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  1. stiligFox

    960 Need help finding adapter for blower motor

    Hello all - my second blower motor has shredded itself, so it's time to actually install one of my new ones. Problem is, I need an adapter cable. I know they're made, since the Four Seasons one has it, but I can't find where I would buy the cable by itself. I mainly need the female part that...
  2. stiligFox

    960 Leaky cam shaft seal opinions

    Hey all, I have my 960 in the shop for a power steering leak, and have an oil leak looked at. It's looking a lot like it's the camshaft seals; you can see in these photos how the back of the cam gear is moist, and how it's running along the head seal and down the side of the timing belt cover...
  3. stiligFox

    960 Cleaning seatbelts with SRS equipment

    My seatbelts are getting ridiculously slow to retract - I have to manually feed them back into the reals on my 960. I?ve done lots of reading and the solution generally seems to be two things: clean the 25 years of funk out of the seat belt material itself, and retighten the spring in the...
  4. stiligFox

    960 Leather help

    Hello all! Wondering if I could get some help with repairing a seat I just picked up from the JY. Got these for $4 each: Nice improvement, huh? Okay, but on this one there are some weird perforations along a seam, and I'm wondering if anyone has some advice to stop the cracks before they...
  5. stiligFox

    Email issues

    Hey all - I think this has been asked before but I'm still having issues. I want to change my email to a different account, in particular either an iCloud (x@me.com) or Zoho account (x@zoho.com) account. When I tried changing it to those accounts, I never get the verification email; l checked...
  6. stiligFox

    960 Rattling seats?

    This is a minor quibble, but are there some kind of worn out bushings or anything I can replace to firm up my power seats that tend to wobble/rattle? <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9N7x63ZTPP0?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media"...
  7. stiligFox

    Need more info on this strut brace

    This just showed up at the Junkyard, a 1997 960 with apparently a strut brace installed. I didn?t think anyone made strut bars for 960s, does anyone know where this came from? Tempted to go get it for myself, or if anyone else wants it I?ll grab it. I know the usual strut braces that show up...
  8. stiligFox

    960 Need help identifying part numbers

    Hey guys - just found a set of these door insulations at the junkyard. They have part numbers sprayed on the backs but I'm getting conflicting evidence of them being real numbers or not - 9154284 9154283 9154277 9154278 Can anyone help me find these part numbers? Doesn’t seem to bring...
  9. stiligFox

    960 Jumping in on the heat issue bandwagon

    Hey all - hopefully this is pretty simple but I figured I'd ask. This has been like this for the past three years - when ever it's below say 50 degrees, Cloud will take about 10 to 15 minutes to start blowing warm air in the cabin, and the water temp gauge will never reach half way. Last night...
  10. stiligFox

    960 What blower motor to get?

    Hello all - my blower motor is blown in my car. Went to put in one from the junkyard and while it's working, the blades are broken and it wobbles badly past 3 speed on the ECC. What brand should I get for an aftermarket? I don't particularly feel like spending $220 for a OEM Volvo one, but I do...
  11. stiligFox

    Kzoc, your inbox is full

    Title ^ hoping to pick up some trim from you but my inbox isn?t on talking terms with yours! Lemme know please :)
  12. stiligFox

    960 Brakes help

    Hello all! Having some brake issues that I would like to finally get fixed as I'm tired of having so many scares! I had the pads and rotors replaced recently, but I don't know what brand my mechanic used. My other mechanic said that they are very hard rubber pads, but about 90% of them are...
  13. stiligFox

    960 Front Sway Bar 960

    So I’ve run into a conundrum - A couple years ago I installed a 25mm front 9/7xx sway bar and the matching rear bar in my wagon. (1992 6cyl 960) The bar seems a bit different that the ones in the pictures in that it sticks out pretty far. It fits but when you lift the car up, the bar rests on...
  14. stiligFox

    960 Replacing Evap Blower Motor

    I think my evaporator blower motor has gone bad, but before I go through all the trouble of ripping the old one out, I just want to make sure. Mine is the 1992 system, full ECC. A year ago I started hearing it make that bad ball bearing sound that fans do, but just a couple days ago I noticed...
  15. stiligFox

    960 Painting/anodizing whiteblock

    I feel like this has been probably asked before, but I sometimes get jelly seeing all of the redblocks that get painted bright shiny red. Would it be possible to paint a whiteblock shiny white? I know aluminum is finicky with paint, and then there is the heat (mine gets quite hot). Also what...
  16. stiligFox

    960 Some maintenance/cleaning questions

    Hello all, got a couple questions for you guys. 1) Seat buckle shenanigans Does this look right, distance wise? I installed the brand new buckles and they sit so far away from the leather of the seat. You can see where the old ones were literally smashed against the leather. Is it supposed to...
  17. stiligFox

    What to lube window switches with

    Hey guys, I'm refurbishing a whole lot of window switches. There's two ball bearings inside of each one that had nasty grease on them when I disassembled them. Now that they are clean, what should I lube them with? My first thought is a teeny drop of this stuff...
  18. stiligFox

    960 Seat belt latch broke?!

    Weirdest thing happened - went driving across today and when we were done at one store, I tried putting my seat belt in the latch but I noticed the warning ding relay wouldn't hush. Tried relocking the belt when I realized that, wait a second, my seat belt won't latch! Had to pull the bell relay...
  19. stiligFox

    960 1992 Yakuza odometer advancing

    Hey guys, I took apart my instrument cluster to swap my tachometer - and I'm wondering before I put everything back together for the umpteenth time, is there an easy way to advance the mileage on the odometer? My new odometer that was sold to me about 5 years ago has 46000 miles roughly, and I...
  20. stiligFox

    960 Fuel tank upgrade 16 to 19 gal?

    Hello all, I've seen inklings of this for 7x5 cars and such, but nothing positive and certainly nothing for 960s. I have a 1992 965 with the old style fuel tank - the 16 gallon one. In 1993 Volvo changed to a 19ish gallon tank. Will this fit? What else would I need to change in regards to...