Maximum Turtles

    240 ABS false modulation

    For a while now, my ABS has been kicking in inappropriately at low speeds (below 10mph). Particularly after cold startup, the system will start humming and the pedal will pop and kick at me, usually as soon as I apply pressure to the pedal. It doesn't happen at high speeds. ABS works correctly...
  3. Maximum Turtles

    240 Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Strategies

    I'm taking this on tomorrow, and I don't have the tool, just an air chisel and a ball joint press. Has anyone tried this strategy? My car is a 92 that's lived its whole life in California with a lot of undercoating, so rust isn't really a problem. I have a freezer at work and a torch, so I'm...
  4. Maximum Turtles

    240 Fan or mist style windshield washer nozzles

    I've been doing a lot more long distance driving lately, and the thing that's been bothering me most about my 240 (sig) has to be the miserable washer nozzles. I've been thinking about upgrading the nozzles to a fan or mist style, as seen on a lot of newer cars, and I can't imagine that I'm the...
  5. Maximum Turtles

    240 Struggling with the math of odometer gears. (Planetary gear ratios)

    This is a weird post, sorry. I've just replaced a broken odometer gear in my 92 240. I bought a 26 tooth gear, only to discover I had a 25 tooth gear in my odometer. Damn. Just for yucks, I put the 26 tooth gear in the unit and reassembled. The unit works fine. In further reading, I found...
  6. Maximum Turtles

    240 Throttle pulley (spool) springs

    1992 240 with B230F and AW70, no cruise control. My throttle spool has had quite a bit of play in it since I got the car, so I took everything apart to clean/ lubricate/shim the pulley. On the inside of the pulley there are some springs, keyed to the bracket and the pulley, seen here, parts 5...
  7. Maximum Turtles

    240 New MAF needed, best way to go?

    While messing around with the accessory bushings on my '92 240, I managed to drop my perfectly functioning LH 2.4 MAF sensor ~4 feet, and upon reassembly, the car ran about how you would expect. I've determined for sure that the problem is my MAF sensor (I can see the broken wire), and now I...
  8. Maximum Turtles

    3D Printed Parts Thread

    As our Volvos grow older, many parts become harder to find and lose their aftermarket support. Fortunately, several members, myself included, have been quietly producing their own parts (like stock and modified) through the medium of 3D printing. This thread is to be a list of parts people have...
  9. Maximum Turtles

    240 Humming noise at 1000 rpm

    I've been trying to track down a noise for a while now in my 92 240 auto, to no avail. when the engine is running between ~950 and ~1050 RPM, there is a soft humming noise (sounds like someone blowing on a bottle, producing a C#4 note). The pitch never changes and it doesn't matter what gear I'm...
  10. Maximum Turtles

    1992 240 ignition coil questions

    I was cleaning up the contacts on my ignition coil when I managed to snap one of the towers open on the coil, and it looks like I'm in for a new coil. Fortunately, pick and pull is having a sale this weekend that puts the price of a used coil at 6$. I'm planning on bringing an ohmmeter to test...
  11. Maximum Turtles

    240 1992 240 Central Locking Key Wires

    I opened up my driver door to take a look at the wiring on the central locking, for the key was not operating the locks as I only recently discovered it was supposed to. I can operate all of the locks from inside the car by moving the lock pin up and down, but this occasionally does not work. I...
  12. Maximum Turtles

    240 1992 240 flame trap missing?

    So I opened up my new to me 1992 240 with the intention of cleaning the pcv system, but when I opened the oil separator, I didn't find a flame trap. Does the 1992 system come with a flame trap? am I looking in the right place? If somone had removed the flame trap in the past, why, and what...
  13. Maximum Turtles

    240 Whining and rattling noises while driving

    I have a 1992 240 wagon (automatic) that has been making a couple of worrying noises lately. The first noise (whining) happens when I am coasting to a stop. The sound goes away if I apply the brakes or lift the throttle up with my foot (giving it less gas). It also occasionally happens when...
  14. Maximum Turtles

    240 RPMs stay high after releasing throttle

    I was in an accident about a week ago, and after three days of work and a sale at the local pick and pull, the car is looking like nothing ever happened, and there are only a few symptoms left. One such symptom is the throttle. When I use the gas pedal, the RPMs rise normally, but when I take...