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  1. Chance

    122 Amazon door jamb switch?

    Both of mine are MIA. Does anyone know where can I source some as I can't seem to find them listed on the normal sites (VP, Swedish treasures, etc)? I assume it's just a 1 wire ground switch.
  2. Chance

    Amazon 122 dash pad replacement

    About to put the new OE type replacement dash pad on. Can anyone recommend what glue should be used? Something I could source locally? Any other tips are appreciated, seems straight forward, just forgot to order the adhesive.....
  3. Chance

    122 interior

    For anyone looking at VP auto for interior parts, here's what I recieved today from them. Looks pretty damn good.
  4. Chance

    Vintage Anyone used Wheel Vintiques series 69 on a 122??

    Trying to get a little wider steel wheel. Wondering if anyone has used these. Mainly curious if the stock dog dish center cap will fit. I don't plan on running trim rings. Enlighten me if I'm missing something but I couldn't find any threads or pics. The 15x6 seems ideal...
  5. Chance

    122 reverse light switch questions

    So I'm in the middle of rewiring most of my 122. I added the 140 headlight relay and rerouted the footswitch wiring. There wasn't a reverse light relay so I put one in. Everything is all good except there is no black control wire from the reverse light switch coming out of the harness...
  6. Chance

    Vintage VIN plate resto?

    Is there anyone making something to freshen up VIN plates? Maybe a black sticker that goes over the existing plate? Here's a terribly taken picture of mine Looking for ideas to bring it back to life
  7. Chance

    B20 exhaust manifold crack

    So I bought a b20 dual outlet exhaust manifold off the feebay. Was listed as "crack free". After waiting over 30 days from when it was marked "shipped" it finally showed up. Here's the pics from the ad Here's the 2 inch crack on the outside of the collector area What do you guys think...
  8. Chance

    240 fuel level sender sweep resistance

    Im trying to figure out the sweep resistance of a 240 fuel level sender. Not much luck on searching and found a couple different postings on the web that don't match up. Bentley manual is kinda vague and the chilton doesn't list anything about the sender as far as I can find. Trying to match...
  9. Chance

    And it all fits conveniently under the strut tower brace......

    ITBs are coming together. I figured I'd share with the class.
  10. Chance

    Fabrication opinions needed on SBC mounts

    Making some mounts. I don't have a ton of fabrication experience but I'm getting there. Welding skills are average and I can cut ****. Here's the passenger mount: The plate is 1/4" thick and the tubing is 1/8" so both are pretty stout. Im planning on drilling holes in the plate and...
  11. Chance

    Curious about ESM 002R wheels

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/290871314863 Anyone using these? I like the 16x8/9 staggered factor but just curious how they look mounted (as in how far do they stick out). Searched around but couldn't find any 240's running them. Have some Mille 16x7 5 spokes but have always liked this BBS look.
  12. Chance

    Need help Identifying a Master Cyl.

    I bought this master cylinder off of another board member, but unfortunately it's not the one I need. Anybody know what models/years this will fit? The box it is in is a Volvo box, but I don't know if it's the correct box. There is a part number marked out (1329880-7) and then one written...
  13. Chance

    Rich to lean, back to rich

    Questions on diagnosing CIS fuel problem. Veh in question is an 1983 245t. Engine is stock, Turbo is stock (fresh rebuild), Replumbed with new silicone hoses, New Bosch o2 sensor (before turbo), Open 2.25" exhaust with stock muffler (no cats), new in tank fuel pump that is operational...