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  1. mels

    740 Windows and signals inop.

    1987 745 Driving the other night discovered turn signals weren't working. Arrived Home and discovered power windows wouldn't operate (close) either. Pulled fuse 8, blown. Replaced fuse 8, popped as soon as turned key to on. Figured it was the relay the turns and windows share. Replaced...
  2. mels

    740 Rear end swap '94 945 into '87 745

    Gents, Thinking about swapping the lower (much lower) mileage solid rear end out of the '94 945 non-turbo into my '87 745 turbo. Is it a simple plug and play swap, or is there something I'm forgetting about a the speedo being affected and if so how do I address that speedo problem? Thanks! Mel
  3. mels

    740 Which heater core?

    Guys I'm sure this question has been beaten to death, (but) I need to replace the heater core that was just replaced 3 years ago and I have to do it real soon - like early next week kinda soon. There's NAPA, AZ, O'Riellys, and I'm sure a couple others around here. I'm still in Tennessee and...
  4. mels

    740 Help! Broken down in Pennsylvania on I81 at exit 141, dead transmission!

    On my way to Tennessee, towing a trailer, transmission died. If there's anyone in the area who can help me get off the highway and to a shop, please call me on my cell: 203-313-2971 Thanks, I appreciate it! Mel
  5. mels

    940 B230FT head on a NA B230 engine?

    Hey guys. This NA '94 945 I picked up last week needed (needs) a head. No problem, I thought, I have two complete 530 heads off turbo engines taking up room in my garage. Question I have before I install one of 'em on this engine though is what should I do with the cam? Leave the turbo cam...
  6. mels

    940 Best way to empty fuel tank?

    'Evening, Gents. Bought a '94 non-turbo 945 last week, flat-bedding it Home tomorrow afternoon. Been parked indoors for four years, so I'm sure the fuel system is pretty nasty. I'd like to disconnect the fuel line at the rail and extend a line off it into the storm drain which leads right...
  7. mels

    740 Colder ambient temps = hard to start

    '87 745 B230ft LH2.2 Feel like a dope, I did search but couldn't come up with anything I could sink my teeth into. Here's the deal: The past few weeks since the engine swap the engine started and ran fine while the outside air temps were warmer. Well, not exactly. I couldn't just reach in...
  8. mels

    240 '84 another no-start thread

    Gents, 1984 245 NA Had an issue over the past year where the engine would just out of the blue quit clean without stumbling or any warning. Could usually slip it into neutral and it would restart on the fly. The past couple weeks I noticed the car wouldn't accelerate cold as quickly as it...
  9. mels

    740 USB Car Charger

    Definitely not maintenance, most-assuredly nonperformance. While begrudgingly pouring over the aisles of miles of crap-o-la at Home Depot, this little beut called out to me: http://www.homedepot.com/buy/power-gear-dc-to-usb-1-port-adapter-10-micro-size-20153.html IIRC it was priced around 12...
  10. mels

    240 "Brake Failure" light

    1984 245 Replaced front calipers, pads and rotors over this past weekend and now have an intermittent brake failure light where heretofore I had none. Curiously, this light did not appear until yesterday, after nearly 200 miles of driving. What trips this light? System bled beautifully, good...
  11. mels

    740 Bellhousing to Block bolts (size)

    Need to pick up some bolts to hang my B230ft on the engine stand. Does anyone know what the size and thread those bolts are? Thanks!
  12. mels

    740 Low beams inop

    Searched to no avail. 1987 745, 4-headlight setup. Low beams do not work unless high beams are on, then all 4 work. Is there a relay that controls that operation, or could it have something to do with my stalk switch? Thanks.
  13. mels

    740 Third-row wagon seat

    Interchangeablilty... My '93 945 has a third-row seat that I'd like to recover and install in the '87 745. Is it as simple as that, or will it not bolt right in? Thanks guys.
  14. mels

    940 Ignition Switch

    Hey guys. '93 940. Can't remove the key, won't come all the way back to the off position. Run the shifter through the throw, securely all the way back to Park. Foot on the brake, tried everything I know, what gives? Anyone had this problem?
  15. mels

    850 Door won't open

    It's the '96 855. Front passenger door latch mechanism seems to be either stuck, or disconnected inside the door as the door won't open from inside or out. Anyone have to deal with this one yet, and if so, how can I get it open without destroying the interior door panel? Thanks!
  16. mels

    240 245 rear brake guide pin removal

    Can't figure it out... On the front calipers, there were little hairpins that held the guide pins captive. I can't see at all how the guide pins are held in place on the rear calipers, and need to get them out quick. Don't see any hairpins or retainers or anything. Anyone help an old guy...
  17. mels

    Wheel offset chart

    Poked around, couldn't find a chart defining the offsets for the many different RWD OEM Volvo wheels. Has anyone put one together here? If so, could someone throw the link to me? I'm primarily concerned with the offset difference between the 15" Draco and Virgo, if any, and the offset of...
  18. mels

    Braking system upgrade?

    Looking to give my stock braking system (on the 745) the boot and get some better stopping power. Nothing crazy, just to help bring a load to a stop when I'm towing. Not looking to autocross... What's the consensus on a good system?
  19. mels

    740 "SERVICE" light

    Hey guys. Tried a search, couldn't read through anymore. Maybe I'm just thick, but can't find what I'm looking for. The "SERVICE" reminder light which comes on at start-up and goes out after about 30 seconds or so - not the check engine light - how do reset that? What is it triggered by...
  20. mels

    Rough runner

    My '87. Ran pretty good for a long time, an occasional skip and related tach dropout. Figured it was ignition-ish. Finally skipped and stumbled to a stop the other day. Engine cranks fine, just no ignition. Looking things over, saw the hall sensor connector was oil-soaked and figured that...