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  1. DEK2688

    VGA 2.2 Harnesses, connectors and wiring

    Below is a preliminary summary I've written for VGA 2.2 installations applicable for all 9-series. Attached is a .pdf of the components and wiring logic Notes: • The connection and harness logic .pdf below is for VGA 2.2 relay p/n 9166157, and summarized from the factory VGA2.2 installation...
  2. DEK2688

    DEK2688?s ?93 945T revivification

    Intro I?m DEK2688 by username, but my actual real name is Rich. I?ve been in and around rwd Volvos for 30 years; my first being a ?67 142 in creampuff white when I was 15, much to my parents chagrin. Since then, I?ve owned 14 running/driving Volvos that I can recollect, and many others that did...