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  1. Alex Buchka

    240 engine swaps

    I've had a six cylinder with a W58 behind it in my 242 for the last ~8 years. I'm a little mixed on the W58 to be honest. The ratios are pretty good and it's a nice and quiet. The shifter feel is a bit mushy but acceptable. Fitting it was kind of death by 1000 cuts. The "bolt-on" toyota...
  2. Alex Buchka

    Official Davis 2023 Thread

    Super bummed but I won't be able to make it this year. Too many different plans clashing on the schedule.
  3. Alex Buchka

    Valvetrain for 960 headed T6, wanting to hit 7500rpm reliably.

    I have the same block and head setup on my car and I run these crower 2JZ springs: https://www.jegs.com/i/Crower/258/68195-24/10002/-1 Here are some numbers Stock 960 Crower 68195-24 Free length [in] 1.65 1.66 OD [in] 1.031 1.045 ID [in] 0.713 0.86 Rate [lbf/in] 208.8 251...
  4. Alex Buchka

    960 oil pan on T6/RN block; What to do for oil filter spigot?

    I would run green loctite on that thing if for nothing else to make sure you don't have any issues with it spinning in the future when you go to replace the filter.
  5. Alex Buchka

    The Buchka 242 Daily Driver

    I bought this '83 DL about a while back ago from Chris (duder) here on the forums. I had recently moved to LA for work and needed something to drive around. It was all stock when I got it and had about 290k on the clock. Chris rescued it from the crusher, got it basically road worthy and past...
  6. Alex Buchka

    The Buchka 242 Fake Racecar

    It's time to start a new, real project thread for the heap. Here's the old showroom thread for reference. Quick recap on the car. Some cagey bits: C5 Corvette Z06 driveline: Volvo B8444s 4.4l V8 from an XC90: BBS centerlock wheels: Faux race car pedal box: And some other...
  7. Alex Buchka

    Need a measurement from a 240 power assist steering rack.

    Don't have anything on hand to measure so I'd appreciate if someone could pull out the tape measure for a minute. Need the distance from pivot to pivot on the inner tie-rods.
  8. Alex Buchka

    Pics of your volvos on jackstands.

    We've got the volvos on trackdays thread, the inspirational volvos thread, and the hot 200/700/900 threads. It's time to bring everyone back down to earth. Post up your best shots of the projects you have no realistic hope of finishing. Cars on wheels need not apply. I'll go first:
  9. Alex Buchka

    Alex's best damn garage in town

    I am involved in quite a few projects that aren't really big enough to get their own thread but are still more or less noteworthy. I figured I'd keep this thread updated with what I'm currently working on in the shop if there is any interest in it. Latest is making up a trans adapter to fit a...
  10. Alex Buchka

    Got velocity stacks?

    <img src="http://lh3.ggpht.com/_3rie6RNw548/SdVjGCWlvLI/AAAAAAAAB2E/mHZfui_YUGc/s800/DSC00127.jpg" /> Now taking orders. PM me for details. EDIT: Now with more for sale thread.
  11. Alex Buchka

    This is what a real Swedish race car looks like

    This is one of the cars my folkrace team currently operates. It's a late 60's VW Type 3 Variant aka Squareback with a B23E swap. The races are run on a ~1000m closed course rallycross track <a href="http://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/zgbwljr6YITQmrMvHnPOmg"><img...
  12. Alex Buchka

    Constant MS resets under cranking and load

    Before I explain the issue I'm having, let me give a list of my current setup: MS1-E on a V3 PCB, 029y4 firmware, fuel and spark on a Volvo inline 5, sequential COP, wheel decoder mode with 2nd trigger (VR on crank, hall on cam), coil packs with built in ignitors, batch fire, one squirt per...
  13. Alex Buchka

    Megasquirting a 5 cylinder; some of what you need to know

    I recently wrestled with this and I decided to get the most important information down in one place to make it easier for other people. This will NOT be a hold-your-hand-every-step-of-the-way guide. If you need an article like that you shouldn't be megasquirting an engine in the first place, let...
  14. Alex Buchka

    Somehow disable the quoting of picture posts?

    More often than not someone will make a post with 5+ large images in it, and someone else will come along and quote the entire post, showing all the photos over again. If it's an unusually large post this bogs my laptop horribly and re-runs all the photos I've already seen. I'm sure I'm not the...
  15. Alex Buchka

    60-2 VR Signal woes - At my wits end here

    I know this is long winded but please bear with me here. Quick run down of the specs: b5234t 2.3l DOHC inline-5, MSnS-Extra 029v on a V3 pcb, dual trigger setup with 60-2 wheel + VR on the crank and 1 tooth wheel + hall effect sensor on the cam. I set it up to drive 5 S80 T6 COP ignition...
  16. Alex Buchka

    Chris Wiita (the poi) cleaned house at the Socal Euro show

    I just came from the Socal Euro show. Chris had his turbo 960 there and was interviewed for Street Tuner Challenge which runs on the Speed Channel. He won their "best in show" award or something like that. He got a bag of random prizes and a cool little plaque, plus a spot on national TV which...
  17. Alex Buchka

    Spotted this gem at the yard

    My brother Karl and I were at the ecology yard in Chula Vista, CA the other day pulling a bunch of 960 stuff. I was walking through the volvo section and spotted this choice specimen of race car engineering: <a...
  18. Alex Buchka

    Latest eBay score

    Scored these beauties on eBay: OMP ARS Carbon/Kevlar sidemount seats. They weigh about 10lbs each. I only paid $850 shipped. Super good deal considering the seats retail for about $2900 each. The upholstery is really rough in spots and the cushions are missing, but for the price I could...
  19. Alex Buchka

    Cape Cod, MA Cruise/BBQ pics

    I would say it was a successful meet. I had a lot of fun meeting people and putting faces to names. It was a gorgeous spring day on the Cape and the weather couldn't have been better. <a href="http://picasaweb.google.com/kbuchka/CapeCodTBricksMeet/photo#5062383894564051394"><img...
  20. Alex Buchka

    '89 740 Turbo will not make boost

    I've been diagnosing buu142's '89 740 turbo for the last few days. It has a strange problem where it won't make any boost at all, regardless of load or rpm. The engine is bone stock save for a gutted cat and a TurboXS boost controller set at 12psi. I pressure tested the intake plumbing and it...