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  1. Finnish240

    1990 240 Turbo

    Had some issues last spring with cluster lights. Potention meter/dimmer had burnt broke, so I opened it, removed the bad part and now it works! Rear seat is now "ready" too.
  2. Finnish240

    1999 v70 wont start sometimes

    So I got this 1999 B5244T V70 and I've got problem to start it. Sometimes with cold engine it cranks but it doesn't fire up. If i do 3-6 starts eventually it starts like there is no problem at all. When it starts, starting period is normal length. And every time it has started it works just...
  3. Finnish240

    1990 240 Turbo

    In 2009 my dad bought this car for me to be my first car. Soon I realized that it had too little power. Since then I was searchin +T it. Car had B200F and M47 in it, so in Finland it is noGo for turbo it with original block. Here is how the ''Old thirsty lady'' sits right now. Specs Rebuilt...
  4. Finnish240

    240 rear chassis brace?

    So, I have made strutbrace and ''upper and lower GT-braces'' for my '90 240. I've been wondering for a while has anyone made any kind of brace to rear section of 240 sedan or wagon frame? I know that welding panels helps to stiff frame, but I'm not going to do it right now. I had towing hook...
  5. Finnish240

    Did some tuning today

    There is still some work... ;-)
  6. Finnish240

    Show your non-turbo intake pipe!

    Okay guys, my intake pipe is gone, few holes here and there, and it's so old that I need to fabricate a new one. So, engine is B200f/LH2.4 and there is two vacuum pipes(?) before throttle. The red circle is that problem peace and blue shows u where the REAL issue is:-P
  7. Finnish240

    B200F won't run when warm

    So, I did change the pump+filter which is in tank. 40km driving and car started to twitch. Some more rriving and it didn't run so well anymore, if i give gas to it it will shut down. after it left me to the highway i changed: fuel relay fuel pump fuel filter spark plugs Now it runs pretty...
  8. Finnish240

    My Volvo 240 GL

    So, When I was 16yrs old, I was searching my first own wehicle. I've been keen on Volvos since my dad bought Volvo 940 STW for our family several years ago. In finland we get drivers lisence when we are 18yrs old. During summer '09 my father told me about this one 240 which he's colleague was...