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  1. n xntrx volvo

    m46/m47 specs

    need the backspacing info off a m46 or m47 transmission. basically how far back from the bellhousing face (use a straight edge and ruler) is the: splines (full section, not the tappered area) how far back do they go? the input shaft odd questions, but thanks in advance -Aaron
  2. n xntrx volvo

    flywheel bolt specs

    anyone happen to know the dia of the bolts (not the head, the threads)?
  3. n xntrx volvo

    making a throttle body?

  4. n xntrx volvo

    adapter plates

    need to make 2 first is for the intake. can get 1/8" plate (steel) relatively easy here, think enough to support an intake manifold? going to use a piece of phenolic in between to allow for port blending and bolt heads. one problem, the head is threaded and so is the intake. so a few of those...
  5. n xntrx volvo

    s70 wiring diagram needed

    for the inst panel and the tail lights (grounding mainly) thanks, -Aaron
  6. n xntrx volvo

    b-ham pnp 12/27

    going 12/27 if anyone wants to join up. look for the ghetto version of "rob & big". directions/ location b-ham pull a part http://www.pullapart.com/Locations/LocationDetail.aspx?locationId=5 btw, only gotta be 16 if ya didnt know. -Aaron ps- might swing by montgomery afterwards to bug kenny.
  7. n xntrx volvo

    fwd noise

    this fwd stuff is odd to me still (stinking wife had to have a s70) car makes whirling noise while driving from pass side front -no noise when stopped -noise is (car) speed dependant -noise only changes in corner the same as wheel speed changes. -no clicking or clunking -unloading the wheel...
  8. n xntrx volvo

    16v head comparo

    i the middle of decided which head gets cut up for a porting guide and which one gets ported. below are the reference pics. the penta unit has a larger chamber, better for high boost apps. but its all along the side. imho this would cause a "pocket" of unspent gas to sit there, also not allowing...
  9. n xntrx volvo

    radiusing the cc?

    good idea or bad? -all withing the flame ring area pro- increase flow around valves that are tight against the edge - decrease sharp egdes withing the cc - increase cc volume on high scr engines that are +t'd (like my 16v 2.5L) con- eliminates barrier to seperate firing ring from cc...
  10. n xntrx volvo

    volvo 340/ renault f2n tappet shim source in usa?

    k, after all the hard work from james, i've got a set of 340 (f2n) tappets in my 16vt. one problem, cant find a source for shims in the usa. any idea on sources or other cars that have the 31.5mm dia tappet shims? thx -Aaron
  11. n xntrx volvo

    making a hood bra?

    my 780 has some damage to the hood edge. its in a hard spot to bang out, and not a easy part to find. so, anyone have any info on how to make your own hood bra (since none are avail for a 780).
  12. n xntrx volvo

    b280 a/c setup question

    got a pic? think mine is missing something from the tensioner.
  13. n xntrx volvo

    VSC Variable Stall Control for conv, crap?

    patent product page more info looks like just a solenoid inline with the conv feed. info for the lazy non-link folk " The high performance and racing torque converters being produced today have to provide both a sufficient stall RPM and at the same time maintain a reasonably good...
  14. n xntrx volvo

    polishing a turd / aw70-71 build up

    yes i know many have spent lots of money and failed (via level 10) yes i know there's other options yes i know i'm asking for a let-down yes i've rebuilt auto trannies for performance apps (all w/ guides though) yes i've done research yes i've got the rebuilding books now that thats out of the...
  15. n xntrx volvo

    proper valve clearance 16v

    found some solid lifters to replace the hyd units in the 16v. the b230 uses a .35-.4mm cold, .4-.45 mm hot clearance. should i use these for the 16v also? fyi, the lifter is CEP2131726, avail from napa for 8.50 ea, or 25 for 8 on ebay new. its pre 84 vw watercooled (think gti) the meas i have...
  16. n xntrx volvo

    780 spec questions

    new to 780's. this one also had someone elses gands all over it. so not sure if everything thats supposed to be there is. do 780's have: a splash shield? if so, is it 780 spec or reg 700? anything below the rear bumper? such as a rear platic pan piece like my old 765. headlight washers? spot is...
  17. n xntrx volvo

    headlight aiming

    doing this on the 780. didnt remember seeing info on tbricks about it, so here. (1) park car in a darkened area with level floor and with a wall having non reflecting white surface. (2) Mark reference line on floor 25 feet away from and parallel to wall (3) Position vehicle perpendicular...
  18. n xntrx volvo

    s70 remote start?

    it gets cold as **** here for my socal blood, so picked up a remote start kit for the old ladies s70 (98). its a basic add-on style so she can keep her volvo remotes. from my understanding, only the me7 cars need a module, is this right? anyone have a wiring diagram of this car to ease...
  19. n xntrx volvo

    s90 > 780

    for those that dont know i picked up a cheap 780 w/ the frog motor as a beater. locally there's a s90 wreck. can get the whole car cheap. car was/ is in excellent shape otherwise. motor swap? electronics issues (ecu, and tranny)? drive shaft? front crossmember swap w/o suspension needing to be...