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  1. Gilfy

    1992 aw70 to 1980 M46 wiring question.

    Hey all, I am working on a trans swap. I have a question regarding wiring. I pulled the wiring harness out of the donor car, a deisel (i've already swapped bellhousings). When I pulled the OD wiring out, I found the yellow wire that goes into the #4 spot on the round plug. On my 1992 240...
  2. Gilfy

    240 Manual swap questions

    Hey all, I am finally getting around to swapping a manual transmission into my 92' 245. I have a couple of questions. What size snap-ring holds the pilot bearing in on a b230f? Is that snap-ring necessary? Thanks!
  3. Gilfy

    Found a really neat video of a 760.

    I'm uncertain if this is a repost or not, but I figured you lot would get a kick out of it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H2Njvne12so
  4. Gilfy

    hooliganism / slow day at work.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkC-1yrRaZE&feature=player_profilepage To be fair it was VERY slow.
  5. Gilfy

    What wheels are these?

    I saw these wheels on a very new volvo in Northern Ireland whilst i was there, I was wondering if anyone knew what kind these were.
  6. Gilfy

    ran across this 77 244 in Newcastle county down today today...

    Ran across this 77 244 today... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5HyGN6SM5Bo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WV023lS3Klw I really dislike the sound of my voice... but i guess most people do as well. Dude that owned it was a cool guy... I think this thing had like 25k miles on it.... too...
  7. Gilfy

    Found an awesome 242 in my apartment complex.

    So I was driving home tonight, and i ran across this 242 at my apartment complex. I saw it and i had to do a double take. You don't see many 242s in lex-vegas. It has dual swaybars front and rear. it is a turbo and it has a pretty nice narrowband a/f gauge. Car had GA plates. I left a...
  8. Gilfy

    Sunpro boost gauge.

    How accurate are they? I had borrowed a friends equus or whatever gauge, It jumped around quite a bit. and when i had full boost it only read 4 psi. fast forward. I purchased a sunpro cheapie gauge today and installed it. and it read 5 or 6 psi at max boost. I was curious as to which was more...
  9. Gilfy

    Timing issue.

    My number 2 fuel injector is stuck open, and i think my timing might not be set up 100 %. I've uploaded a video to let you guys hear and maybe help me diagnose what is going on with it. It will build boost, but there is not really any power when it does. ( i mean i can feel it a little bit...
  10. Gilfy

    Woot! project runs!

  11. Gilfy

    Shens 1-7-X

    Yesterday the roomates and I decided that since we didn't have to work we would have some fun in the 240. Here are some photos capturing the day! Starting off. project car picture the roommates car in the background on the way to accomplish some errands Lunch...
  12. Gilfy

    Where can i get M46 driveshaft bolts.

    I need the bolts that go between the M46 and driveshaft for an earlier designed M46. the Aw70 bolts for an 87 model do not fit, though the flange seems to be the same. I was told by Dan that these transmissions use "close tolerance bolts." and there is a difference in them.... I called the...
  13. Gilfy

    closed system blow off valve. lh 2.2

    I am building up a 87 244 turbo, ( 90 b230ft ) (85 garrett tb0326 ) As it stands all i have is the wastegate. Ie: no blowoff valve. I understand that LH 2.2 needs a closed recirculatory system with excess boost air on shifts. Does anyone have pictures or a description of a good way to set up...
  14. Gilfy

    Wagon attack.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q7ZzqBPz4sY Its a pretty slick video. I figure you lot might enjoy it.
  15. Gilfy

    removing an M46.

    So i am in the process of removing a m46 trans. it is unreasonably difficult. any hints? i have it out enough where it will rotate, but it seems to be stuck where the splines go into the clutch disk. sigh.....
  16. Gilfy

    Which way is the clutch disc installed?

    I am putting a clutch in, and i am uncertain as to which way its installed. the center sprung part of the clutch sticks out further on one side than the other side. the clutch only goes in one way i am told, so this is of importance.
  17. Gilfy

    Which injectors.

    I am swapping in a 90 b230ft into my 87 240. I plan on sticking LH2.2 for simplicity sake. I have a set of greentops that i pulled when i pulled the engine, but i am uncertain of if i will need a reistor pack or not. Is there a plug and play injector that will have the required flow for a turbo...
  18. Gilfy

    FCP coupon?

    Hey, i'm picking up a bit of stuff for my b230ft swap. i remember hearing that there is a coupon code that turbobrickers can use to get a discount. Anyone know what it is? Also, will i need to use resistors with LH 2.2 (740 turbo ecu) I plan on using stock greentops It IS however going to be...
  19. Gilfy

    Need some measurements.

    I am getting my flywheel resurfaced, and in order to fix the bodge the previous machine shop made i need to get the measurement between the stepped mounting surface and the friction surface.. So if any of you are in the midst of a clutch replacement (m46) and have the ability to measure the...
  20. Gilfy

    Looking to get flywheel resurfaced (step question)

    The last people who resurfaced it did a poor job and did not surface the mounting point as well as the friction area. I was talking to a machine shop yesterday and they said they would be able to fix it. The guy asked what the standard "step" was in the flywheel. so what is that measurement...