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  1. Shifted

    Lagging board, hundreds of doublepoasts.

    Get the heck on it... please. Not like it started yesterday. ?
  2. Shifted

    Mods sticky this and change the title...

    ... to "You *MUST* post your model/type when asking questions" or something similar. There are many knowledgeable members here who are more than happy to help answer your questions. They are however NOT gifted with ESP, and do NOT know what ride you have, unless you say so. Please include...
  3. Shifted

    SAM Steffansson Automotive AB

    Have any of you guys dealt with this company before, and if so, please give a little feedback. http://www.samsteffansson.se/samindex.html Thanks guys.
  4. Shifted

    Pretty 940 Pipes

    I thought you guys might appreciate these 940 pipes I found to alleviate the shortage over here. 2 1/2 inch cat back, polished stainless. S-pipe comparison: :cheers:
  5. Shifted

    A higher ground (pics)

    While finding my dead alternator I decided to improve my battery- to block connection. Well-cleaned block terminal. Add a little heat: Old gunk flows out and is replaced with clean solder I r serius... And cleaning up a new spot for the ground: The ground bolt removed earlier...
  6. Shifted

    '93 940 Brake master cylinder RHD/LHD

    ...Same? I believe so, according to Vadis, although it shows PN 3530352 for both, but my casting is stamped 3530354... Anyone know firsthand if they are the same before I go ahead and order one? Thanks.
  7. Shifted

    My 945 in-dash boost gauge install

    I thought I had seen pics of an install like this somewhere here before, but I can't search it up now... Photos by Shifted Jr, age 9. No pics but first removed the heater trim piece and cut a hole for the gauge using supplied template. Went for a snug fit all the way around as there's no room...
  8. Shifted

    Wiring diagram 93 940 stock e-codes, please

    Can someone please point me in the direction of a wiring diagram for the stock lighting set-up on a 93 940 with factory e-codes w/fogs? Including all switches, relays etc. I have searched and come up with naught... Thanks. :)
  9. Shifted

    Any pics of Adharas on a 945?

    Just want to see, I'll be using either my Adharas or Aries with my temporary summer setup. If I use the Aries I have to dismount the snows... Thank you. :)
  10. Shifted

    Help! How much for a chippable EZK?

    EZK Questions: Need a chip-able one Do any of you have one you might be willing to part with? I pulled my stuff apart today and found I have a 148 EZK, no daughterboard. 1993 B230FT LH 2.4 It will be difficult at best for me to track one down here, I can't find too many bricks in any of the...
  11. Shifted

    Shifted's 945t

    Taken this morning along the Susuki River, one of my favorite pausing points. It's pollen season; washed yesterday but she's dusty already, oh well... :cheers:
  12. Shifted

    Chips as an appetizer?

    So I have spent the last month going through my new 945t and am about ready to start making things more interesting. Here is some of what I know about my brick: *117,000km (74,000mi) *All intake pipes were CLEAN, throttle-body cleaning consisted of a wipe with a white towel and it was still...
  13. Shifted


    Hi all, greetings from Japan. I'm on my fourth Brick, went from a 245 to a 144 to a 745t, and now my baby is a '93 945t. It's the nicest one I've had yet so hopefully I can get some good parts on it instead of always playing 'catch-up' with broken bits LOL... BTW I am American despite posting...