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  1. mo5005

    Does a 960 IRS Differential fit in my 90 760?

    Instead of replacing the entire rear end, I was wondering if I could just swap out the center differential off a 92-94 960 into my 90 Volvo 760.
  2. mo5005

    92+ Oil Cooler Conversion Question

    Converting over to a 92+ 740/940 Oil cooler Setup... and I'm wondering if I'm missing any parts. My question Will the hard coolant line from the 940/740 thread into where my coolant line currently resides... or do I need some adapter that allows the hard coolant pipe to thread into the block...
  3. mo5005

    Threads for Oil Cooler + Trans Cooler?

    Anyone know the threads for the oil cooler and trans cooler off a 1990 Volvo 760 Turbo? Want to purchase some SS lines from Summit Racing.... Here are some sample pics of the coolers I'm curious about. Oil Cooler Transmission Cooler
  4. mo5005

    760 Road Trip Help! - No Start -10,000 Feet Above Sea Level

    Car is 1988 Volvo 760 Turbo; 207,000 miles
  5. mo5005

    Volvo 7XX Front Suspension Diagrams

    Does anyone have a diagrams for any Volvo 7XX front suspension? Or even better a CAD model of the whole thing? Building the front suspension of a car for my engineering class. Thanks!
  6. mo5005

    760 Suspension:Volvo 760T Billy HD in the front.... Nivo in the back

    My front suspension is pretty much shot... but miraculously my Nivomats are still holding up.. Question 1... is it okay to put Billy HD in the front and have my Nivomats in the back? Will the car handle REALLY funny/dangerous? Also i was looking at the IRS Rear Coilovers from kaplhenke...
  7. mo5005

    760 How do I adjust Camber?

    How do i adjust the camber on my 88 760T. As of now the passanger side wheel has negaitve camber.
  8. mo5005

    Fuel Sender Calibration

    Just replaced the fuel sender unit in my 1988 Volvo 760 T. Now when i fill up it reads 3/4 is a full tank of gas? The gas gauge travels from 3/4 tank point as if it was the FULL mark on the gauge. What the heck is going on?!. When installing i made sure to line up the marks on the tank with the...
  9. mo5005

    Did I put enough oil for the compressor? (AC RELATED)

    I recharge my 88 Volvo 760 with about 32 oz of this stuff. From the cans i added it says it has about: 3 oz of Sub-Zero Synthetic.. The reason why i worry is because when i first start the AC i hear alittle noise from the compressor..... i just wanna make that im not gonna mess up my...
  10. mo5005

    Venting AC HELP!

    1988 Volvo 760T. Did the swap to 134a. The car keeps blowing the charge at the back of the compressor. This happened to me last summer.... so i change the AC orifice valve, Condenser, and Accumulator. When the car holds the charge it blows ice cold.... but as soon as it gets alittle warm out...
  11. mo5005

    refrigerent Vents out from the back of the compressor

    1988 Volvo 760 T 190K What the heck is going on? I have no leak. i vacuumed the system. I changed the accumulator, orifice tube (non-vov), and condenser. I go in and try to put in 2 pound of refrigent through from the cans from auto zone. and as i'm going on the last can its blows all of it out...
  12. mo5005

    How do i install an A/C orfice tube

    http://www.fcpgroton.com/images/products/large/1324829.JPG I just slide it into the high side of the evaporator. Is it really that easy? 1988 Volvo 760 T 190K.
  13. mo5005

    Fuel Gauge... my luck

    <style>.wysiwyg { BACKGROUND: #dcdcdc; FONT: 10pt verdana, geneva, lucida, 'lucida grande', arial, helvetica, sans-serif; COLOR: #000000 } P { MARGIN: 0px } .inlineimg { VERTICAL-ALIGN: middle } </style>Oh god... my gas gauge is showing the completely wrong measurement for gas. But i do...
  14. mo5005

    Is my timing off?

    88 Volvo 760 T 187K. This is how it drives: 0 - 30 mph --> Nice and powerful accleration then as soon as i past 30mph and around 2500 rpms the car has a noticable reduction is accleration. The car still moves but i can def. tell a major difference in accleration. I did put back on my...
  15. mo5005

    1990 Volvo 760T Running Problems

    90 760 T. 78K I cant figure this car out.... Runs like totally a$$, as soon as the car gets into a little boost it bogs down and fights all through the acceleration. I have changed injector seals, distributor cap and rotor with no improvement. i'm just stumped at why this car runs so poorly...
  16. mo5005

    Turbo Diesel Oil in a B230FT?

    the search engine on this site is complete FAIL. so if this is a repost please stick with me.... http://www.mobiloil.com/USA-English/MotorOil/Oils/Mobil_1_Turbo_Diesel_Truck_5W-40.aspx TURBO DIESEL OIL? Has anyone used this in their B230FT volvos? the reason i ask this is because at the shop...
  17. mo5005

    Evaporator Advice

    1988 VOlvo 760 T. I had my evaporator exposed for about 7 months.... i reconnected everything last summer.... but it had crappy AC performance so i went out and purchased an condesor and an accumulator. My question is.... does the fact that i had my evaporator exposed for such a long time...
  18. mo5005

    850 Whats going on with this 850!

    1996 Volvo 850 GLT 126,000 As soon as i place the car in reverse the whole car shakes violently, even when i'm not moving! What the heck is going on!? The car drives perfectly and shifts awesome in Drive..... totally stumped. HELP! Fluid is a healthy red
  19. mo5005

    Oh NO! Is this a headgasket failure??!

    1988 Volvo 760T 180K. Cooling is seeping on the side of the block from the "headgasket" area. I dont have coolant in the oil or visa versa. With coolant leaking outward means that my headgasket about to fail? thanks, mo
  20. mo5005

    Harry's U Pull It!!!!!

    Which one should i go to for the best chances to find a black interior from a 95+ 960. Hazelton, Pennsburg, or Allentown Has anyone been there in the past couple weeks to help me out. Much thanks!!! Mo