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  1. J

    Josh's 242

    Hey all, i figured i should finally make a real project thread for my car rather than just post random pics of it all over the place. so here ya go: current state: I purchased this car about 4 years ago when i was trying to sell my old turbo wagon. I had a couple 244's, then I wanted...
  2. J

    idle shudder

    the car is a 84 242 with 2.0 the car just has a slight ~50 rpm shudder at the idle when the car is warmed up. the cold idle is awesome and works perfect. i cant find any vacuum leaks and the intake mani gasket and all related vacuum lines were replaced in the last 10k. the tb is adjusted...
  3. J

    Shocks and spring rates for low 240's

    So I'm currently running stock dl sedan springs in the rear of my car with some coils cut (I think like 5.5 coils) and bilstein hd's from a 4wd Chevy s10 and I'm looking for something stiffer because the springs feel pretty soft. I'm running coilovers in the front with stock length konis on...
  4. J

    240 Lh2.0 Oxygen Sensor Question

    so i'm changing a oxygen sensor on my 84 242 (lh2.0) and i have 2 questions. 1. is there to test if the current sensor in there is bad? i know that if i unplug the male/female spade connector on the black wire the car starts idling terrible and very lumpy 2.i'm kind of confused as to what...
  5. J

    240 240 water temp gauge wiring

    Installed some VDO Vision series gauges and got them all working except the water temp. I'm not sure where/what sender to use. Any suggestions would be great -josh
  6. J

    Cold Start

    The car is a 84 242 with lh 2.0/1. the car has been having trouble with cold starts lately, its been cranking over for a good 9 or 10 seconds, then starting. it always starts, and the car runs very well, but it just takes a bit to start. the car takes 10 or so minutes to warm up and drive...
  7. J

    alternator options

    so the alternator in my 84 242 is going out/ it will be out by tomorrow. the voltmeter shows that the car has only been losing voltage. i drove home and the meter was at 10 or so then was a a little below 8 by the time i got home. there are little quirky things the car has been doing such as...
  8. J

    ---2011 OVT IKEA Meet---

    THE DATE IS SUNDAY, DECEMBER 4TH, at 1:00. so since there was supposed to be one like last month and it was never organized i figured i should put this up to see if there is any interest in having a meet this year. GOING: Josh+ Hathos Group A Jerd Fraktion Volvogeek abdlock Bryce...
  9. J

    no start issue.

    car: 1984 242 dl driving on the highway at 70 in 3rd passing someone, passed them, upshifted into 4th, back on the gas, and about 3 seconds later, the car just dies. i pull over and the exhaust is smoking from what i believe is oil burning on the exhaust. everything checks out, no lost...
  10. J

    m46 Overdrive Help

    so about 2 days ago my overdrive just stopped working. figured the swich wasnt connected and i pulled the knob off, reconnected it and it still didnt work. weird. so today i removed the boot and saw this. looks like someone has been here before me. great. the wires were just cut for some...
  11. J

    josh's new 242

  12. J

    made another one...........

    ;-)my brother wanted me to make him one just like i made for the 242, but since the car is a 91, it has headrests and he wanted to keep them:roll: so its basicly the same, but we notched out for the headrests, and made it just a little taller than before. <a...
  13. J

    1983 245 glt stereo wiring

    need to know what colored wires are which. what i think: black- ground bigger black wire- battery brown- ignition green-? grey-? really need to know this, thanks-josh
  14. J

    242 speaker placement options

    i need some ideas on what to do for a stereo in the 2 door. i want to run 6 speakers like in my 244; in 4" i the front and back doors and 6x9's on the rear shelf. i was thinking of putting 5 1/4"'s in the front, 6x9's on the rear shelf, and somehow mounting 4"'s in the rear panel somehow and...
  15. J

    240 am i supposed to get this mileage?

    soooo with the new manual 1983 non intercooler turbo wagon ive been getting some bad mileage, well i think it is, the best i got is 13 on the highway and 11 in the city, the car had just been serviced and has new ngk plugs, mann air filter, 8 mm ipd wires, fuel filter, and a fresh tune from a...
  16. J

    stereos systems in 245's lete see them

    need some ideas............go
  17. J

    the new hoopt

    The New HOOPT yo!! so while looking at a amp to finish the stereo system in my 91 244, i looked at the price and realized that for around 300$ i could pick up a new vovo, just not as good as the 244. so i looked at craigslist and found a decent one, so i showed my dad and in a hour or so we...
  18. J

    so i put some some new speakers in the 240...

    got sick of my old setup, 4" jvc's in front, 5.25" jvc's in the back doors, 6" pioneers in the back. like no bass and sounded like garbage. picked up some kicker 3 way 6x9's at the ipd garage sale, and finally got around to installing them in a box on the back deck. sounded awesome!!, i figured...
  19. J

    whats with my brights?

    so my brights for some reason have been acting up, my headlights work normally, but when pull the lever back for the brights, my headlights shut off, but my running lights stay on. i checked all the fuses and they're good, what the hell can be wrong?
  20. J

    bilstein shocks and struts

    so i was wondering if i should run bilstein tourings or save up a little more and get HD's, i don't mind the car riding firm, and i planning on running these with ipd sport springs with 1 coil cut. thanks, josh