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  1. Dirty Rick

    What's our favorite 3" Cat Convertor

    For a 300+HP redblock
  2. Dirty Rick

    Bougicord wires going bad

    Why are my Bougicord plug wires failing? Lifespan? Car didn't pass smog and started popping under boost. Plugs 1 & 4 were dark 2&3 were clean (oh that's not good) The resistance on 3 of my plug wires had opened up. Grabbed the box of old spares to get it rolling again, and found all of the...
  3. Dirty Rick

    Box flares 122 Estate

    Has anyone done box flares on a 122 estate? Thoughts, ideas, and links or Photoshop'd pics welcome.
  4. Dirty Rick

    760 84 760 acc?

    Got the heater core and blower motor in, recharged the AC and that is happy now. But I have a question I haven't found an answer to yet. This is ACC not ECC Can you force it to Max AC I don't see how. I am not seeing the hot water valve close, it defaults open right?
  5. Dirty Rick

    OK which of you PV guys did this

  6. Dirty Rick

    760 ECC

    84 760 Electronic Climate Control Is it a waste of time to try and get this functional?
  7. Dirty Rick

    Mahle gasket ???

    What's the compressed thickness of a Mahle B230 HG? the 5727 gasket if there are different gaskets. It measures a whopping .0538" thick, new in the box.
  8. Dirty Rick

    Torque plate

    Who will loan/rent me a torque plate for a B230F?
  9. Dirty Rick

    Aux shaft bearings

    Tore down a B230FT to diagnose a noise I presumed was a collapsed piston. Found the two inner aux shaft bearings showing copper? WTF? (have not measured pistons, but skirts appear normal and consistent) Noise sounds like a single loose piston.
  10. Dirty Rick

    122 estate front end

    My Frankenstein 122 wagon project may be resuming. I am stalled, analysis paralysis. I don't want to short change myself, after discovering my RF frame rail is taco'd, I am trying to figure out which direction to go. I was planning to use dirt modified wheels and tires so I wanted to stick to...
  11. Dirty Rick

    Share timing tables?

    Boost limited to 250kpa B230 2valve Turbo cam Garrett 3071 3" exhaust in a 84 760 Auto I inherited this table, looking to improve it. I think it is very conservative and I am concerned about exhaust temps. I don't want to lean on it too hard as it gets hammered.
  12. Dirty Rick

    760 Instrument V Regulator?

    84 760 What is the value of the resistor in the instrument cluster voltage regulator circuit? It is behind the fuel gauge in the lower right corner looking at the back of the cluster. It is soldered into the trace and lives in a cavity behind the circuit trace sheet. Looks like a wire wound 1...
  13. Dirty Rick

    Turbo hardware

    Last time I installed the turbo I used good studs and crimped type lock nuts and in just a short while some of the nuts and studs had come loose. This time I got new "turbo" locking nuts and more new hardened studs (not butter bolts). I don't want the studs to come loose again and locktite has...
  14. Dirty Rick

    Which coils for 16v COP?

    Want COP on the next project, a 16v monster in an early 240. Its getting a MegaSquirt and a Yoshi CAS. Which coil on plug setup fits this motor best?
  15. Dirty Rick

    2 turbo projects

    First is a turbo repair 8 valve factory manifold pumps 250kpa 760 slush box some suspension and brakes a Garrett/OEM hybrid 3" out that is oiling. Looking for a quick turnaround solution as this is a winter car and the rain is coming. The second is a 16 valve fresh build manual trans...
  16. Dirty Rick

    Garrett 409080-5009

    What should I limit the boost to? It hits 200kpa really quick B230 in a '84 760 Auto. Nice intercooler, big exhaust, RC750's on pump gas. Not sure how much the trans will take. I'm not a boost junkie and its not my car, I don't want to turn loose a monster. This thing will easily make...
  17. Dirty Rick

    760 84 760 Turbo vacuum stuff

    Shouldn't an 84 760 Turbo have a vacuum reservoir on the car side of the check valve that serves the climate control? It also appears someone has removed the (vacuum controlled) hot water valve, why would they do that? Im resurrecting a winter DD
  18. Dirty Rick


    Has anyone tried integrating a CAS into a head mounted distributor body?
  19. Dirty Rick

    MSD coil

    Is anyone using MSD coils? With MegaSquirt? https://www.msdperformance.com/products/coils/street_and_strip_coils/parts/8207 It is being used in conjunction with a Bosch ignitor mounted on the drivers inner fender. I believe it is the source of a noise problem. 95 8v 4cyl Turbo (stock...
  20. Dirty Rick

    Got boost?